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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 29 May 2014
I started out reading the series when I found the first book included in a different collection and had to buy the others immediately. I finished all three in less than 2 days, so that tells you how much I liked the story. Although Adisia's almost paranoid jealousy could get on one's nerves, I thought that the protagonists were pretty well constructed (especially when comparing them to quite a few main characters from other romance novels) and some of the minor characters and their sometimes delightfully cheesy lines had me laughing out loud.
Since I love anything even remotely connected to mythology of any kind, I was sucked into the world of the immortals at once. Of course, one shouldn't expect a too faithful reproduction of Greek mythology, but where would be the fun in that. The storyline was fairly tight, so I was never bored or felt like it dragged along; however, on this note I have to say that some of the scenes between Devin and Adisia seemed unbelievably repetitious, so much so that they could have been copy-pasted which made them a bit redundant.
One absolute no-no for me were the many typos and the blatant grammatical errors. Finding and trying to ignore a mistake on every second page seriously impacts my enjoyment of an otherwise pretty good book (is it really so hard to differentiate between the adverb 'jealously' and the noun 'jealousy'?). I know I am very particular about grammar and correct spelling, but these mistakes could have easily been avoided.
Overall, I would definitely recommend the series to anyone who loves romances and fantasy.
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on 28 March 2014
Ok...so first the good bits...and there were many, then I must mention the bits that stop me giving the full amount of stars. I was definitely hooked from the start, the thought of power and Gods etc had me immediately intrigued.
I have always struggled to really love female leads, I read a lot but I always find I get frustrated with them. This one I love, she had me understanding her and siding with her. There is enough action as the plot drags to build suspense and the surrounding characters are also great to get to know and the growing relationship between Adisia and Devin is lovely to follow...it was also great to see Adisia so in control. I was fascinated with The God entities inside her but I would have loved more focus on that..they didn't really feature in the the last two books til near the end and that drove me bit crazy.
Now the down side..although it's small bits. I am being picky and doing a degree it makes me analyse things I read.
Firstly the typoes...they are dotted about throughout and it's a real shame.
It's worth pointing out that the rest of my points are down to personal preference so it's something others may disagree with. One of The central themes is Adisia being daughter of Aphrodite..Godess of passion and love ect, and her passion for Devin, yet there was no sex scenes...it kind of heads in that direction and then leaves you hanging and relying on imagination. This is ok some of the time as it would otherwise be littered with it...but some would have been beneficial.
I would have liked more description of locations and I would have loved more of Devins perspective.
The last point is of the chapters showing up on the kindle, not sure why but there was no list of them or page numbers, only location numbers which made no sense. This meant I didn't really know where each of the books ended and chapter placements...again this is personal preference
Overall though.. I loved it so I'm just being picky.
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on 30 May 2015
I have mixed views on this trilogy. With the first book, I really did enjoy it, I loved the humour and how the romance initially played out between Adisia and Devin. She wasn't a damsel in distress when she gained her powers and jumped in to be the saviour and what amazing powers she had. All the characters were likeable and well written. The second book, not so much. I hated the rewind and it kind of spoilt the beginning of the first book for me. The book was very much the same. In the fact there was the same trust issues reoccurring and I was sick of the constant 'I love you's' and the fact they had nothing better to do it seems than to spend most of their time ripping each others clothes off, giving sexy time or checking each other out. I also didn't like the fact there were gaps in the storyline which was an issue with all of the books , as there were some confusing parts as to what the story was on about and how much time had passed. I however did like the last book. It took me ages to get around to reading because I was bored of the second book. It had some really tense moments especially with Devins betrayal and what happened near the end. I did guess about what was happening with Adisias powers. However I really didn't like the fact the whole bonding ceremony was missed out. The story has a HEA and the epilogue was a nice little extra from Devins POV.
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on 7 March 2017
I enjoyed the plot of this book, but winced at the constant spelling and grammatical errors, I must admit it put me off reading more than a few chapters. Doesn't anybody have their books edited anymore?
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on 16 February 2015
Ok, four stars because I was held sufficiently to want to finish these books. I have withheld one star due to the fact that I felt the story could have been told in one good long book or at most two books.

The main drawback for me with this is that I felt as though they were written by a teenager !!

The stilted prose and strange expressions, ''I enjoy being with you ''I seduced. ;; I can manage that '' he seduces ?? No ! he said !!!! .....as I said sounded like teenage talk. Also made up words like ' our amazingness' sound terrible juvenile and some of the supposed romantic episodes lack adult description and the petty responses to misunderstandings or missing a partner are decidedly childish in most parts..

However despite the occasional need to put the book down out of annoyance with this kind of language in addition to typo errors, I have to say that the stories are very good and amazingly in depth and enjoyable.
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on 25 June 2016
Loved the whole collection of books could have read them again as soon as I'd finished,only small downside is the main girl heroine is a bit of a pest I just wanted to give her a bit of a shake sometimes,but that could be classed as a good read because you totally get into the story lol.
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on 17 June 2016
Love all of C.M. Owens books! I've read them all on various devices, but now I'm using my kindle app more, I've downloaded them all onto here too. Just finished re-reading this series! I loved it the first time & I love it again now 😊. Don't change C.M. Owens!
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on 21 March 2016
I fist read these books about 6 months ago, since then I must have read them all at least once a month!
C.M. Owens is an incredible writer.
These books have made me laugh, cringe, cry ugly tears, and cry happy tears!
I have only one criticism..: I can't find it anywhere on paperback!
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on 26 November 2015
Absolutely love this book could not put it down I still read it again and have done so. Would have been even better to of had devins point of view though. But still it's an excellent book would definitely recommend this to everyone to have a read through this book and it's not bad for the price as well.

Amazing book
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on 31 July 2014
Wow. I don't know what to say. This trilogy is the best trilogy I've read so far. C. M. Owens has written yet another amazing bundle of books. The passion and adventure in these three thrilling books is high enough to make reality seem petty, it's as if I was there and I lived through all. This is by far the trilogy I've Been obsessed for too long now and I might as well read it again and again. C. M. Owens definitely does know how to exhilarate somebody with her writing. It's just so beautiful.
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