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on 1 October 2012
Having read the review entitled 'lacklustre' I was not quite sure what to expect when I read this book, however, while I agree that this book is not as pacey or action packed as some of the other Carpathian books and the main characters' personal histories are not as well developed, it deserves more than two stars. The main female character in the book, Riley, is a linguistics professor and is travelling in the Amazon jungle with her mother to complete a ritual which will keep 'a great evil' contained within the local volcano. Riley and her mother Annabel are descendants of a Carpathian woman and a now extinct aboriginal people called the 'Cloud People' and this ritual has been completed by them and their ancestors roughly 100 times in the last 500 years. Gary Jansen and Jubal Sanders (Joie's brother) also play major roles in this book and their characters help to establish the timeline. The other main characters are Dax, a Carpathian hunter, and Mitro Daratrazanoff, the vampire. Both of them have been trapped in the volcano, Dax willingly, by Riley's ancestor for about 500 years. Obviously Mitro manages to escape and there are the usual vampire tricks and battles etc., with a few new twists thrown in for good measure. Riley's powers are a bit different and Dax is not as dominating as some of the other male Carpathian's have been. All in all it doesn't move the Carpathian race's story on a lot further, but it's not the first time Chrisitne Feehan has decided to write a mostly stand alone story in the series. Personally, I think that if you are a regular Christine Feehan Carpathian reader you will enjoy it as a lighter Carpathian read. If you have never read her before, definitely start at the beginning of the series with Dark Prince as this is one of the best books in the series.
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on 4 October 2012
The reason why i love this book so much, and probably the reason why others will hate it, is because it is so different from what Feehan usually writes. I have found that Feehan's writing and how she writes her books have caused them to become more of a chore to read but Dark Storm seemed like it had been written by another writer and Dax seemed to be different from any hunter we have previously come across but he was so likable to me, not so forceful but more sweet and understanding.

I will admit this book takes some time to get into with Riley and Dax not meeting until about 40% in but the story is still interesting and engaging and when they do meet it is so sweet and i love the Old One, Riley was also a suprise with her being human but having powers that rival a Carpathians. I also like how we see a lot of old characters and i really hope Jubal and Jasmine could get together, they were really sweet with eachother.

I would say if you love Feehan's previous novel you will probably not like this one as it is so different, but it is still a must read for the series as we are given more insight into finding out why it is so hard for Carpathians can have babies.
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on 9 October 2012
Shocked to read a couple of very negative reviews before starting Dark Storm, after reading the book I wonder did these folks actually read This book. As a fan of Christine Feehans work I wasn't put off, I would like to say to anyone looking at the Dark series for the first time, go for it you won't regret it.

Dark Storm was gripping from the first page to the very last, an actioned packed, fast paced story line. We meet Dax the Carpathian Hunter, trapped in a valcano with the evil monster vampire Mitro, what a surprise to learn of Mitro's linage, explained why he was so hard to kill. Riley a powerfull women in her own right, although she didn't know it at first. Riley's ancesters had handed down through the generations special gifts, what Riley went through to receive those gifts showed how strong she was. Riley, Dax and another battled to rid the world of Mitro and his minions. Dax never thought he would meet his Lifemate, but one look at Riley and he knew, so lovely to see their love blossom between them as they snatched moments among all the meyhem, they were as hot as the valcano itself. A fantastic story by Ms Feehan with some unexpected twists, enjoy I am sure you will.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 2 November 2012
The Carpathian world of Christine Feehan was my first foray into the world of paranormal romance. A chance find in my local library introduced me to Lucian and Gabriel, mighty Carpathian Hunters and twins to boot. Like all Carpathian Hunters they have a single goal, which is to rid the world of evil vampires. But all Carpathian men share a curse too; if they do not find their lifemate, the one woman in all the world who possess the other half of their soul, the light to their dark, then they risk becoming the very thing they hunt or making a choice to greet the sun and die an agonising death.

