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on 13 September 2015
1.5 stars.
Most people seem to love this book but I'm not one of them.
The characters are sweet, but boring and completely unrealistic.
Tristan is the most unrealistic teenager I think I've ever read and Michael isn't a particularly convincing 28 year old. He seems more immature than Tristan most of the time, not to mention judgemental and preachy.
This book is a whole lot of nothing. The plot is...well there isn't one.
It's just sex, over-reaction to something ridiculous, sex. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Now I've never been one to moan about too much sex but I'm rather partial to a bit of plot to go with it.
The horrendous nicknames... 'Officer Helmet' (shudder) and Michael constantly calling Tristan 'Sparky' "Because you light me up" (please excuse me while I vomit)
It's all very 'chicks with dicks' mushy and overly sentimental.
The PoV changes are abrupt and confusing.
The decision Tristan made after speaking to Ron (btw what the hell was he all about) at about 80% was so ridiculous it pretty much finished the book off for me.
Also, where the hell did Edward go? Did I imagine him?!
The 'I love you and therefore can't be with you' was ridiculous, the tattoo was silly, the trip Tristan took didn't fit the story at all and the decision made at the end was plain old stupid.
Overall I'm very disappointed.
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on 2 July 2017
The story line was weak at best as it started off and seemed to center around a lot of sex, too much sex! Thankfully (for me) this dies off about half way through the book and the storyline starts to develop. I am pretty sure this was one of their first written books, albeit not the first published. The perspective was third person but it was a confused third person for me. I found myself backpedaling trying to regain the flow a few times.
From an ethical point of view the romance itself, it was a little unnerving as I will explain. An 18 year old (Tristan - student) and a 28 year old (Michael - a police officer) begin a relationship, which I have no issue with. However, Michael lusted after Tristan when he booked him for riding without a helmet when he was 16 years old and referred to him often as his 'boy'. I'd have wished the author would have been more vigilant about a police officer admitting to lusting after a 16 year old boy. I get what the author intended, but I kinda wished it was reversed or Michael lusting after him as an 18 year old but reluctant to because of his age compared to his.
There was another reviewer which made a comment that the maturity level was reversed. I agree especially when Michael gave the Tristan a key to his house and alarm codes within two weeks of being together and declaring his love for Tristan and tattooing Tristan’s name on himself within two months.
Overall I am pleased I persevered with the book as on reflection it wasn't half bad
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on 1 June 2017
I only got through the first few chapters. One of the main characters just seemed too eager and creepy to me. Maybe I misinterpreted what the author was writing, but for me, faced with a guy who was like that, it would put me off.

The characters seemed to fall too easily into place as well. It just felt off to me. I'm not a critic, as I've only read a handful of gay romance novels (ok like half a dozen in the past 2 months), but this one just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason.
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on 12 October 2010
The other reviewers have pretty much nailed it - this book is just fantastic. As my first official purchase for my kindle, I couldn't ask for a better maiden voyage. I read it from start to finish, unable to put it down because I was completely drawn into Michael and Tristan's world. I cried through the pain they both went through, and I couldn't choose a side - I totally understood Tristan's concerns and Michael's feelings - love me, love who I am.

Really excellent story, and the sex scenes were incredibly intense. A well rounded book and heartily recommended! I'm online to download a few more of her stories!
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on 12 July 2014
What a lovely , gentle , sensual, sweet romance. Nice , convincing characters, gentle UN- angst story; just a lovely read.
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on 20 April 2011
Excellent book for 27 of the 33 (plus Epilogue) chapters. I wonder if the author lost interest or had real life issues at the time of writing but I felt frustrated at how this book was seemingly finished in a hurry without all the issues raised being dealt with. On the plus side the characters were well drawn and you came to care for the two main protagonists but ultimately this book was a disappointing read.
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on 4 June 2009
Tristan's got issues; he knows he does. So when his most recent girlfriend dumps him but he's preoccupied with the fact that he can't stop staring at, and lusting after her brother, Tristan figures it's about time he make some changes and take the plunge into something he's been wanting to do for a while - have sex with a man. Tristan's got a plan. He sets up shop at his local Borders bookstore, collects a pile of gay lit. titles as bait, sits himself down in the bookstore's coffee bar and waits for a hook-up, someone who can show him what he's been missing. Until who should crash his little stake-out but none other than Officer Michael Truax, a.k.a. "Officer Helmet" the man who's been a persistent pain in his skate boarding butt, dogging him with expensive tickets for not wearing a helmet.

