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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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I must admit when this new series appeared on TV I watched the first episode with some apprehension as Ben Miller was replaced by Kris Marshall. The problem would be how much would the show alter, but seeing Marshall’s character was different to Miller’s was a relief, and seeing Humphrey being disorganised with bits of paper stuck in his pockets with statements, etc. written down, and the fact that he was clumsy, I was immediately reminded of myself, and so I was glued to the TV for every episode.

Filmed on the tropical paradise that is Guadeloupe we are once again treated to some really good whodunits, with loads of well known faces. But what keeps the show so popular isn’t just that, but the way the main characters are portrayed and interact with each other. We knew that inevitably Ben Miller would leave, as after the first series he did say about the heat being a bit too much for him (rather like myself when it comes to heat), but in Kris Marshall a worthy replacement has been found.

This DVD has subtitles and seven short extra ‘films’ of about three minutes duration each, that show the island, talks to the cast and crew, and the shocking truth (for some) about Harry the lizard. I’ve got all the series’ so far, I loved watching them when they were first broadcast, and I love watching them whenever I like, so as with the first two series’, this is great for your collection.
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on 6 February 2014
Just like everyone else, I was very worried and upset at Ben Miller leaving and I did not think it would be the same without good old Richard Poole. Basically, I was completely prejudiced against Kris Marshall - dead set against him.

However, I have been pleasantly surprised! The show still retains its charm and humour and all the reasons I loved series 1 and 2. And Kris Marshall is brilliant. His character is completely different to that of Richard Poole and it is a good thing he did not try to impersonate Ben Miller's performance. Humphrey Goodman is a very fun character with his own funny gimmicks and ways of solving murders.

I am looking forward to the remaining episodes in this series and I very much hope that there will be a 4th series! Give D.I. Humphrey Goodman a chance!
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on 17 May 2014
After an amazing first 2 series with Ben Miller as the misfit detective abroad in the Caribbean, like a fish out of water... expectations were very high for a third series. Ben Miller as Richard in the first two was fantastic, quintessentially British... always hunting for that perfect cup of tea, hates the heat, sand, the French! and almost everything else on the island (as an ex-pat abroad I can sympathize with almost all of this, in a funny way).

So exit Ben Miller, sadly, and enter Kris Marshall, (Hmmm, very skeptical) but from the first five minutes you like him! Still essentially British, but in a whole new way, embracing the beauty, culture and people of the island.

Quirky is the word to describe the whole show.

But it is the plots that are truly Agatha Christiesque, which make them so watchable for the whodunnit fans; Bodies in locked rooms, misfitting timelines and always a small cast of suspects; all with a motive to kill, or no motive at all! The devil is in the details and it's usually some niggling little thing that stands out, which turns out to be crucial.

And it seems that every great actor in England is lining up for a part in this, the list goes on and you will recognize every face.
All the regular characters develop over time and we love them all.

A truly magical piece of British drama, bizarrely set in the tropical oasis of the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe. Genius.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 January 2015
"Death in Paradise" is one of those popular entertainments that tv critics seem determined to patronise and be condescending towards. You probably know the drill. "I can't understand why it attracts such huge audiences on a regular basis", they write with a sniff. "It's SO formulaic and predictable, SO lightweight and unrealistic" etc. Unstated but implied in this critical approach is that "Death in Paradise" is basically fodder for the intellectually challenged; the sort of unstimulating fare no self-respecting "arty" type would be caught dead watching other than in the line of duty. You may have seen the perennially popular "New Tricks" getting the same treatment.
Well, the first, and essential, thing that any sniffy tv critic needs to do in order to appreciate the delights of "Death in Paradise" is to remove his or her head from their own backside. Of course it's lightweight and unrealistic for goodness sake; it's a "whodunnit" about an eccentric but brilliant detective and his colleagues who solve an improbable murder in a tropical paradise on a convenient weekly basis. It's pure escapism, a really amusing and diverting entertainment that can be wrapped around you like a rug in the freezing cold of a British winter, and I for one am grateful for the cheer it brings.
Perhaps the Beeb could make a much more edgy companion piece, which they could call "Death in Scandinavia". It could feature a damaged, angst-ridden detective trying to solve a series of utterly grizzly murders. Everybody would wade around in three feet of snow, looking utterly despondent and talking in sub-titles. I'm sure those critics would be "challenged" and "stimulated" by it, leaving the rest of us to enjoy the gentle, cheery charms of "Death in Paradise" in peace. Bring on series four.
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on 21 March 2014
My wife and I love this programme.
We have watchedi it from the very first series.We like it so much we have purchased all the DVDs.
We were a little dissapointed when we found out they were changing the main detective.Not to worry though Kris Marshall is excellent.The series contains drama and humour,and it works well.
My wife wanted this for her Birthday,amongst other things.Did'nt think it would be out so soon after the series finished.Just thought I would look on Amazon,and there it was.Payed extra for delivery and got it the next day.My wife was over the moon.Well done Amazon.
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I have to admit that until this most recent series, I was not particularly a fan of DEATH IN PARADISE. However, now that I am living with someone who watches it religiously, I came to see its charm. For series three, Kris Marshall has taken over the main role. An English detective, he has come to the Caribbean hoping to start a new life with his wife. Not everything in that plan goes as it should. And Kris's character, Humphrey, seems to be a bumbling Englishman, perhaps a little out of his depth. So, what we end up with is a detective drama which doesn't take itself too seriously. All the other characters remain the same; for this series I especially liked the suggestion of an attraction between Humphrey and Camille.
As a light hearted approach to solving murders, DEATH IN PARADISE has been a joy to watch. I look forward to series four.
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on 22 January 2014
Whilst it is a shame Ben Miller has left the series and there is definitely a little something missing, Kris Marshal as his replacement is very good and the series maintains the charm and humour its always had. Thankfully not copying Ben Millers take on 'a fish out of water', Kris Marshal manages to make a new character his own and put his own spin on it while keeping the essence of the series.

