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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 September 2013
"Dead After Dark" is an anthology featuring 4 authors well established in the fantasy romance genre.

Shadow of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Part of the Dark-Hunter world, wolf shifter Fury is caught in a scheme that could threaten his kind and unfortunately his enemies include Angelia; the young human/wolf shifter he once considered his only friend. They may be enemies but they have a history, and despite the threat Angelia poses Fury wants nothing more than to protect her.

I'm a huge fan of the Dark-Hunter universe and this short story certainly adds to the series. Expect the standard passion, quips and explosive action this author normally delivers. 4 stars

The Story of Son by J R Ward
Workaholic Claire reluctantly visits the wealthy Miss Leeds over the weekend intending to redraft her will. Instead Claire is drugged and awakens locked in the basement. But she is not alone; Miss Leed's unusual son has been hidden away for decades and requires blood donors when he needs to feed. Claire is rightly terrified, but trapped with the vampire she names Michael, she finds herself drawn to him and plans to help him escape his captivity.

Although Michael is a vampire and the story is set in Caldwell, this reads like a standalone novella with no ties to the "Black Dagger Brotherhood" series. Michael is a wonderful hero and Claire doesn't stand a chance. 4 stars

Beyond the Night by Susan Squires
It's been nearly 15 years since Andrew Cooper set foot in his home town. He has become independently wealthy and adopting a new persona, Drew is determined to marry Emily, the beautiful daughter of the local lord. Then a lowly groom, Drew never stood a chance and was punished for his infatuation. He's bought Ashland, a local manor and sets about his plans, only to have them thwarted by Freya; a beautiful vampire who insists his new home is actually still hers.

There is an interesting take on vampirism and the role Freya played in vampire society plus her growing relationship with Drew is sweet. 4 stars

Midnight Kiss Goodbye by Dianne Love
I absolutely love the "Belador Code" series this author has created with Sherrilyn Kenyon. Unfortunately though the phenomenal heroine of this series; Evalle Kincaid, only makes a brief appearance. Unfortunately this was not the only disappointment. I found the lead lovers; Trey (a Belador) and Sasha (a witch) rather flat. The story line failed to excite despite the involvement of witches, gods, a trapped warrior race and a couple of my favourite Beladors from the full length novels. A generous 3 stars
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on 11 August 2013
I bought this book because of Sherrilyn Kenyon and was introduced to 3 other authors. I love everything about the Kattalakis brothers so the story about Fury intrigued me. I was a bit worried about Fury because he seemed like a piece of work in her other books incapable of loving any body else but himself and I was worried that he would be alone so I was surprised that he had loved some one and that person let him down.The story was short and straight to the point. I would loved it more if it were longer.

I really enjoyed J R ward's story "The story of Son" this was about a story about a lawyer Claire who meets and falls in love with a vampire who she named Michael who is trapped in a basement. Very simple but beautifully told. I would have liked it to be longer I would have liked to know who Michael's father was and how he met his mother( I read it 3 times) I am going to start reading her books when I finish the DH series.

The next two stories "Beyond the Night" and "Midnight Kiss Goodbye" were good but I did not get excited.
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on 9 February 2012
A book of four short stories by well known authors should be an exciting read.When i first bought this book i had only just started reading Jr Wards'"The Black Dagger"series and i proberbly thought her"The Story of Son" was as going to be as good.Although a nice little read when it finished i didn't particualy care.
Sherrilyn Kenyon is another author i had only just started reading and although i hadn't really enjoyed the two books i'd bought i was willing to give her short story a try.I felt as if i had been dropped into the middle of a book and i wasn't sure what the story was about.
The other two books were by authors i hadn't heard of so i was looking forward to their stories."Beyond The Night"is the best of the four in my opinion.The last"Midnight Kiss goodbye"was good enough but nothing special.
J.R Ward is the only author i have gone on to read with her"Black Dagger"and her"Fallen Angels"series.
I think with any book of short stories by different authors you would be very lucky to enjoy them all.
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I bought this mostly because of the story by JR Ward ("The Story of Son") which links with the Black Dagger Brotherhood novels in that it is set in the same universe. I am assuming that it was written some time ago (copyright page says 2008) because it doesn't quite mesh with some of the things we know about how the vampire society works but I think that we can excuse that in a short story which is very much on periphery of the world. It is a short, sweet and romantic story with an excellent proactive heroine rescuing her vampire from his situation. It lacks the popular culture references which are so much a part of this author's writing but it is nice enough - I am not sure that there was enough there to justify buying the whole book though.