In a series that risks becoming stale and repetitive, over time Feehan has introduced new species, climbed the tree of life and then plumed it's roots and has taken her readers to the `other side' to walk with ancient Carpathian ancestors, long since passed. Often stories have deviated so much from her tried and tested formula that it was a slog to get through and only my loyalty to the series kept me going. Dark Storm is the twenty-third book in this lengthy series and for me, it was a return to form for Feehan taking me back to when I first fell in love with her books.

Each book strengthens the Carpathian legacy, introducing new characters but also drawing on those we've met previously so that in your head you almost become a part of this amazing race.

Dark Storm pits ancient Carpathian Hunter, Dax against his lifelong foe and willingly turned vampire nemisis, Mitro. By the ancient magic of Mitro's lifemate, Arabejila, a woman he turned from to in order to embrace evil, both Hunter and vampire have been locked deep inside a sleeping volcano, in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Every five years, the female descendants of Arabejila journey to the fiery mountain, tasked with reinforcing the magic safeguards that keep Mitro locked deep inside.

But this year Mitro is waiting for them, having relentlessly planned and prepared for his escape, his brutal, evil threatens to bring devastation to the young woman Riley as she accompanies her recently widowed mother on the dangerous journey made by their ancestors for hundreds of years. But as Mitro finally escapes so too does Dax. And in his lifelong pursuit of Mitro he stumbles upon the one ting he never thought he would find; his lifemate. And there in starts the real tale as Dax strives to hunt down and kill Mitro, but also to woo and court the young Riley and bring her across to his Carpathian world.

Dark Storm is a gripping read that makes putting the book down almost impossible. However, there are moments when die-hard fans of the series will recognise settings and the familiar rhythm to Feehan's erotic scenes. There is an underlying blue print to nearly every book in this series which makes reading them both comforting and enjoyable, yet also a little predictable. But as a reader who likes to put on my comfy old slippers now and then it's this blue print that brings me back time and again for each and every instalment. I own every book in the `Dark Series'.

As the series has progressed, especially in latter books where the Carpathian world has grown so vast, not only are there Family Trees and lineage in the front of each novel, but at the back you will also find appendices and other references that unlock the Carpathian language and some of its customs. These tools, while initially interesting to some, leave me frustrated and grumpy. They take up significant pages at the end of each novel where you may hope to find a progression in the tale. And, sadly this is true of Dark Storm; where a fantastic gift is given to Dax's lifemate at the very end of the story, rather than treat the reader to a glimpse of what the future holds for the couple, we get a short bland final sentence before turning the page to find Appendix 1.

If I could say one thing to Christine Feehan it would be this: Why not do what J.R. Ward has done with her Black Dagger Brotherhood series and create a single encyclopaedic book with a couple of shorts thrown in for good measure to give the decision to the readers as to whether or not they want to learn more.

However, that final sentence is just three words, and in no way removes the rollercoaster enjoyment of the rest of the book. So don't be put off!

If this sounds like a story you'd like to sink your teeth into (pun intended) I whole heartedly recommend it. But I would suggest if you haven't encountered the Carpathian world before, that you start at the beginning with Dark Prince and meet each character in order, learning the ways and customs of this ancient race as you go.

You can find out more about the amazing world of the Carpathians as well as order of the entire series on Christine Feehan's website[...]
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on 8 September 2013
I didnt connect with the characters like I usually do with a Christine Feehan novel. Riley, well i found her a little wishy-washy. Dax, his surname was a little weird, i kept thinking it said donut.

It was nice having some old characters reappear, I like novels like that, it makes it feel part of a series.

The flower ceremony was a little "Eh!" so I skimmed passed it. Well to be honest I put the book back on the shelf and it glared at me for 4 months. I pushed through my "not reading it attiutude" and found as the story moved forward it wasnt too bad. The fight with Mitro was a little bizzare with the dragon heart and didnt really make sense. The hint of Jaguar blood was intriguing, as before.

The story was a little rushed and would have been better as a short story.

