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on 1 June 2017
Havent seen this before but love all things stargate. Am looking forward to watching later
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on 13 June 2010
I guess this is deserving of a lot of the flak it has received, but I think it got so much flak because it carries the name Stargate...which has fans that are very protective of the license, and who hold it to a very high standard (which is fair enough).

Other than the use of the Stargate system and the references to the SGC (Stargate Command), there is very little else, if anything, that links this cartoon series with the live action movie and the 3 spin-off series. Certainly the powers that be have gone on record saying that the cartoon series is not canonical.

Animation is at its most basic level, characters are pretty much clichéd, and story telling is your typical Saturday morning cartoon action sprinkled with a moralistic good vs evil message. However, I have found some of the episodes to be quite enjoyable....and the box-set was cheap enough to not make me regret buying it, especially as I'm a completist and it looks good next to my giant Stargate SG1 complete series 1-10 box-set, and my Stargate Atlantis season sets. And even if you find you hate it, but have kids, I'm sure they'll find it worth a glance. I know I did.
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on 20 August 2007
You'll have noticed that SG:I is a cartoon. And yes, evidently it's for kids, complete with gratuitous pseudo-educational content and conspicuous morals to the stories. It actually reminds me a little of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe", in part for the everyone-stand-around-and-laugh-good-naturedly ending to some of the episodes. Of course, that comparison does Stargate: Infinity a disservice, as it's actually pretty sensible and well-made.

If, like me, you thought "ooh, Stargate!", then you're probably going to be disappointed, as this manages to be untrue to both the film and the TV series. There are DHDs, GDOs, stargates... but not quite as you might remember them. The "ancients" have apparently been completely reinvented, and the bad guys are a bunch of brutish sauroids who inexplicably carry Jaffar staff weapons and fly Mayan variant Goa'uld mother-ships. Much of that is necessary to dumb-down the content in order to capture fleeting attention spans, and to provide an antagonist alien enough to avoid suggesting that fighting real people is good, of course.

As entertainment, it's not too bad, though of course it's fantasy of the highest order, which you have to be willing to forgive. For example, despite its willingness to explain that you get a fair amount of energy from a hydrogen-oxygen combustion reaction, and that both can be derived from water, it kind of skips over the fact that you need to put energy in to extract the individual elements, so it isn't just water-in, power-out. Well, maybe they have a cold-fusion system capable of getting energy from the matter itself, and just use the hydrogen/oxygen as batteries...

One more thing worthy of note is the theme tune, which is utterly awful.

Overall, I give it three stars: there are far worse DVDs you could sit and watch (and also far better). Probably if I could regress to childhood, I'd give it four stars.
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VINE VOICEon 28 July 2008
From the opening bars of the grating theme tune to the last credits; this is everything that the Stargate universe is not.

Unlike Star Trek's animated series which followed some canon within Trek boundaries and looked better, SG:I completely ignores Stargate history and barrels along, oblivious, the backgrounds and characters overdrawn.

Money making aside, this looks and feels cheap. Many children will find its explicit moral messages condescending.

The characters are all gross stereotypes. There is no character development. The younger members act 'out of character' at times augmenting the confusion.

Stacey is the teenager failing to assert herself. Pierced, tattooed and with a bizarre shaven hair-do, she is everything little girls DO NOT aspire to be. RJ is a two-dimensional character lacking a second dimension. I often hoped he would die as a result of his incompetence. Ec'co is a robot. Enough said. They also have an ancient in tow that looks like no ancient we've seen in SG-1 or Atlantis.

Gus Bonner has been accused of a crime he didn't commit (Yawn!). He travels the entire galaxy as "The Fugitive", gathering evidence to clear his name.

It's set 30 years after the original "Stargate" movie - that's just 16 years away. Maybe if it had been a more credible 100 years or ... what am I saying, this should never have been made!

Although not apparent from the description, this DVD set contains all 26 episodes. I'm unnerved that it states "Volume 1" on the box, as if there will be more volumes...

This cartoon series was unpopular. It was cancelled after one season and almost all of its major plots were never resolved. It was produced completely separately from the Stargate franchise.

"NO! For crying out loud!" as Jack O'Neill might say.
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on 22 July 2016
I can understand people's dislike of the show, as it bears little resemblance to the original show, but in reality, that is no big issue and should not have any affect on your enjoyment of this sadly short lived series.

The entire series is set over 4 discs, though be wary of the fourth disc, the first episode on this disc is in fact the very last episode, so make sure you skip it and go back to watch it after the episode, 'Illustrated Stacey'. The show starts with Major Gus Bonner being tried for a crime he did not commit, the science division has discovered an alien artifact, which a group of aliens called the Tlak'kahn invade Stargate Command in order to steel, Major Bonner, along with four other cadets, one being his niece Stacey, escape through the Stargate with alien artifact and spend the rest of the series trying to defeat the Tlak'kahn, and get back to Earth and clear their names.

As with pretty much all of DiC shows (their movies don't always do this), the is in underlying message within each ep and try to teach the viewer something, whilst being an exciting watch. The stories are not very deep, but it's a kids show, so not exactly something too high on the agenda, though they are interesting. The voice acting is quite good the most occasions, though sometimes could be a bit ropey. The animation is good for the time and budget, the designs are OK, but they should have stayed away from including the Staff weapons, seeing as everything is such a departure from the original show. The music fits the show nicely, so there's not much to complain about.... except for the smeg awful theme tune, which really should have been canned before the episodes went to air, it is that bad.

So if you get past the horrid theme tune and the fact this is a detachment from the original show (rightfully so), and give this a chance, you will enjoy the experience overall.
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on 25 January 2017
Two stars, One for the Stargate name and another for the creativity on the part of the animators (but why the action figure-like suits?).

Not sure why they didn't keep an upbeat instrumental theme like the other Stargate series, children aren't idiots, look at Yu-gi-oh for example, the egyptian-modern theme to that was fantastic.

Completely ignoring the TV series canon didn't really sell me on it either, that being said, using zat guns as gate chevron noises was pretty amusing.

Another fatal flaw, which people seem to complain about most is the whole edutainment aspect of the show, they took what could have been a fun yet dramatic cartoon show and turned it into a "moral of the week" type of thing.

I may force myself to watch the remaining episodes but after two attempts at the first few episodes it's not looking good
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on 2 September 2011
Not what I expected - was looking for more stuff in relation to STARGATE - but this was cartoon with no relation to the prime series STARGATE ONE & STARGATE ATLANTIS
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on 1 September 2011
many differences with other stargate shows. only the stargate in common. This is a kids show with short action packed episodes and only simple stories.
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on 2 May 2013
Didn't expect much, but as animated series go, its not bad! - Not stargate franchise (just the name), but hey ho.
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on 21 September 2014
I'm very happy with the purchase
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