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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 June 2009
After reading all the previous Riley Jenson books I was looking forward to the next in the series. Deadly Desire doesn't disappoint as a good read.
The half wolf, half vampire, who can turn into a bird, really gets to grips with being a Guardian. Her detective skills are definately to the fore in this book, tracking down a pair of crazy sorceress killers, who use resurrected zombies and vampire freezing dust as weapons. The final battle is a good one, if not a bit predictable.
The emotional focus of the story is aimed at Riley and Quinn, whose relationship (when not sexual) does appear to be developing, and will probably continue into the next book with the addition of Kye!
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on 9 March 2015
Even though it's one of my least favourite books of the series it still rates pretty high. I really dislike Kye but I understand what a vital part of the series he is. Brilliant series and I can't help but love Keri Arthur's work.
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on 11 February 2009
Riley Jenson is a feisty, dangerous woman who works as a Guardian, a supernatural police force in Australia. We've met Riley and her colleagues in previous books but this story works reasonably as a standalone book for those unfamiliar with the previous stories. However the book as a whole didn't really hold together enough to make it a great read.

Riley is half werewolf, half vampire, and this means that she has extra skills and abilities which are still developing. Her work for the Guardians can be dangerous, often involves killing or clean-up, and as the story begins we are drawn into a case where various vampires are being killed and humans are also being savaged. Riley fairly quickly identifies sorcery as part of the cause and even finds a significant suspect. However her investigation isn't going entirely as planned when lone wolf Kye reappears in her life. She and Kye have an inconvenient attraction, especially inconvenient to Riley who is trying to be faithful to her vampire lover Quinn. When more and more people start to die Riley may need to enlist Kye's help to solve the killings but she may get a bit more than she bargained for.

There is plenty of action in this story, there's the continuation of the romance thread between Riley and Quinn, less focus on her brother Rhoan and his lover Liander but still a good cast of characters. However somehow this story didn't quite hit the spot for me; it felt too transitional, events felt unfinished at times, and it also seemed too easy for Riley to get to the bottom of the murders. Riley as a character isn't always easy to like and I could never quite understand her appeal to the various men who seem to clamour for her attention. There were some good moments in this book, the Australian setting is interesting, but overall it was a bit of a disappointment.

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book © Helen Hancox 2009
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Riley has never been particularly happy about her job as a Guardian but she is good at what she does and her skills come in very useful for The Directorate. When a string of teenage girls are found murdered Riley is soon put on the case to find out if there is any connection between them. Things get even more complicated when wealthy vampires start being picked off one by one but are the two cases linked? It is up to Riley to find out but with bounty hunter Kye getting in her way at every turn and the full moon bringing her wolf's emotions to the fore can Riley put aside her need for sex, remain faithful to Quinn and catch the killer?

I've been a fan of the Riley Jenson series from the start so was looking forward to reading Deadly Desire. Although this probably wasn't my favourite book in the series it was still a good read and has definitely set things up well for the last 2 books in the series. As I've come to expect from Keri Arthur there is plenty of action and Riley finds herself in the thick of things. We didn't see as much of some of the other main characters as I would have liked but it was nice to get an update on how things are going for Rhoan and Liander.

I was really pleased that Riley and Quinn seem to be finally getting their relationship back on track, I've had a bit of a love / hate thing going with Quinn throughout the series but I'm definitely in more of a love him phase at the moment. He is finally coming to accept Riley for who she is and has stopped trying to change her which was something that had really bugged me about him in the past. It wouldn't be Riley if everything was going smoothly though and Kye has definitely added a big complication. I'm not quite sure what to make of him yet as we still don't know too much about him but I'm very curious about his abilities and will be interested to see if he appears in the next book.

