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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 23 June 2004
Director Richard Linklater's nostalgic 'Dazed and Confused' is a hilarious slice of '70s life. A superb ensemble cast delivers a funny, dead-on portrait of American teenage life in the mid-1970s. Released in 1993, look out for early roles from Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughy, Parker Posey and Milla Jovovich.
'Dazed and Confused' follows the exploits of various groups of high school students on the last day of school in 1976, from their high school, to drug fuelled parties and binge drinking. What separates this film from other high school movies is that although it is inherently a comedy, it offers a deeper, more meaningful message about growing up and the future, as the characters resist the responsibilities that inevitably await them.
Arguably one of the best attributes of this highly enjoyable film is the music that accompanies it, with classic hits from Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Kiss, ZZ Top and War to name but a few.
Definitely a must see and highly recommended!!!
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on 3 February 2002
I first saw this film, when I was about 15, which i'm guessing was about the same age as the freshman in the film, apologies if I'm wrong, I'm not sure of how exactly american schools work. Basically my friend told me about it and I immediatly wanted to see it.
As soon as that rad orange car rolls into view just as 'sweet emotion' kicks in i knew i was not going to stop watching until the credits rolled. I LOVE this film, that's all I can say, I mean the plot is thin, but the acting and the script, the characters and the soundtrack are all quite simply brilliant. I suppose I identified with it. I knew the characters, granted they weren't american but apart from that, they were the same, I knew O Bannon's and Slaters, Woodersons and Mikes. I guess that was one of the reasons I love this film, not trying to sound pretentious but 'It spoke to me'. Without fail I always watch it when it's on Tv just last night infact it was on and although i alreadly own it on Video and although it was on ludicriously late well 12:35 i still watched it till the end, even if it did mean i only got four hours sleep before work.
On a final note,hopefully it'll come out on Dvd with loads of cool features but just as hopefully maybe I'll marry Gwen Stefani. Neither of these things are likely though.
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on 25 October 2016
Yes I was there . It was never this boring and dull .
Dazed and confused , a title by Led Zeppelin .
The girls were not this pretty , the boys just dim for sex ,
the volume of drugs around was only minimal .
The film is embarrassing .
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on 4 August 2016
A slice-of-life featuring an ensemble of 70s adolescents and their high school shenanigans. For some this may be a nostalgia trip but for others like myself it is more of a fascinating time-capsule, a nature documentary of sorts focusing on a group of teenagers with whom I think everyone can identify even if it is only a little.
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As you've probably gathered most of the reviews are for the 'DVD' version of "Dazed And Confused". And just to make matters that little bit more confusing - there's a few BLU RAY reissues also. But therein lies a problem for UK buyers - which issue to buy?

Unfortunately the ultra-desirable USA Criterion release is REGION-A LOCKED. So it WILL NOT PLAY on most UK BLU RAY players unless they're chipped to play 'all' regions (which few are). Don't confuse BLU RAY players that have multi-region capability on the 'DVD' front - that won't help.

Opt for the UK release instead - a great movie and it's cheap too (part of Amazon's excellent BLU RAY '2 for £10' deal).

Simply paste the Amazon reference B004VLZV1C into the search bar and you'll get the right issue...
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on 6 September 2001
Writer-Director Richard Linklatter's head-trip back to the 70s is as nostalgic and feel-good as George Lucas' AMERICAN GRAFITTI without all that innocence of youth crap. It captures a bevy of high school kids in a small Texas town on the last day of school, 1976. From the films opening shot to the closing one the audience is taken back to a time of great guitar rock, pinball machine halls, grass and keg parties, tight hip-huggers and a time where political correctness didn't exist, random drug-screens for high school athletes were unheard of and everything just seemed happier. Linklatter delivers a script that flows with interlocking dialogue so smoothly it may remind some viewers of Robert Altman, as the variety of different characters celebrate two hours of nothing important to the payoff of delightful entertainment. Even if you weren't alive for the 70s, this film will make you appreciate the simplicity of the time without succumbing to the garage sale technique of shoving lava lamps, beaded curtains, and "Have a Nice Day" posters in its audience's face. Terrific performances by Jason London, Joey Lawrence Adams, Ben Affleck, Matthew McConnoghy, Rory Cochrane and Sasha Mitchell. Rater R for profanity, drug use and sexual humor.
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on 17 December 2003
Dazed and Confused is the tale of the last day of school in the Summer of 1976, in Texas. Set over the course of one day, the film deals with the lives of many Texas teenagers, ranging from seniors to freshmen, stoners, jocks, geeks...
Not much can be said about the film without giving it away. In terms of plot, the film does not appear to follow one. It is very refreshing to find a film like this that is far away from the usual Hollywood nonsense.
Richard Linklater, the director, clearly has a passion for this film, and being his second work (his first using a significant budget), the film has steered away from what it could have become - a normal teen film.
Instead, Linklater has crafted a very natural and highly enjoyable film. Unlike other teen films, you care about the characters, despite the great number of them. The film is funny, yet moving at times. It is highly rewatchable and is great to watch with friends. The music is awesome as well and I recommend the albums - Dazed and Confused and Even More Dazed and Confused.
Overall, this film is a fantastic experience every time you watch it.
It takes you back to 1976, even if you've never actually been there.
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on 17 March 2014
I enjoyed the fashion in this film but did not really enjoy it that much. To be honest I don't think it was really for my age group. But the soundtrack was great - haven't heard some of these tracks for years. Apparently it is one of my daughter's favourite films.
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on 13 March 2000
This is one of my favourite films - it really captures what being a teenager is like. Unlike the director Richard Linklater's previous nineties-set work (Slacker, etc) this one goes back to the seventies - 1976 to be precise, where a group of teenagers are preparing to terrorise the younger kids who will join them in high school the following year. 'Dazed and Confused' doesn't flinch from the nasty sides of teenage life - bullying, especially. But the best thing about this film is the soundtrack (which is worth buying in its own right): Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Edgar Winter, Peter Frampton, The Sweet, ZZ Top, Ted Nugent, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Dr John, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd... and the list goes on!
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Sometimes I write reviews and I can see people reading them, cursing my words and saying that I don't know what I'm on about. I'm well aware at how well Dazed and Confused was received, getting 5/5 ratings from the majority of viewers. I guess that means I just missed something about it and it didn't work for me.

It's about the last day of school in an American High School, back in 1976. The older students are looking forward to generally beating up the younger kids (as is tradition... apparently - all I can say is that this didn't happen to me at school in Britain during the eighties and nineties and I'm glad it didn't!).

I found most of the characters either unlikeable or boring. I found it hard to root for someone who enjoys bullying people smaller than them (which is most of the older kids), just as I found it harder to identify with the younger ones who just sort of spent most of the film running away or waiting to take a hiding. Plus there's no real story. What you have here is a collection of scenes with numerous different characters all doing their own things on the last day of school. There's also too many characters. Many don't really have much impact and aren't really fleshed out enough to be believed in. I think it would have benefited with a smaller cast. Although, the cast is pretty impressive - maybe not when this movie was made, but, in retrospect, there are a fair few Hollywood A-listers all here in the younger (pre-fame) days.

However, as much as I didn't really like it, I had to give it credit for getting the `look' of the period right on. It really could have been filmed in the seventies for the way it was presented. Plus the soundtrack was right up my street. For once a film set in the seventies didn't have a single Abba track involved and there was far more use of some `classic rock anthems' such as Alice Cooper (hooray!).

I didn't hate it, I just didn't like it as much as everyone else apparently did.
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