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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 2013
Morganville has changed since Claire and her friends left, as everyone seems happier and the vampires are nowhere to be seen. Now upon their arrival their group is separated, with the vampires Michael, Oliver, Myrnin and Jesse staked and taken and the humans arrested and bought to see the leader of the Daylight Foundation, Fallon. The Daylight groups aim is to free the humans from the fear and oppression of the vampires, and to bring salvation to both humans and the vampires. However, Claire and her friends know that they are not as moral as they seem, and have to try to break the vampires from a type of prison before the Daylighters make all vampires extinct.

Daylighters is the last book in the Morganville series and it is brilliant, as it has lots action and I never got bored. However, I did miss the different points of view from the previous books as I really liked seeing what others were thinking.

As this is the final book I can't help but look back as see how much the characters we first met in Glass Houses have changed and grown as people. Especially Claire, as she has developed into a strong, independent woman. This is really shown in Daylighters, as she has to deal with the grey area of doing what is right by trying to free the vampires, even though the humans feel safe and secure. Also, the other characters, particularly Shane and the rest of the Glass House, have developed as they are willing to stand up to the vampires and for what they believe in and I have loved getting to know them.

I am sad that this series has ended as I have really enjoyed reading them but at least it was a good ending and we got closure. I would recommend The Morganville series to anyone who likes YA paranormal books.
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on 28 December 2013
From the beginning of Glass House to end with this, was perfect. The end drew a natural grace to the quartet of friends. Best vampire books I've read in ages.
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on 4 January 2014
The title isn't enough to describe my upset That this series has ended... im an avid reader but more for true life, I have a fixation with vampires though which is why a friend bought ghost town for me, I have read ever single book now (including ghost town again) and I barely ever leave reviews but I have one the last couple morganville books, I hope sometime in the future they kick off again with new adventures, New threats, New friends and New plots, the majority of stories fizzle out and become repetitive but I think rachel caine could go on like such things as doctor who! Going to try out the weather warden series I think now :)
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on 5 November 2016
You can always tell from what the side focus of a vampire series is to how it will end. With this one, whilst the science decided to take a seat at the very back of the bus (almost hanging out of the window and getting blown away at many points throughout the series, excluding the annoying nerd relating comments) we always knew that science would be the answer to all the questions in this series. It was rather predictable, really, but every vampire series has something designed from the outset to bring things to an end.

It was a fun read on that front, but other factors prevented it from being as amazing as it possibly could have been. To begin with, I hate how we’re basically told that the characters have developed throughout the series rather than being able to make the choice for ourselves (because, honestly, I do not think Shane has grown up any and he has become more of an annoyance throughout despite what characters keep saying to us throughout the book). Then there was the relationship stuff… it was even more predictable than the science related resolution and it was a whole new level of annoying.

In short, it was a largely predictable ending to the series yet it was perfectly sufficient to end it.
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on 6 November 2013
This is a brilliant book, very fast paced. I'm sad to see this series end. Thank you Rachel Caine for writing the series.
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on 18 January 2017
Perfect ending to a whirlwind story that shouldn't be forgotten and must be read time after time.

That was the first thing I thought after the tears had stopped pouring and my heart stopped pounding. The most magical moment is had in that book at the end. The journey throughout the book really did feel like they were tying up loose ends but in the right way. A much-needed way.

Rachel deals from her deck of plot twists and heart wrecking moments right up to the very end. She doesn't just leave you wishing the series wouldn't end. She leaves a good warm fuzzy feeling behind. It just felt right and exactly how a fantastic series such as that should end.

