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on 28 December 2017
This is a book some notches below what one could expect from Tom Clancy. Even then, it is a good and entertaining read for the fans of the genre.

Strong points are the immersiveness of the narrative and the validity of the world conditions at large (i.e. terrorism, assimetric warfare). The plot is good and deserves four stars by itself. The action sequences are well written.
As for the weak points one could start by the political views - which lean on the rightest side of right - the author preaches from time to time. The book comes out as a manifest for torture and executions (yes, the "good guys" do it), the bashing of any form of public healthcare (or "public almost anything"), the discrediting of earth warming, the free carriage of guns etc. All in all, the views of the author will look alien to the average european who reads the book. Still in the weak points, one can also consider some big oversights such as the wrong information about shia and sunni people in Iraq, raw data that forms the basis for one of the subplots of the story. On the subject of oversights one could also consider the poor information the author displays about IT stuff that goes to the point of talking about DVD-ROMs with 60Gb capacity(!!). Another weak point and probably the most important is the fact that the characters are quite unidimensional in their personalities. They are either good, honest and honorable folk or the contrary. That's not how things work in real life. Everyone has flaws and everyone has qualities. The terrorists are all cut from the same evil cardboard and display just a complement of bad traits. They should be much more fleshed out and the reader should be allowed to establish a link with each of them. As they are, they look like some guys with the inteligence of an orange in tactical situations while wearing a blanket of evil wherever they appear in the narrative. As for the "good guys", they are all poster boys of human qualities, from intelligence to intuition, passing by honesty.

To sum it up, this book is an improvement over The Teeth of the Tiger but stands a long way from Tom Clancy's masterpieces of the '80s and '90s. Buy it if you like the genre.
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on 28 July 2016
Follows on in the Ryanverse series of books, but not written by Tom Clancy (as he sadly died), but a different author. Similar writing style, but you can tell it's not a Tom Clany novel. Still not to bad a plot idea, however Jack Ryan Jr as a character seems a bit too far fetched.
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on 14 December 2011
At the end of Clancy's first 'Jack Ryan Jr' book 'Teeth of the Tiger' the stage was set for a really exciting new series of stories. I waited with baited breath.... and waited.... and waited. Alas Tom Clancy was busying himself with video games and his various book franchises to which he attached his name. It took until 2010 for this follow up to be published. Except I was horrified to see it wasn't a Tom Clancy novel, it was ghost written. Presumably Clancy had thought up a plot and couldn't be bothered to go through the chore of writing... The result was utter tedium. All of the spirit of his own books was gone... Message to Mr. Clancy - get back to writing your own books, or you will be losing legions of fans
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on 2 April 2013
Like all Clancy books, this starts slowly, with a very detailed back story, but it is worth it in the end. A good read, if you can get through the first couple of hundred pages, you will be rewarded with a gripping storyline, which continues the Ryan fun and games, bringing back a lot of the old characters and continuing the development of the "Campus". Fast paced, it is not of the same quality as the classic Ryan books, which could not be put down. Still, if you are a fan of the Ryan series, then it is worth reading.
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on 21 July 2014
I know what to expect from these latest Clancy books and that is all Americas enemies are from Arab states and that all the heroes are whiter than white with a moral code that puts everyone to shame and never miss. It's a very old fashioned way of writing with other writers showing depth to characters, but saying that if you want a good read that you cannot take seriously then this is just what you need.
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on 18 August 2017
Tom Clancy never fails to deliver his death was a sad loss to the world of Action/Spy Thrillers I know his most recent books were 'co-written' I hope the characters and genre can live on through these guys with proper licensing. Always have Harrison Ford in mind when I read these novels having read my first one back in 1988 whilst travelling around the states on a Greyhound bus!!!
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on 19 May 2012
I loved the Jack Ryan original series...I read executive orders 4 times, and some of the scenes in those books are the best action sequences I have ever read. I had really high hopes for this book - old characters, and a great threat to civilization. This book is a real mixed bag however, and I think clearly shows two authors (I suspect one with Mr Clancy occasionally contributing) not talking too much, with different ideas for plot development. I think had they had a strong editor to take 1/3 off the book length, it could have been a good book, but it is too slow to get anywhere, and some pretty big plot threads sometimes seem to go nowhere, like Jack Ryan Snr. You can quite easily read this missing out whole chapters. The opening sequence with the rangers is superb, but the rest of the book slowly drifts off. I don't think he has done enough to justify buying book three of this series. This is a real shame for me.
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on 21 December 2017
great book, really enjoyed it
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on 5 January 2013
I have always enjoyed a 'Tom Clancy' novel, unfortunatly I'm reading this one in the wrong order. Should have read this one before 'Locked On.'

Have just found the app to read on my Samsung Tab; I have many ways of reading eletronic books now, 'great.'
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on 24 July 2012
Having almost shed a tear when the Jack Ryan novels came to an end, I picked up "Dead or Alive" with so much expectation and anticipation. I should have known better........

Just as Lustbader destroyed the magic of the Bourne series so this association with Blackwood disappoints. To be fair, the impact is far less damaging than Lustbader's but sometimes - in spite of the money, in spite of the clamour - it's better, more dignified to just let go.

I suppose it is a perfectly decently crafted piece of work but any real fan of Clancy will be disappointed.

No more, please....
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