I also though Ben Millers exit storyline was well done.
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on 24 January 2014
Charming Detective series based in the Caribbean which has managed to maintain its appeal despite the change in the main character. Kris Marshal has now taken over as the principal Detective Inspector from Ben Miller and has done it style. He has managed to maintain the idiosyncratic nature of the main character whilst at the same time totally changing the personality and MO of the DI in charge.

Sort of humurous Miss Marple with coconuts. NO CCTV, no forensics army just the inspirational hunches of DI Humphrey Goodman and his team. A good cast that seem to work well together.

Suspend disbelief and enjoy this charming series and bring a bit of sunshine into those Winter evenings.
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on 23 January 2014
Like every other person, when I heard Ben Miller was leaving the series I was wondering if it could continue on at the same standard as the two previous series. However, I have know been proven a right idiot for worrying as Kris Marshall, who plays the new DI Humphrey Goodman, is a great addition to the programme. I think it is good that the producers decided not to make a carbon copy of Miller, as Marshall brings a new dynamic to the show. Marshall in some ways the same, but in someways opposite to the old detective - they both have their own quirky methods, but Poole was much more organised! It's not to say that I don't miss Miller, but Marshall brings a breath of fresh air to the show! I think that the new casting will ensure the programme does not run dry and their are many more enjoyable series to come!

The joy of this show is that when we are sitting at home, surrounded by British weather, Death in Paradise takes you away to another world - be it just for 60 minutes! You can leave all your troubles behind and enjoy a sunny trip to Saint Marie. The structure works well, and is in the style of Midsummers Murders, except the addition of the "get all the suspects together" idea at the end. Each episode is self contained and enjoyable, while not requiring masses of concentration. It's like Silent Witness or Law and Order but without the confusion.

Death in Paradise manages to mix drama and comedy in perfect measure - its an enjoyable crime drama where the audience can attempt to solve the case as the hour goes along and then see if they were right when the episode ends. I think Death in Paradise is one of the best new BBC shows is recent years, and I'm hoping there is much more to come! So, sit down and enjoy as you are whisked away to the sunny island of Saint Marie for an hour of crime solving fun.
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on 18 February 2014
Kris Marshall was very brave to take this role. Ben Miller brought something very special to the show and made it his own.
Now you have to remember ben's charactor is dead so the old show stops there. His English ways, always wearing his jacket in the humid Caribien heat, his preferred drink of tea and his weird awkward eccentric Britishness ways.

However Kris had come in as a new charactor, bringing with him his own interpretation of an English man in the Caribien, this is a totally different show, still good fun to watch, Kris is like Ben an excellent actor and with his superb supporting cast has also made the show his own.

We all know Ben's reason for leaving the show, and I totally understand, best wishes to the family Ben.

It can be seen that Bens last episode was re-written to allow Ben to leave and I can't help wondering if he could have just left leaving the possibility of him to return for one episode to meet Kris's charactor, as they are a bit chalk and cheese.

A very good show, my wife and I love it, well done Kris.
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