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on 9 July 2016
Melancholia St Clair, an average Necromancer, who has been announced as The Death Bringer, brings shock to the Necromancers, especially Solomon Wreath as he had thought that Valkyrie Cain was the one. The Death Bringer would've been the person to join life and death together by opening up 'The Passage'. But what exactly is this 'Passage'? All the rest of the Sorcerers know is that it will save the world. Or will it?

The book is excellent, it maintains it's five star record with a gripping plot and brilliant characters. You can definitely see the growth in the characters, especially Valkyrie's who is now more confident, hormonal, egoistic and far from perfect person. We are told of her brilliance numerous times, but it is balanced out by Fletcher's argument with her which pinpoints all the things that's wrong with her. I thought her character as Darquesse was brilliant, it shows her at her full potential, a very dark and disturbing person indeed.

The new characters were slid in very well. I found myself enjoying China Sorrow's manipulation from her old friend, Eliza Scorn. You definitely end up seeing China's subtle side in this book which still includes her smug attitude, but her feelings for Valkyrie develop into something more.

I thought that Caelan's character fell, and wasn't the same standard as Derek Landy kept him in the previous books. He was very obsessive over Valkyrie, proposing to her at one point and offering to watch her sleep which reminded me of Edward Cullen. At first I was very disappointed but towards the end I realised that Derek Landy wrote it to take the mickey out of all the Paranormal Romance books that are out there, even having Valkyrie mention Edward and Bella at a point. I was honestly grinning like a fool, but it still doesn't mean that I don't want to throw Caelan off a cliff.

There are many twists and turns, many questions get answered, but new ones are also brought up, especially that cliffhanger at the end
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on 7 April 2017
Misses loved it.
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on 19 June 2017
Great book
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on 5 October 2016
Beautiful. Witty. Best author. Best book. Pleasant and Cain face a greater dangers than they've ever faced and who knew it'd be someone from Cains past...
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on 26 July 2017
This book is amazing. So much action and words to take not of. I would give 10/5 if I could
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on 30 August 2017
Excellent series my 12 year old has loved these reading all 10 in the 6 weeks holidays
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on 3 May 2017
great fun to read
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on 9 September 2017
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on 6 September 2011
I have to say as much as i love the skulduggery books i was not impressed by mortal coil it was abit to morbid and macabre for me so i was kinda worried about this but it.. is.. amazing, this might just be me being biased as i love a good plot twist and my god this has a twist and another minor but intresting twist.
Though i will say if you like valkyrie you might not after this she does something that i find disgracefull so i really dont like her as a character anymore, thats the only thing i dont like.
sorry its not specific but i dont want to give away spoilers.
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Several months have passed since the events in MORTAL COIL. Valkyrie's dating both the vampire Caelan and teleporter Fletcher and remains frightened of her potential to unleash Darquesse. When the Necromancers announce that they have already found their Death Bringer and it's the snotty Melancholia St Clair, she thinks that things might turn out okay afterall. Then she discovers that the Death Bringer will kill everyone in the world. Now she and Skulduggery have 7 days to work out whether and how Melancholia has become the Death Bringer and stop her from destroying the world.

The 6th in Derek Landy's bestselling dark fantasy series is another dark and dangerous story filled with action, tragedy and adventure.

Valkyrie has become a stranger in her normal life, relying more and more on her reflection who increasingly seems to have her own agenda. The scenes between Valkyrie and her baby sister are touching precisely because they force her to confront what she's lost by embracing the magical world. Her two timing of the sweet Fletcher reflects this and I enjoyed how Landy uses her relationship with the stalkerish Caelan to satirise teen paranormal romance.

The investigation of the Death Bringer slightly meandered for me and while there's a lot of action, at times I found the fight scenes to be repetitive. There is a nice insight into the Necromancers and their agenda and the scheming Solomon Wreath is always interesting - notably his battles with Cleric Craven - and China Sorrows finds her past rapidly catching up with her when Eliza Scorn, an old friend from her Diablerie days turns up with some incriminating information and a desire to regain past glories. Landy also introduces a new sub-plot via new character Kenny Dunne, a reporter who's alerted to the world of magic and who begins to take a close personal interest in Valkyrie.

My big issue with the story though was with the twist towards the end, which was too much of a stretch for me when you consider the previous books in the series, although I'm hopeful that it will pay off in the next book.

Landy retains his wicked sense of humour, and I was particularly pleased that he brought his useless zombie duo back as they provide some much-needed light relief from all the darkness. The cliff hanger ending will ensure that I buy the next book.
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