Overall Deadly Desires was a fun read and one I really enjoyed. If you're new to the series I would definitely recommend reading the books in order so you get the full benefit of Riley's background but if you're an urban fantasy fan then it's a series well worth checking out. Be warned that although this is urban fantasy the series does contain a lot of sex so if that is something you don't enjoy reading then this might not be the series for you.
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on 18 April 2009
I thoroughly enjoyed this book so much i read it within 2 days. I loved the characters but i must admit i knew what was going to happen with Riley & Kye, it was quite obvious considering with all the heat & attraction going on between the two. I can't wait for the next book "Bound to the shadows" & i can't wait to see how Riley deals with having two soul mates & if Kye comes back to take whats his.
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on 11 November 2010
Half-werewolf, half-vampire, Riley Jenson is a Guardian working for the Directorate which polices the nonhuman races, and she's very good at her job. Even though there's a drug in her system that keeps changing her and they're not sure what it'll do to her, she still strives for what every werewolf wants: a soul mate, and kids.
The kids are beyond her now thanks to the drug in her system, but she's still hoping to one day meet her soul mate - who, sadly, can never be Quinn, her sexy, ancient vampire boyfriend, but she is at least willing to give the relationship a go.
Teenage human girls are turning up dead in the city of Melbourne and there seems to be no connection between them. It's not long before Riley finds the zombie that killed them - along with two hellhounds and the sorceress who's controlling the beasties, who can take the form of a crow. That's not all she finds though: Kye Murphy, a werewolf bounty hunter and killer, is on the sorceress' trail as well, and he has a few secret talents of his own.

With attraction and desire sizzling between them, and the full moon approaching, Riley puts all her energy into finding the girls' killer, figuring out who's killing and draining wealthy vampires in the area, and keeping distance between herself and Kye.

This is a series you need to start from the beginning with, if only because of the changes Riley goes through and her history - especially the story between her and Quinn, which is worth reading the series for. The first three are excellent and make a neat trilogy; #5 was disappointing because there was no Quinn in it and the crime/mystery plots were sloppily handled, but overall it's a superb series, very inventive and with a wonderful protagonist in Riley. As different as she is, her concerns are very real and familiar.
The pacing of Deadly Desire is swift but not so fast that you lose the plot - rather, it compels you to read it in one sitting. The tension is great, especially between Riley and Kye, and I absolutely loved the ending.
Really my only complaint is one for the series as a whole, and one that leaves me disappointed: the books are set in Australia - Victoria, to be exact, and Melbourne in particular - but apart from a few place names, you'd never know it. The only word in this book that made it feel at all Aussie was "Macca's" - truly, it could have been set in any American city, and may be designed that way so as not to "alienate" a U.S. audience (I'm guessing here), and I find that to be a real shame. It also does nothing to help with my homesickness.
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on 26 June 2009
I had the unfortunate luck of being accidentally spoiled on the outcome to this book, which admittedly did stop me enjoying it as much as I should have done. Reading it was different to if I'd gone in blind. But it was still a good story and had me wanting more. But even if I had read it without knowing the twists that came at the end, I still doubt I would rank it better than The Darkest Kiss.

I love the introduction of Kye. He appeared briefly in Embraced By Darkness, but we really get to know him here. The attraction between him and Riley is pretty funny to read because they both feel it, yet neither wants to, making it a dare as much as anything else. He's a pretty dark guy, a hired gun and he doesn't care what others think. He's not your average werewolf though and he's got his own secrets to hide.

I liked Quinn more in this book, probably really liking him for the first time. He and Riley seem to have a better, stronger relationship for all the trouble they've had in the past. Still not an easy one at times, and it certainly has it's flaws, but it was more enjoyable with this book.

The past two books have introduced a few other new characters, some who are around more than others, but they're all adding to the series. This book itself doesn't feel quite as solid, the plot not quite as strong as the previous one, but it kept me wanting to read it none the less, but without the same intensity. Some parts of this book almost make it seem more of a filler between this and the next one. Certainly certain things are just being set up for the rest of the series, and they left me wanting more. Overall, not the best book in the series, but still a great read showing the continued development of Riley and still with her sassy nature. Looking forward to the next with a lot of anticipation.
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on 2 March 2013
good condition. fast delivery. love this series so much there are so many twist and so much action in these books i cant put them down untill ive finished
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on 29 October 2011
Brilliant book - couldn't put it down. Well written, keeps you gripped the whole story. Something a bit different from all the other supernatural books.
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on 3 July 2014
number 7 just as brilliant as the rest. good story good plot
excellent character's. this is a reread and still good.recommended to anyone!!!!!
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