Michael has been trying to catch Tristan for years...to give him a second ticket, or so that's what he tells himself. Suddenly he's faced with his 'Sparky', all grown up -- and looking to get laid. The habit of protecting him isn't gone completely, but the opportunity is too much to resist. He figures the kid must know what he's getting into, so he takes him home. There, they carry on a cautious affair, only to find out that neither is what the other expected at all.

I know a story is really working for me when I start reading at say about 9:00 pm and wild horses couldn't drag me from the book. Well it was about 1:00 am in the morning when I finished "Crossing Borders" - in one sitting. What can I say, I devoured this read and absolutely loved it.

Maxfield's writing is clean, crisp, urbane and sophisticated with an equal strength in her characters and their dialogue. In Tristan she has created an incredibly intelligent, articulate, bold and witty character that practically steals the story. Tristan is one of those characters that you do not easily forget. He is younger than Michael by about ten years, yet he holds his own and then some. In Michael we get a very sympathetic, easy-going and confident character that on the surface appears to be uncomplicated. But, as the story progresses we discover that there is much more to Michael than meets the eye. I think the best part of the story for me was the dynamic between Tristan and Michael throughout the book. The very first scene in the Borders bookstore where Michael crashes Tristan's "get-laid" party has to be one of the most intelligent, incredibly clever, thoroughly entertaining, funny and verbally sexually charged exchanges between two characters that I have read in a long, long time. The scene is one of my favourites in the book.

Tristan and Michael do get together and when they do - look out! The sex in this book sizzles and scorches. Maxfield carries this urbane sophistication into the bedroom. What I found to be a breath of fresh air was Tristan's outright ownership of his sexuality. Even though he has no previous experience in being with a man and essentially comes out to, and with, the first man he sleeps with - Michael, we don't get this angst-ridden, hand-wringing that one usually has come to expect of these circumstances in gay romance. What we do get is an incredible level of maturity in Tristan's character self-exploration and self-acceptance of his sexuality. Equally, Maxfield does not succumb to the usual M/M stereotypes of tops and bottoms, alphas, betas or twinks, or the fall-back of the oft used pederastic relationship scenario of the older man and the younger boy-man. There are no labels, borders or fences imposed upon Michael and Tristan's sexual, and indeed overall relationship in this respect. Sometimes Tristan takes the lead in aspects of the relationship and sometimes it's Michael.

There is angst though and it comes in the form of Tristan's turmoil surrounding: Am I too young to be this in love? Can I handle loving a cop and all the while worry that he's going to get hurt or killed in the line of duty? Do I even want to be in a relationship where this can happen? Is this it? Is Michael the only man I will ever be with, will ever love? Am I ready for this? It also comes in the form of Michael's: I am so much in love and I'm terrified that I'm going to get burned. The metal in Tristan's and Michael's relationship is tested in this story and yes, through some not so happy and even scary events, but in the end there is an HEA.

I wouldn't characterize "Crossing Borders" as a coming of age story because frankly speaking Tristan is an old soul. What I would call it is a thoroughly refreshing and delightful read that sets the bar high and left me with a huge smile on my face and really good feeling inside.
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on 23 October 2012
Seeing how many good reviews this book has, it must be good for some people; you have to figure out if this is you.

I personally enjoy a book with a good plot or some level of emotion besides sexual attraction. To me, this book was about two guys having sex on the first date and thinking it meant they were in love. I didn't find Officer Helmet's come on at all clever, but rather sappy and manipulative. The follow up of the first date just seemed like unnecessary plots trying to prolong a story with not much depth. I really cannot recommend this book.
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....a firm HEA, even in the epilogue that takes place 4 years later.

This is a sweet tale that's very well-written that I had read in its first incarnation a few years ago, but I think that it's been polished slightly for re-release, though the author makes a note about not changing much, even though this dates the book a little.

I did enjoy it, and I understood Tristan's stance about Michael being a cop, but in my book, it wasn't fair for him to make it a condition of them being together that Michael couldn't be a cop. Michael might have been the one to voice the words and the offer, but it shouldn't have come to that; Michael needed to make that decision for himself. That aside, I think that the leads make it, but I wouldn't call this book one with a firm HEA ending, as 4 years on, yes, they're still together and happy, but Michael's no longer a cop and there's still been no continuation of the discussion about rings that Michael once attempted.

OK, but for those reasons alone it loses 2*; with a little better editing, this could have been a great tale.

Ebook courtesy of Samhain Publishing, in return for an honest review.
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on 14 June 2017
Cute Story. It's not often books can get a laugh from me but Thanksgiving dinner in particular was hilarious. Odd how the issue of the other cops was never addressed and it was all wrapped up very quickly but overall, very enjoyable.
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