This series is a must buy!!!
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on 9 November 2014
Before I discovered these books I wasn't much of a reader, but from first meeting Claire in glass houses to seeing her finally happy and everything going alright for once in daylighters I fell in love with reading. The books are so easy to read and you find yourself getting stuck in them, they are the books you can't put down and the ones that keep you up at night because just need to know what happens next. Amazing books from start to finish.
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on 9 January 2014
I must say that I feel a little sad that this great series came to an end. Great to get to know the characters through each book. Loved Myrnin. Shane definitely grew on me too. It will be good if there was another one to follow up, now that they are all grown up and settled. Myrnin seems to have met his match too.
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on 28 December 2013
It's the end of Morganville. It's just so sad. 15 books of struggles and fighting to survive through thick and thin we've watched The Glass house and it's residents fight to stay alive. It's been an amazing journey. So sad to see the series finish. Maybe one day we may get to revisit.
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on 27 March 2014
I am such a huge fan of this series, I was so excited to read Daylighters, but I really wasn't looking forward to the end of the series. The Morganville Vampires series is one of my favourite series, and so reading Daylighters was pretty bittersweet. And sadly, it wasn't my favourite story.

Morganville has been taken over by the Daylight Foundation, an organisation set of bring peace to those who have been terrorised by vampires. The vampires have been forced into an enclave, and the residents are feeling safe. The houses have had a make-over, people are no longer rushing home when they're out, and everyone is happy to have the vampires off the streets. This is the Morganville Claire comes home to, and she and her friends are split up humans and vampires - Claire, Shane and Eve, and Oliver, Myrnin, Jesse, and Michael. The Daylighters seem to think they can help the vampires as well as the humans, but there's something not quite right about head Daylighter, Fallon. Now Claire must do all she can to free her friends - but is that the right thing to do, when the humans are finally no longer scared?

As I said, I was so looking forward to this story, and the idea behind it was just awesome! Fallon was incredibly creepy with his normal, nice manner, having such bad ideas - for the good of the people! - and seeming to make sense. I loved Claire's moral dilemma with trying to work out what she should do. These are her friends and they are locked up. But these friends are vampires, and have caused so many problems for years. If she helps them to get out, she'll be condemning the humans back to a life of fear. Yet her friends have no freedom. What's the right thing to do?

There was a lot of potential for this story to get crazy dangerous, like other books in the series. I was waiting for it, eager for it... but it never really happened. There was tension all the way through, but things never seemed to get too bad. They headed in that direction, but then things seemed to conveniently work out. That really bugged me, so much. The way the story was going, you knew beforehand just how conveniently things were going to go before they happened. One of the things I loved most about this series was how unpredictable it was, but not so much with Daylighters. And there were several characters who just seemed to be left in the middle of things. Shane, Amelie, Myrnin - things happened with them, but we didn't find out until much later what the outcome of those things were.

Claire was on her own for most of this book, or skipping from being with one character to the next, and mostly everything that went right was her own doing (hurrah for character development and Claire finally being able to save others on her own, when she could barely save herself against Monica in Glass Houses - is that the point? She does it all in the final book?), and I really missed the other characters so much. It's the last book, and they weren't in it all that much. Monica got what I can only call a brief cameo. Monica. Michael was locked up, and Shane and Eve had their own things happening away from Claire. It was just weird. I really wanted to see my favourite four together kicking butt, and it never really happened.

All my issues are with this particular story though, not with the end of the series. Despite some rather awesome things that happened at the very end (which I would like to have seen in more detail!), it doesn't really feel like the end of the series. It didn't feel like a definitive ending, that there could never be another Morganville Vampires story. It's just the end of this story, and it felt very much like there could be more to come. Like it was decided there wouldn't be any more after this one, rather than making this specifically the very last book. But Caine says at the end of the book this is the very last one, so I find that kind of frustrating. I knew Daylighters would be the last book, but it doesn't feel like much of an end to me. There's no real closure for the series as a whole, I feel. Especially as I'm not going to see Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael again. I would have preferred a more closed door if there's no chance of there being more Morganville Vampires stories.

Overall, I'm kind of disappointed in this book. But there are all the others in the series that are awesome, and make up for this one. Just wish the series ended on a high rather than a low. Still worth a read if you like the series, despite the negatives - it still has all those awesome characters, after all.
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