I also like it when Christine mentions future carpathians in passed books - I never heard of Dax until I read Dark Storm.
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on 27 April 2013
I have the entire series so far...and I hadn't been disappointed until Zacarius's story (last Feehan book I read).

I'd so been looking forward to his story...had thought that Christine Feehan would have reserved an exceptional lifemate and story for him....I was really looking forward to finding out about his character....so when it finally came, I couldn't wait..I thought that he'd be exceptional, and...I was so disappointed. His story felt unfinished - WEAK. Zacarius was SO SELFISH. He didn't deserve his lifemate! I just hope that Zacarius's story has more to come because it left me feeling very cheated....he definately didn't have the personality that I'd anticipated. I certainly didn't feel that the story was worthy of the extra money I spent (I normally don't spend more than £4.50 on a digital book). It's taken me months to get over the disappointment and consider giving Feehan another go.

Dax was worthy of Riley. What a fine Carparthian couple they make, perfectly complimenting each other. I loved their story, and I am intrigued where Feehan is going to take us next. Several new Carparthians characters have now been introduced over recent years...some of whom have unique talents and abilities as a result of their individual genetic makeup - Werewolf; dragon; leopard; dragonseeker; human etc (shame about Zacarius), I loved the idea of a fertility flower - I look forward to finding out how it helps them have children and perpetuate their species, so, I probably will continue to purchase the next in the series just to find out (you have to wait patiently though)....

Having said that....Feehan is an expensive read. I have found latterly that there are authors out there who are equal to Feehan and charge a fraction of what she charges, and their stories cover all the pages advertised. I tend to agree with others...I would prefer that 6% of my money wasn't going on the repeated history of the Carpartian Language; repeated chants; word lists etc. It's misleading.

....that's the sort of additional informaton that I'd expect to be able to access online for free...but it's just my view!
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on 13 September 2013
Firstly, like to say that I have read all of the earlier Carpathian series and loved them and also the Ghostwalker series again loved them as well as the Drake Sisters and a few other independent titles of Christine Feehan's works.... but after this and the last couple of books in this series have found Feehan's writing to have dried up. For me the story lacked mystery and suspense with no initial building of character. Found that when reading had nothing new to offer and only a skeleton of the earlier books excellent content. Still had some good imaginative descriptions but nothing in the vain of earlier books which I couldn't put down. I had to stop reading a couple of times because it's sappiness annoyed me and when I did start reading again, skipped quite a lot. Possibly an unfair review but as with all reviews they are only a 'personal view' and one person's opinion. No doubt a lot of other readers and fans of Feehan's work will disagree but for me I am personally done with this series and disappointed to say so.
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on 5 October 2012
After reading the review of "Lackluster" I was dreading the decline of one of my most eagerly awaited authors/series, and while I agree with the view of "just my oppinion" that Miss Feehans writing style has changed in the last two Carpaithian books, I have to say if you are a regular to these stories you had enough knowledge to enjoy the return of well known beloved charachters with the addition of some new friends, and if Miss Feehan had provided the back story of 20 previous books there wouldn't have been room for the present story!!!. I enjoyed reading this book and feel it was better than the last, my only comment.....it could have done with one more chapter as it finished too soon.
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on 27 October 2012
When I ordered this book I was wondering how I would cope with the new characters, I must admit I was a little shy of starting to read the book when it arrived, but having waited a while after ordering I just dove in. What a surprise I loved the characters, loved the story and thoroughly enjoyed the book.
I had been disappointed in the previous book Dark Predator, but Christine Feehan has done much better with this book, and I hope we keep in contact with Dax and Riley in future books. Reinstated my faith in the Carpathian adventures. I would recommend this book to all Feehan fans very strongly.
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on 16 October 2012
I was so disappointed in this book, very little story line and what there was, was few and far between. I have read all of CF books about Carpathians and I love them, but I feel she lost the plot on this one. There are so many story lines she could have used whilst bringing the main characters in and using the people we already know at lot more. The cost of the book compared to the content 329 pages (without the both appendix) was not worth it, CF could have written the whole story line in half that - very poor.
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