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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars

on 13 July 2014
Only got 1% into this and on the same page I happened across these 2 little gems and I packed it in and deleted it...
"...anxious not to miss to what her superior officer said to her" and "...once that's done I'll drive you bring you back here so you can drive them home".
What a mess !! It never ceases to amaze what can get put out there these days. It's shocking !!

The author advised a new edition had been released and it was currently free so I downloaded it to give it another go. I got as far as 5% in this time but it still wasn't right so I gave up again.
For some reason the font keeps altering. It happened on both my Kindle and my tablet so there's something the matter with the formatting.
Paragraph breaks weren't used where needed which made it a little tricky to read and for some reason parts kept being repeated...like her helping her friend out at her agency or how the previous case they worked together ended up. We were told this twice, too, and that's when I gave up.
Then commas were dropped here and there-this one was aggravating-"I heard that Bev Stone and it's definitely not that kind of case"....
So I DID try again but it really wasn't for me.
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on 16 November 2013
This book is set in Lambeth, an area I know very well. The locations are vividly portrayed and peopled with the various characters one meets in urban areas. The book takes us through two brutal murders, and the efforts of a reluctant private investigator to uncover the truth. The investigator is a truly modern woman with a British West Indian heritage, dealing with all of the relationship and social issues one meets in modern Britain.
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on 23 September 2014
A new author for me found the storyline interesting realistic characters well written looking forward to the next bev stone book.highly recommend both book and author.kev dilks
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on 8 September 2014
first time reading this author, great book.
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on 31 May 2014
Being a cheapskate, I love my free Kindle books, but try and remember to give feedback each time for the privilege of reading an author’s efforts for nothing. My experience has nearly always been positive, putting aside the issues of a lack of proof reading one finds in some freebies.

In this book, there is a minor production irritation I noticed, with the occasional change of font for a passage, presumably the effect of editing a small section. The uncorrected errors seemed more frequent the further I got in the book, but maybe I was getting more irritable.

I found the book was a real mission to get through. Estimated at 199 pages, they were pages that positively crawled by. Some of the chapters never seemed to end. The author might consider breaking them up into more manageable chunks, if nothing else, it might add a feeling of urgency.

Like another reviewer I also live in Lambeth, indeed my parents met in a shop on the High Street that was between the railway line and what is now the Underground station, and I was born in the borough. I know Brixton well, but cannot understand where the heroine finds all these available parking spaces? When we get such excruciating detail of her flat, her food, her drinks, why is looking for a parking space made unrealistically simple.

Is there a rule about product placement in books? If not, there should be some form of warning! A famous fast food restaurant (although not the particular brand of cola they sell), a brand of dog biscuits, a brand of whiskey (and by the way, it is a Bourbon, not a Scotch) all feature so often I wondered if they had sponsored the author. Meanwhile, the local newspaper, being a brand actually associated with the area, has a coy tweak to its name.

By the way, why would research start in a local newspaper for an event that lead to someone being relocated? And, why would anyone be relocated to the same part of the country as the event they were being relocated from?

Why did the heroine, go home at one point simply to return twenty minutes later to the place she came from for absolutely no plot purpose?

When interviewing a spouse about their murdered spouse, would it really be necessary to name the deceased? As in “...who might have wanted to kill your wife, Lisa?” Was this to remind the reader who Lisa was? Or, to remind us that she was murdered? Much of the dialogue, like this, may seem better written down. But, to write a gritty, urban, modern crime novel, one needs a better “ear” for dialogue. Even in the golden age of female detective novel authors there was more natural dialogue.

Did I miss the reference to Lambeth Croak somewhere?

And the denouement, whilst accepting that I was beyond carrying about most of the characters, and recognising this is an attempt to start a series, or franchise, the conclusion was really unsatisfactory. Reasons given were pathetic, and too emotional, and at least one mystery was not answered.

Good points

The main character is very well written, and believable.

I will say my goodbyes now (boy, that was an annoying phrase after reading it 35 times in under 200 pages).

If you read it and enjoy it, lucky you. I will not be holding my breath for a sequel.
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on 18 November 2013
A gripping tale, set in London. Great characters introduced and enough twists and turns to keep even the avid murder mystery reader happy. I shall be buying book 2!
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