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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 10 July 2016
4 - "Wake up to the truth!" Stars!

I can honestly say I have never read anything like Darkness Falls before, and I mean that in the good sense... Sleep and dreams, are something that we all have in our lives and Erin Kellison has taken those two things and given them a uniquely dark and fictional spin.

This is a weird one for me in that although I knew and understood exactly what was going on whilst I was reading it, trying to explain the book in a review is proving difficult. A lot of the main plot points would be considered spoilers, but to say that Malcolm Rook and Jordan Lane’s initial meeting is about as far from your average introduction as you can get would be an understatement. Both on a ship to dreamland, so to speak, one is nervous as it is their first experience in the Rêve, the other is essentially talent spotting, that talent may not be something it’s owner is essentially aware of, or will wish they had once they learn of it.

"Sleep is an alteration in your brainwaves, and Rêve is simply getting everyone on the same frequency."

Although based on truth, Jordan quickly comes to realize that there are an awful lot of grey areas that the general populace are not told about when it comes to Rêve, and through her initial association with Michael she starts to understand that she may have more in common with him in relation to this than she initially assumed.

She’d known him all of thirty-six hours, and for most of that she’d feared him.

Their attraction is instant, their connection intense, and while the world, dream and otherwise is irrevocably changing for Jordan, her snark, confidence and level-headedness, shows Malcolm just how special this woman is.

Darkness Falls, is certainly the setting stone for the beginning of the Reveler series, you are introduced to several other characters of note in Jordans’ sister Maisie and Rook’s boss Steve Coll, this book ends on a cliffy, but bearing in mind it’s a series of eight and all have been released, there are no worries about dipping right back in, with the next book Lay Me Down which continues this unusual and interesting adventure.

ARC generously provided, it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review.
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on 4 June 2014
I really didn't know what star rating to give this book. I was wavering between 3 and 4, so I guess I'll probably cut the balance and call it a 3.5.

I just loved the concept of it. It has the potential to be a truly astonishing series if the world building is done right, but that's also what really lets it down.

The concept and world of Reve is really complex - there are layers to it and even more layers to the people that travel in and out of it. It reminded me a lot of Inception in many ways. The characters are deeply compelling and you can see that Kellison has built them back stories that should be quite rich with emotion and character building, but it's all just...lacking.

I finished the book with absolutely no idea what Chimera is or what it does, or if Chimerae are in fact a species. I didn't really understand the concept of things are built in it if it exists in the mind, or how it can be manipulated if it's not just in the mind. It's not explained clearly, or in a way that even hints about how it works. I liked how certain parts of it had vernacular, like The Scrape, but there's just not enough of the weave of the story there to hold it together. There are hints of darkness here and there - mentions of tracking serial killers deep into the dark. I feel like those are the aspects that should have given it depth but weren't brought to life at all.

I thought the relationship was very rushed too. One minute she's barricading her door against him, the next minute they're all over each other. I get that there was attraction, but for all that the fear was made into a mountain, she gives it right up. It was very jarring.

I finished reading this with a feeling like I was trying to catch a dream - the harder you chase the whispers, the more they disintegrate. The more I tried to figure it out, the more lost I got. And that's sad. Because if it had been written as a full length novel, I'd have absolutely loved it.

I think that's what lets it down - it's too short. It just skims over everything without any depth. For a concept this big, it deserves more than a novella. If Kellison took the time to flesh out the characters and the world and the timeline, this book would be something extraordinary. I get that it's a series, but even in series format you'd expect to finish the first book with some idea of how it works and who the characters are.

I don't know whether to buy the second in the series.
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on 17 June 2014
Darkness Falls is the first in the brand new Reveler series from Erin Kellison and it was a thoroughly enjoyable read. I tend to enjoy paranormal tales with a slightly darker take and I believe this series might be right up my alley!

Imagine a world when you can be thrust into a dreamscape, a dreamscape where you not only have the ability to interact with other people, but also the ability to change what is going on around you. Like in all aspects of life, some people have a stronger affinity for it than others, and not all of these people fall on the side of good in the age old battle of good vs evil.

Darkness Falls gives us a tentative look into this new world I am excited to see where the series goes, and the different characters we will meet along the way. It's a unique take on the paranormal and I do not know what to expect next but I can't wait to find out!
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on 10 November 2015
A new series and i am pleased to say a new concept. (For me anyway) Admittedly it took me a while before i could get into the story, i just could not really understand how it worked......but that was more my problem than the books ;) Once i got into it, i thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be reading the next story. If you land up like me and are tempted to put it down...don't...see it through and you will have an enjoyable read, especially as this first book was for free!
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on 23 January 2015
This is an exciting and enthralling series which captivated me tremendously from the offset. In Rêve shared dreams are supposed to be exhilarating, but Jordan and Maisie encounter danger and intrigue and become involved in sinister activities both in the real world and in dreamscape. Rook comes to their rescue on more than one occasion, but he has an ulterior motive – he wants to ‘mark’ Jordan, but so does the nefarious Vance. Into the mix comes the undeniable attraction Rook and Jordan feel for each other. However, there is an even more frightening nightmare haunting them in the guise of Rook’s dead brother. I look forward to reading the second book in this series. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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on 28 August 2014
I really enjoyed this book up until it just stopped at 80 odd %. The rest is a preview of the next book. I can't justify five stars because the ending was so unsatisfying. However it's still worth a read and I'll give the next book a try. I'm not sure I'll continue reading the whole series though if they all end like this one.
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on 16 July 2015
3 1/2 STARS

Darkness Falls is book 1 of the Reveler series by Erin Kellison. It tells the story of Agent Malcom Rook and Jordan Lane.

