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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Death Grip On Yesterday, A [CD/DVD]
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on 29 March 2006
To put it simply, this album overwhelmed me
The lyrics, as always from Atreyu are clever, beautiful and perfectly balanced against the power of both the screaming as well as the amazing backing of the rest of the band.
Some people commented that this album was a watered down version of The first album, or even more "poppy" than the second. That is a complete lie. It's true this isn't like the first or second album, but Atreyu continue to push themselves, to improve and make something new. If you want a simmilar sound to the first or second albums go buy one of the hundreds of albums trying to imitate what Atreyu did two albums ago. If you want something special buy this.
There is one thing though that,didn't so much dissapoint me, but annoyed me slightly and that is the length of the c.d and the number of tracks. having only 9 tracks is fine (opeth did it with 8, and it was an incredible album) but opeth had tracks ranging for 4 to 10 minutes. No song is anywhere near that time scale. That said, it's better to have 9 consistantly quality tracks than a few extra filler tracks.
Anyway, I LOVED this album, and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.
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on 22 May 2006
atreyu are a band that can be deemed metalcore but they are also a band that excel at it,they have never failed to deliver but surely the pressure was on to deliver after the brilliance of the curse and with a death grip on yesterday we can all sleep easier knowing that the boys have done it again.

what becomes clear after the first listen is that the band have thrown in more melodies and clean vocals than ever before,helped by the fact that alex is now doing clean vocals as well as brandon,the theft is a song that will shock as its pretty much a ballad with backing vocals that wouldnt be lost on a beach boys album,the album opens like a madman with creature which has a fury building up throughout,shameful is a cracker as well as is our sick story,exs and ohs is the obvious single and is a strong song,the album closes with untitled finale which is soaring and full of band chants,the album clocks in at under 35 minutes and only has nine songs and the band has stated that in previous albums there was always filler and this is all killer,i dont agree that in their previous albums that there was filler,but i do agree that this is all killer,very strong indeed and very close to five stars
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on 3 September 2006
I don't quite understand where people are getting this "the curse part 2" thing from, this album sounds nothing like the curse, it's alot more refined and rockish whereas the curse seemed to be an attempt at breaking into the metalcore genre.

This band had a great style, but they've definately matured as a band and as artists, and this album is beautiful the whole way through. With stand out tracks like "Our Sick Story" and "Ex's and Oh's", I honestly cannot find a fault in this albums musical talent or songwriting.
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on 7 April 2006
This is becoming a somewhat crowded genre, but Atreyu are one of the best examples out there. The death metal bits are furious, the riffing is really great in places, and the solos are nifty too. It's generally more melodic than the last record, but that's something I need in a heavy band - a counterpoint to the agression. That said, it definitely isn't 'easy listening' and isn't going to win them any real mainstream appreciation (in the UK anyway) - too busy with another limp indie rock band, I expect.
'Ex's and Oh's' and 'Untitled Finale' ("You put a bullet in my head, turned black thoughts to red, this could all end in tragedy" should give you an idea of the dark but nicely poetic lyrics) are probably my favourite tracks on here, but there isn't a clunker on it. It's pretty short (33 minutes in all), but remains exciting throughout as a result.
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on 15 April 2011
Following on from the excellent (but not perfect) The Curse, Atreyu have crafted an album that is both accessible but has an edge. It's saving grace is the brevity of tracks as more than 9 may have produced a lot more filler. As it stands almost every other track is excellent and the inbetween songs are good but no more. It has a more grown-up sound to it than The Curse and shows the band beginning its sideways step into more mainstream rock territory.

'Creature' is a solid opener with the usual screamo vocals and sung chorus. It's ok but not particularly rousing despite the beat being quite dramatic. 'Shameful' is better. It sounds very shoe-gazey and emo-esque but the chorus is far stronger. 'Our Sick Story...' is another ordinary, by the numbers Atreyu track that is neither great nor awful. 'The Theft' however is worthy of classic status. It's similar in tone to 'The Remembrance Ballad' but has its own atmosphere. It's a bit cheesy as the structure is obvious power ballad stuff but it is a storming track. 'We Stand Up' is another doable tune but falls into the 'miss' category especially coming after 'The Theft'.

'Exs & Ohs' is huge and righteous. It's a great track with a stunning chorus. Unfortunately the last few tracks aren't as good but they are still decent songs. 'Your Private War' has an understated chorus that is almost rousing. 'My Fork...' has a great riff but the song is not as interesting. I could have done with just 3 minutes of that riff. And the 'Untitled Finale' is nice but not much else.

So, no dud songs at all, but very few astounding ones. Whatever most people feel about their next album, there is no denying that it is miles better than this one. If you're looking for a trademark Atreyu sound you'd be better off with their debut or the excellent The Curse.
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on 23 March 2006
A lot of people that have listened to this album with me have dismissed it at listening to a few of the songs,
believe me this album is amazing, one song wont stand out like the curse, whereas Right side of the Bed grabbed everyone as an amazing song.
the more you listen to this album the more u realise how amazing and beautiful it is and is a even more intelligent step up from the curse.
Exs and Ohs is the first single, however every song is equally good or even better to this.
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on 11 April 2006
There are a few things you must remember when you hear this album:
1> If you want a repeat of Butterfly notes and suicide kisses then you're not going to get it..EVER! So let go. This an Atreyu who both lyrically and musically have become MUCH better (just listen to the difference in screaming and definitely singing to understand this)
2> You have to give it more than one, two or even three listens. The first time I heard this I was slightly underwhelmed. But after giving it more of a chance it is easily my favourite Atreyu album; and right up there with my favourite albums of all time.
3>Read the lyrics in the booklet. Sometimes it's easily to get lost in the screaming, but its good (and I do this with all bands I listen too including soulfly, raging speedhorn, machine head, brand new or whoever, you really appreciate a song more when you know what they are saying).
Anyway definitely buy this album, I love it. From start to finish it's beautifully paced, addictive and most of all it's just one of those great albums you feel comes from an amazing band who really deserve more attention than they will ever get.
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on 14 July 2006
I'd have to say that A death-grip on yesterday has to be my album of the year. It seems as though atreyu have found a formula that really works for them with this album! This is the first time I have bought a CD and not skipped one track yet!!
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on 30 December 2015
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on 20 August 2006
this is basicaly the curse pt2 but not as good. and its only 33 mins long. i loved the curse but only like this one. its like the not so good looking sister
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