"Shadow of the Moon" is the first story by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have read some of her ongoing urban fantasy series but it is some time ago and I was a bit lost in some of the references in this story - there were a lot of characters to get your head round in a short space of time if you didn't already know them together with the mythology of the world. I thought that Fury was an excellent character but his love interest Angelia was a bit lacking in character. This one was better left to those who are immersed in this writer's world.

The Susan Squires story "Beyond the Night" is very much a melodrama set in (I think) the nineteenth century. It features a man returning to his childhood home after making a fortune at sea to find the woman of his dreams and discovering that there are thing she needs to know about the house that he has bought. The author made this story more accessible by limiting the number of characters and being very simplistic about the plot and the powers of the vampire. As far as I could see this one was not part of a series and it was quite refreshing to find it self-contained. This story was OK - I wouldn't have bought the book to read it but it was entertaining.

The final story "Midnight Kiss Goodbye" defeated me and I just skim read the end of it. It involved supernatural characters in a secret society and evil demons and tribes and portals - and I just didn't care. I don't know if this is part of a world created by this author or if this is stand alone but it lost me early on and there was nothing to grip me.

This is a patchy collection and none of the stories was outstanding. The first two will probably satisfy readers who know the other writing of these authors. It is hard to create a supernatural world, explain its rules, introduce us to characters and then tell a story in such few worlds - not all the writers here succeeded.
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on 29 July 2013
I bought this because in a fan of both Sherrilyn Kenyon and JR Ward and i was not disappointed, i loved fury from reading her dark hunter books, i just cant get enough of her stories they are all great. JR Wards story was told from the point of view of the main female character which was a bit disappointing but still a good story. The other authors were not so good to read. But i enjoyed the two stories i bought this book for
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on 26 January 2015
Of the four short stories in this book only one is about the Beladors and whilst all the stories were easy reading I feel at least three of them could have been much improved had they not been cut short. I will make sure I check before buying another book claiming to be what it isn't!!!
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on 6 November 2011
Sherrilyn Kenyon is a brilliant author and I have read numerous books by her, and in this book she has co-written it makes no difference at all. A recommended read and book all round! I would definately recommend people look into her other books to read, you will not regret it!!
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on 22 February 2009
You would have thought that writers like Ward and Kenyon could have produced good short stories, but they don't quite make the mark. They weren't awful, just lacking in short story 'oomph'.
The Kenyon story fills in Fury's story, but unless you know the background to the whole Arcadia and Katagaria 'thing' you'ld be a bit lost. And while I'm willing to suspend disbelief for a good plotline, it goes beyond disbelief that an Alpha male like Fury would forgive Angelia for the severe beating she traps him into, even if she is his long-lost love (who turned against him the first time anyway!).
I am a HUGE admirer of J R Ward - her Black Dagger Brotherhood books are awesome, but this story ... . The problem might be that I carry too much baggage from the books, and this story just doesn't fit in at all. A vampire that only needs to drink once a year, and maintains his strength and abilities drinking human blood? There were too many similarities to the BD books (bonding scent, memory control, super-human strength), but then these jarred against the things that didn't match (the whole human blood thing, easy cross species fertility, to name a few). Also, while it was OK, as a short story it just didn't work as well as the full length novels do.
THe Squires story 'Beyond the Night' was, for me, the best story of the lot. It held together as a story and I didn't feel that the author got three quarters of the way through it and then ran out of steam and needed to finish it. I liked the idea of the vampire needing (perforce) to be so alone, and I liked the conceit of Drew returning for revenge, only to find something better. It all worked for me!
The Dianna Love story was truly appalling. What a mess - I didn't have a clue what was going on, there were too many extraneous characters popping in and out of the story, the characters didn't make sense. Awful, really awful.
Buy it for the Kenyon story to find out about Fury, for the Ward story (but be prepared to find inconsistencies between her vampire 'worlds') because she's a good writer, for the Squires story because it's just a good story. Don't (DON'T) buy it for the Love story - in fact, just don't read the Love story!
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on 14 December 2013
I've got mixed feelings about the whole book. Bought it so I could read Sherrilyn Kenyon's story, which ended up being ok. The next two stories I really didn't care for, but, loved the last story.
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on 6 August 2013
Like the fact that it has more than one author, although not the main reason that I bought it, condition as stated
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