Agent Malcom Rook is assigned the task of going to dream parties where people gather to meet and find each other in their dreams. He goes to these parties looking for gifted people called Talents with the ability to manipulate or master other peoples dreams rather than just participate in their dreams as more of a watcher. Jordan goes with her sister to one of these parties having no idea of how very talented she is in a dream. However Rook realizes she is a talent and pursues her

I wasn't really sure about this story idea. As powers go I don't really think this one would be all that great to have. However I liked the world Ms. Kellison created for her Reveler series. It was different, unique and unexpected. The characters are strong and mostly well written. Though I have to say that I didn't like Rook. I found him to be a little lacking and a bit one dimensional. The rest of the characters are much more likeable and complex. It's because of my not liking Rook that I am giving the book 3 1/2 Stars. The main characters have to be written in a way that you connect with them or care rather. That's important in a story. At least to me anyway. If I don't care about the character I tend to not care about what happens with them. And that leads to not reading the book. That being said, as I stated I did like the rest of the characters and the over all story enough that I want to read the next book.

I recommend this book. I liked it. I think you will also.

“Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review”
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on 18 July 2014
This paranormal romance is a mesmerizing journey into the fascinating world of dreams, fantasies, desires and different realities. Agent Malcolm Rook is recruiting dream masters for Chimera and Jordan Lane is undeniably gifted but wary, but soon the dreamwaters proves too exhilarating and their passions ignite, but delving too deep stirs up a nightmare they must defeat or be lost forever in darkness.

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on their toes with suspense, fantasy, drama and romance. The author brings the world to life with well written scenes and details that create a complex and fascinating world that captures the imagination. The characters are strong, compelling, easily understood and grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning and endless possibilities arouse curiosity and fantasies drawing the reader deeper into the world and ensuring they want to know more.

The attraction between Jordan and Rook radiates not only from every page but deep within the dream world as well, but Rook has some emotional issues from his past that makes him think he’s unsuitable, but he doesn’t count on how strong and gifted Jordan is. The reader gets caught up in the intriguing world as Rook introduces not only Jordan, but the readers as well to the enthralling and addicting world of shared dreaming.

First let me say, read this series in order. I read the third one first and while I enjoyed and was intrigued I was a bit lost, but this one has cleared that up, while I am on this subject adding a glossary of terms might be helpful. The world is complex and intriguing which keeps the readers completely engrossed in the story from beginning to end while entertaining them with drama and passion, although I feel that the story could have benefited from being a little bit longer.
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on 20 May 2014
First in a new series and this book dips into our innermost fears. There's a saying that if you die in your dreams then you also do so in reality so what if it were possible to actually dream walk? Imagine a world were science has found a way to have truly lucid dreams that allow those who can afford it to be able to play out their wildest fantasies but there's always going to be a flip side as if it's possible to manipulate dreams the possibilities are endless as to just how much damage could occur.
Rook works as a tracker for Chimera the agency that tries to police the dream landscape that Reve has made possible . He's seeking those like himself with innate talents naturally to enter and control dreams. Rook meets Jordan who only wants to protect her younger sister from harm but Maisie has been keeping secrets of her own which puts them both in danger . Jordan doesn't know just how much she can trust Rook but can't deny the chemistry between them. Meeting him in a dream is one thing but when he appears in real life what's Jordan to believe? Is he right and both her and Maisie are in danger or is he the danger!
What an enthralling idea for a series. Being able to delve into the collective consciousness is a powerful image and I have to admit one I find quite disturbing. The possibility for wrong doing is immeasurable as indicated as this story progresses. Not only can anything happen in dreams but those like Rook with a certain gift can actually affect the waking world .
This was quite a short novella and felt a little jumpy to me at first but as the plot began to unravel the author clearly got into her stride and things began to flow a lot better. Is it a romance? Well yes but I thought this short take mainly set the scene for what's to come. A great start and a truly riveting idea. I think this has all the hallmarks of a fabulous and highly addictive series.
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Darkness Falls, Erin Kellison
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I love paranormal romance novels and this sounded interesting, something a bit different. Its a great start to a new series, and I’d love to read more.
Its set in a world where people can enter each others dreams, til now its only been done through illegal channels, but now there's a legal, if expensive way to do it. Its promoted as safe, but those people such as Rook know its anything but....
He's a hunter, searching the dream world for those with the talent to join his Agency. He thinks its Jordan's sister that's going to be the one he seeks, but once in the dream its Jordan that comes through first. She's only there on a girlie bonding night with her sister, but instead of being harmless fun she's pulled into a world of danger and intrigue.
Its a fascinating read, and as someone whose always has vivid and weird dreams that feel very real at the time I could fully believe it as possible. After all Jung believed in the theory of humans having a collective unconsciousness, and when we look at the swarms of thousands of birds or fish that swerve into fantastical shapes, moving as one unit its only a step on to think that we could share dreams somehow. There's so much of our brains unused – maybe that talent is there waiting to be tapped...
The danger in the dreams feels, and is, real and then for Jordan it transfers to real life. Luckily Malcolm rook is watching her and helping her. We get a feel for the main protagonists but its a brief introduction, just enough to whet one's appetite for the main story.
The romance is just starting, there's no outward signs yet but we can feel the sexual tension between the two ,and I think this is the start of a really promising series. Its quite short at only 100 or so pages, but gives a succinct introduction to the world of dreaming.
Stars: Four. Its too short for me to really see how well things will pan out but it feels very promising.
ARC supplied via Netgalley
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