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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

on 25 August 1999
Fans of the "Star Trek: Voyager" episode "Day of Honor" will love this! It's slightly more detailed than the TV episode but not boringly so. It also incorporates a sub-plot: the Holo-Doctor, seeing B'Elanna's Day of Honor holoprogram, decides to find himself a special holiday that will mean something to him. However this sub-plot works well and is tied into the story really well. Of course, the main story revolves around B'Elanna and this year's Day of Honor, which turns out to change her life forever. Nothing seems to go her way - she has forgotten to progam the computer to wake her up, and when she does finally get up her sonic shower breaks, and then there are several problems in Engineering, PLUS some of the crew are off sick, and THEN, to top this catastrophic day off, they have to dump the warp core. Normally this would be the low point of any day but when she and Tom Paris take one of the shuttlecraft to retrieve the core...it has been taken by the aliens whom Voyager have been trying to help. Life couldn't get any worse...until, of course, their shuttlecraft explodes and they're forced to float around in space in their protective suits...and then their oxygen supply starts to run out far sooner than it should. She knows she's going to die...and has to force herself to confront feelings that she would prefer not to deal with at all...
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on 22 August 2003
Pocket Books doesn't normally go to Michael Jan Friedman for the novelization of TV episodes. When they do, it's for the better episodes. That is certainly the case here. This episode was one of Voyager's best and this novelization is one of the best. I like to read the novelizations to get a good perspective of what's going on between the TV scenes and what's going on in the character's minds. The author, as usual, did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of the characters and the plot. I would recommend this novelization to anybody who reads Trek. {ssintrepid}
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on 11 September 1999
I heard about the episode "Day Of Honour" on the internet & I was dying to see it because I had always been rooting for Tom & B'Ellanna, even from season 1 when they hated each other. So obviously when I found out about "Day Of Honour" the book, I was straight down the nearest Sci-Fi book shop & buying it. It is fantastic. I love the beginning with young B'Ellanna & I love the Doctor sub-plot & the end is a priceless piece of writing. They'll be talking about this one for years to come.
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on 1 April 2015
I really liked the episode Day of Honor, and I must say that I like the book as well. It's a great story that is well written and also has a lot of character development. In the book we also get some extra material that wasn't in the episode, among other things a side story with the Doctor trying to find a holiday to enjoy and a more comprehensive story with the aliens involved. Personally I liked the extra material in the book and thought it was really interesting to read about, but I would've wanted even more about B'Elanna that's the main character in this story (not saying that there wasn't any extra stuff about her, though, because there was).

One thing that I found a little bit confusing was that in the book we get to know two alien leaders from the Caatati, Rahmin and Lumas, and in the episode we only meet Rahmin. I liked how the writer made the story more comprehensive in involving more characters and, in my opinion, making the story even better than it already was, but at the same time I feel a little bit that he's in some small way not only added to the story but also perhaps changed it. It doesn't effect the main story all that much, but I'm just saying.

The book is definitely a good one, though, and if you liked this episode I think you should read the book as well. Especially if you like B'Elanna Torres.
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