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on 26 March 2013
The average fee for any slimming club is now about a fiver, for less than this you could do yourself a favour and download Gillian's book, everything she writes about makes so much sense, and she writes in a way that anyone can understand and I suspect that anyone who has joined any slimming club will understand exactly what she is trying to convey. I learned a lot from this book and enjoyed it so much that I downloaded her second book which goes in to more detail. I have followed Gillian's advice and I regret every visit to all the slimming clubs I have given money to. If you are prepared to follow the advice given in this fantastic book you will not only feel better and more confident about yourself but you will see the pounds dropping off too. I cannot recommend her books highly enough, I just wish I had read them 20 years ago. Thank you Gillian.
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on 4 July 2017
Read this book in one night as was very readable, not all big words etc. Will definitely be trying to follow the ideas put forward. I like the idea of being in control of my food as apposed to the other way round & I think this book and it's ideas will be very helpful in future.
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on 11 September 2017
Amazing book....this book will completely change your perspective, Gillian Riley is a voice reason in this crazy diet world. I won't be dieting again...thank GOD. Oh....and I'm down a dress size already....not that I'm focussing on that!
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on 20 September 2013
I actually cried, when I read Ditching Diets and "Eating less". Riley absolutely understands the problem and I still can't believe that Riley is the first person who addresses eating issues correctly. Having found her method is a relief. I'm in better control of my habits now. Give it a shot, you will not regret it.
The method is excellent.
This is the shorter version of "Eating Less" by the same author. I found the longer "Eating Less" more helpful and would recommend to buy the other book instead of this one.

Would I recommend it? I have already bought "Willpower" for me and the stop-smoking book written by Riley as a gift for a friend. As I've been struggling with eating disorders (thank you Weight Watchers!) and yo-yo-dieting between three dress sizes for twenty years, I am so glad I found Gillian Riley. Buy this book.
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on 17 July 2013
Having been a yo-yo dieter for over 40 years I have been looking for the 'trauma' that set me on this path in the hope that once resolved, the eating/weight issues would go away. No luck - couldn't find anything significant enough, but I continued to comfort eat; boredom eat and temptation eat etc. etc. Finally, someone has explained, with scientific back up, that there isn't necessarily any trauma to find. I've just made overeating into a habit (or an addiction).

Not only does the author explain what is happening and why, she also gives very straightforward tools to break the pattern that has plagued me from my late teens. They start to work from day one. I bought this book only about two weeks ago and I've lost 5 lbs already without trying too hard and I'm sure it's not just melting off in the heat! She does make a point of saying that having weight-loss as your goal isn't good enough but for me it's health issues too and my blood pressure is dropping slowly but steadily as well. Amazing book. I just wish I'd found out all this info years ago.

Update after a second reading of the book:
I still think that this book gives the best, possibly only, way to successfully keep weight off and be healthy but I would add a caveat about some of the specific nutritional advice. One piece is just plain wrong - I have checked with numerous sources, including Dr Weil who 'invented' the anti-inflammatory diet and the following quote must be incorrect - "For example, saturated and omega-3 fats are anti-inflammatory, while seed and vegetable oils are inflammatory" . It would suggest that it's OK to eat saturated fat but to avoid olive oil or seed oils. Definitely wrong. Also the author has adopted the current criticism of wheat which, unless you suffer from Coeliac disease, is rarely, in my belief, the big bad guy it's made out to be - it's been a staple part of human diets without any problems for centuries, but no doubt some people disagree - it's just a bugbear of mine :)
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on 5 December 2015
Gillian writes a lot of sense for anyone who has struggled with eating to much. Her emphasis on shifting motivation away from weight loss towards meaningful, long lasting personal motivation offers a different approach that has made a significant difference to me.
It's a struggle to accept that there is no diet here but, for the first time I have found guidance that not only recognises food addiction but offers real practical ways to deal with it. Letting go of the dieting mentality is challenging but with Gillian's help I have a different way to approach and take personal responsibility for my eating.
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on 9 January 2013
Gillian Riley's advice makes sense on many levels. Her theories are backed up by scientific evidence as well as her own experience and that of her clients.
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on 30 June 2013
I found this book inspirational. I was becoming a binge eater and often said eating was like an addiction. I wanted a strategy for my whole life which didn't involve diets, slimming world and weighing myself and this book has addressed all of these things. My eating was nothing to do with being hungry and everything to do with my emotions. Now I am beginning to focus on different things such as my health and self-esteem and I feel this book really does it for me. I have tried the 5:2 fasting diet but I felt ultimately a diet which meant fasting for two days was not a lifetime choice for me. Anyone who is depressed about never-ending diets and calorie counting should definitely read this. I know this is early days for me but I am very optimistic. Thank you so much Gillian Riley.
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on 7 June 2014
This is a good book but don't buy in Kindle format as 5 way switch doesn't work and you can only move through the book page by page, backwards as well as forwards. Buy the paperback version.
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on 13 May 2013
I had only got past the first chapter and was implementing this immediately. Within 4 days I am noticing such a change in my attitude & behaviour. I highly recommend this if you have experienced any difficulty with eating & your relationship with food.
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