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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 March 2014
A man is discovered breaking into his own jewellery shop in the dead of night.

Questioned closely, it's learned that his wife is being held hostage by an extortionist who demands the diamonds in the shop's safe.

The extortionist manages to escape FBI agent Warren Stantin, who subsequently chases him into the forests of Northern America.

Stantin recruits the help of a reluctant local Jonathon Knox, who has the skills necessary to track down the criminal.

The only problem is that Stantin has no experience in the wilderness...

From the amazing opening ten minutes, this film is a real oddity, a bona-fide classic movie that has long been forgotten, and is shown on BBC 1 every year at a silly hour.

It's so strange that this film was/has/is overlooked, because it has so many qualities to it.

One moment it's a tense, almost mystical psycho thriller, and then we are thrown into the middle of a party, with the director throwing in as many bad guys as possible from pass movies, to try and fool the audience.

And then after moments of sheer intense, we are treated to some very funny moments of comedy, The Moose scene, the scene with the ear, and Poitiers getting used to the elements.

All very funny, and all specific to the movie.

The two leads put in great performances and never let up the hokey chemistry they have, and while the film does lose a little edge in the final third, it has a great two acts to more than make up for it.

An excellent movie, and one I hope Hollywood doesn't re-boot.
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There were a host of film's in the 1980s that were once viewed and quickly forgotten. Yet years down the line, and although still quintessentially 1980s, are rather quite entertaining on revisits. One such film is Shoot To Kill, though pretty much everyone in the Western World knows it as Deadly Pursuit. The story basically sees Sidney Poitier's fish out of water cop Warren Stantin forced to track a wanted killer out in the mountains and forests of Washington. Recruiting a reluctant gruff and grumpy Jonathan Knox (Tom Berenger) as guide, they are on the trail of a hiking tour party led by Jonathan's tough girlfriend Sarah Renell (Kirstie Alley);a hiking party that naturally contains the wanted nut case. Cue squabbling and bickering between the two men as they get into various scrapes with Stantin desperate to prove he is up to the task of this arduous and obsessive mountain pursuit.

Adding interest to proceedings is the mystery element of just who is the bad guy amongst Sarah's party, something that rightly or wrongly is revealed at the mid-point of the piece. With a roll call that contains Clancy Brown, Andy Robinson, Richard Masur and Frederick Coffin, the makers have cheekily lined up actors previously known for bad guy rolls. Once the film reveals its hand it ups in pace and although the ending is never in doubt, the adventurous fun and tidy set pieces steer it safely home to its above average finale. There's a nice touch with Poitier and Berenger that harks to role reversal racism from our Sidney, and the observant will spot during one of his speeches that he is referencing previous roles he has played. Thoroughly well played {as expected} by the cast and nicely shot up in West Vancouver, Deadly Pursuit, as 80s as it is, is a solid and enjoyable time filler. 6.5/10
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 September 2013
This is a good,old fashioned adventure story about a thief/killer on the run who is hunted down by Poitier's FBI agent and Berenger's uncomprimising tracker.

Although without the terrific special effects of Cliffhanger [DVD] which has a similar plot this is very believable and boasts solid acting from the two main stars.

The bonding of the two men during the chase was well done,with both men taking their turn to experiance the 'fish out of water' syndrone.

Strange that early in his career Poitier made his name playing the roles of charactors singled out for their colour and race: here he lay half-naked with Berenger to prevent hypothermia without the script emphasizing their race differences.

We have moved on since In the Heat of the Night [DVD] [1967],Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? [DVD] and The Defiant Ones [DVD].
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 August 2012
A curious entry into the buddy genre works especially well as the plot driven tale moves from the city where Sidney Poitier is tracking a particularly nasty robber to the wilderness where the robber joins a trecking party, ultimately taking the guide Kirstie Alley as hostage so he can evade capture and make it to another city. Tom Berenger, Kirstie Alley's love interest, is the tracker assigned to take the cop into the wilderness and the two forge a bond during their deadly pursuit. This cracking movie whips along at a breakneck pace, it has really decent production values, great one liners and loads of action set pieces. Well worth a watch.
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on 5 July 2015
I used to love this movie as a kid. Watching it now though, it has not aged well at all. The performances are good, likeable characters, simple but effective story, it is just so 80's and filmed in such a way it is too disconnecting for there to be any emotional impact. Rose tinted glasses I'm afraid.
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on 18 December 2013
if you want to see a good adventure story a good tale no swearing watch deadly pursuit on a cold day or evening with a nice cup of coffee and chocolates couldnt ask for anything better, I have watched it a few times
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on 30 January 2001
A top cast make this compelling thriller an excellent purchase. Poitier and Beringer trail a murderer across mountains, through forest and into the city where their roles of leader and follower are reversed. A timeless hit.
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on 5 August 2011
Deadly pursuit is a very good adventure/thriller film. It's about an FBI agent(Sidney Poitier) pursuing a very dangerous criminal and enlisting the help of an expert outdoor man (Tom Berenger). There's some very good and original scenes as they desperately try to reach the criminal and save his hostage(Kirstie Alley) but unfortunately also the odd cop film cliche(car chase, shoot out). A very good film that doesn't quite reach classic status.
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VINE VOICEon 14 July 2011
I saw this on late night telly yonks ago and when I noticed it was reasonably priced on Amazon, just had to buy it to see it at 'my pace' as opposed to sitting up until the early hours to see 'the ending..' should it come up for showing. It's a good 'who did it' as such and you don't find out until half way into the film, and even after these years, it still holds itself well as a good thriller and you could do a lot worse than buy this.
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on 25 August 2013
An FBI agent goes after a dangerous killer, who has stolen some diamonds. He has to get him before he crosses the border into Canada and escapes, but that wont be easy, because he has gone off the beaten track and disguised himself as a rough rambler, hiking his way to freedom...

I have to say, I hadn't seen this for years and it was better than I remembered. The 'man verses nature, whilst being driven toward a goal' story, though rather silly, keeps the viewer interested and it has some nice touches. Okay, it doesn't stretch it's audience particularly but is professionally delivered and has a very likeable cast. Berenger as the mountain guide, helping the FBI, possibly nicking some of Poitier's screen time as the hero, with his surly character portrayal and Kirstie Alley also doing a very good job. There are a few humorous moments and quite a few bits that will draw your attention, especially the scenes involving rock faces! My biggest gripe (not that I have a major one here) was probably in the unfolding story of Clancy Brown's character and the ending, as that was all a bit run of the mill.

With that said, you can do much worse than give this a revisit and if you keep your expectations pretty low, you might be pleasantly surprised. Certainly recommended if you like The River Wild, Cliffhanger and Runaway Train.
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