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VINE VOICEon 12 January 2009
Dead Space the graphic novel is all part of the Dead Space phenomenon which includes the DVD Dead Space: Downfall and the Dead Space video game. The basic storyline is of the discovery of a mysterious artefact on a distant mining colony which begins to send the inhabitants mad and then brings forth the most hellish of creatures which leads, naturally, to a decent little bloodbath.

I've been playing the game for a long while now and, being a lover of graphic novels, was intrigued enough to find out more about the overall story arc. The order of the story goes as thus: graphic novel followed by DVD followed by game.

I was very pleased that the graphic novel itself is a fairly wonderful little slice of illustrated SF horror. The last 20% or so is the expected gore-fest that such an SF horror story is meant to offer (like a cross between the films Alien and The Thing), and it's enjoyable enough, but the first 80% or so is treated quite delicately and events build up with a depth of characterisation and plot that is intriguing and engrossing and, on the whole, most enjoyable to read.

I must admit, though, that the most pleasing aspect of this graphic novel for me is Ben Templesmith's artwork, which is kind of like a bowl of caviare, I suppose, in the sense that you either love it or hate it as it is incredibly stylised and not as obviously and clinically drawn as most comic fair. I was first introduced to Mr Templesmith's work in the excellent Fell: Feral City, and what I tend to love about his work is two definite things. Firstly, he is excellent at displaying a quite powerful atmosphere in his art, and, secondly, he uses colour to powerful effect.

Some people feel his artwork is a little 'scrappy', and I can see why they feel that way as my initial reaction was one of surprise and uncertainty, but I have been seduced by his artwork and find it refreshing, invigorating and quite affecting. He is also the artist on the incredibly successful 30 Days Of Night series of horror graphic novels, and that's going to be my next foray into the dark, disturbing and enveloping world of Mr Templesmith.

As for Dead Space itself, though, one doesn't necessarily need to either watch the DVD or play the game to enjoy it as it stands on its own merit, and if you are a lover of a good SF Horror yarn then you may well enjoy this immensely.

Oh, and as for the quality of the book itself...well, it's simply a lovely thing to hold. The pages are of a fine and moderately thick glossy paper and the hardback cover itself holds all imagery - as opposed to being the usual bland thing that sits beneath a slip-cover - and I think it is a most pleasing book to sit upon one's shelf.
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on 20 April 2018
It was what I was expecting it was better. I like the Dead Space game and it nice to have something to add to it.
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on 5 January 2011
Don't get me wrong, since it's still an highly enjoyable read, but honestly, I found the previous comic FARRR superior. The writing here isn't as sharp and even though the artwork here is far more detailed, I actually missed the more stylized approach seen in the previous comics. The writing misses the Mark ( get it...?! ) quite often, since there's not enough time to develop the characters or even to make them likeable... In the end, the most likely is that you already know what will happen to most of them by the time you pick this, but still, as mentioned early on, highly enjoyable nonetheless; Just don't expect something incredibly revealing or anything like that, storywise. Peace. ;)
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on 26 March 2016
If you like the dead space games. then you will really enjoy this book
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on 20 February 2014
it's not always easy to make out the pictures, good story but very short, probably worth £2. I'd only recommend it for hard-core dead space fans. like me.
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on 2 December 2012
The plot line fits nicely with positioning the 'men in white' who feature towards the end of Dead Space 2. On Kindle Fire HD the graphics are, on the whole, superb, detailed and complement the claustrophic plot line perfectly. Recommended.
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on 21 May 2013
This was a good comic which I enjoyed very much and I can't wait to read the next comic catalyst
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on 26 May 2013
Smashing painted artwork but story and characters are more than a bit limp. Think every space gov corruption story ever and its covered here. With more meritorious course!
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on 12 June 2015
Great item, in perfect condition, thank you :)
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on 12 October 2014
Couldn't put it down!
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