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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 20 March 2013
We're in World War II, and Britain and Germany are battling over Norway's minerals. An RAF aeroplane and its Luftwaffe opponent crash in a wintry wilderness. Three German airmen take refuge in a deserted wooden shack; later, two Brits - including a ginger Scouser played by Hogwarts's Rupert Grint - stumble into it too. This film (based on a true story) tells the tale of what happens next.

All my favourite films are extravagant fantasy blockbusters, so it's a tribute to this micro-budget production that I enjoyed it as much as I did. Although most of its action was confined to a space about the size of a double garage, the quality of the script, performances, cinematography and editing were such that my interest never flagged. There was tension aplenty, and humour, and pathos, and finally - or so it seemed to me - a lesson in human nature well worth learning and remembering.

Complaints? The blu-ray sleeve, with its dramatic image of aircraft and infantry absent from the film itself, might lead you to expect a different kind of film from what the disc actually offers. And I'd like to have seen a bit more of the film's beautiful Norwegian and Swedish locations. Oh, and I could have done without the script's handful of four-letter words - but then I am more than a bit tweedily old-fashioned.

The picture quality of the blu-ray is fine. The audio is just modest two-channel PCM, but this is entirely adequate to a soundscape not very different from a play's. About twenty minutes of German or Norwegian dialogue are given clear, legible subtitles. The only extras are trailers for three other low-budget war movies, although the film's closing captions tell us what happened to the film's protagonists after the events depicted.
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on 14 August 2014
A fairly decent film, although i'm not sure why Rupert Grint is headline actor, as he was hardly the lead. I'm glad they resisted the urge to 'spice' this up with a load of fiction. I suppose those that have rated this a one star, are just disappointed reality isn't always as exciting as fiction. But then those same people probably think U571 is a brilliant piece of factual film making. To be honest i can't say this is 'brilliant' must watch over and over film, but it's still worth watching.
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on 6 July 2015
Norway, WWII and two opposing aircrews, one German and one British, find themselves shot down over a wilderness of ice and snow. The German aircrew find their way to a remote hunters' cabin which provides much needed warmth and a small amount of food. The British aircrew (one of which is played by Rupert Grint with a bit of an "over the top" scouse accent) stumble across the same cabin and find themselves with no choice but to surrender to the Germans and become prisoners of war.

This situation, based upon actual events, develops into a gripping, absorbing study of the changing relationships between captives and captors. When it becomes quite obvious that the airmen need to co-operate to survive the questions of duty, honour, collaborating with the enemy and personal pride are highlighted as a mutual respect bordering on true friendship develops between them.
I could see that this film could only end in one of a few ways but still HAD to find out what happened to them.

This is not an "action" war film - although there are some violent scenes but more a thought provoking tale of human survival, co-operation and communication in a time when the world was divided and most nations had taken a side. It reminded me of the sci-fi classic "Enemy Mine".
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on 15 October 2014
Arrived next day ,good film ! , as someone who is very interested in WW2 I found this film ,considering it was made on a budget to be very authentic and a good addition to my collection ,Norwegian ,German and English .
Just shows how people can come together in adverse conditions ,despite the initial animosity .
Many years after the war the German pilot met his English counterpart and became friends ,it is based on a true story although names have been changed nevertheless very good .
Basically shows you how stupid war is !
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on 8 June 2014
Norway hasnt had much in the way of war films, was it because it was seen as a "side show"? ok Heros of Telemark with Kirk Douglas and another film which starred Dixon of Dock Green. and Max Manus i guess. so i had to buy this one, Rupert acts as a mid 20th cent working class conscript would when counteracting the enemy in deed and word. in times like these you had to have unshakeable faith in the fact you and your side was right and true and the enemy was wrong. it wasnt 90 mins wasted for me
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on 17 November 2012
A beautiful film about the lesser-seen parts of war: friendship and companionship between forced rivals. With stunning performances by the whole cast (especially Lachlan Nieboer!) this poignant, moving film certainly deserves a watch. An unknown gem.
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Three Germans and two British pilots are shot down over Norway and end up in the same hunting cabin. They struggle with each other and realize that they are not much different. The come together to survive.

This is not an action war story, but an anti-war story. It is a good entertaining drama which is filmed mostly in one location. The film consists mostly of dialouge and interaction between the groups. It has some minor attempts at humor, but misses the mark unless a Brit asking for tea under the circumstances is funny.

It is a film I would want to see once, but not a second time.

Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex, or nudity.
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on 12 April 2016
The type of tale already told umpteen times, and in every case a whole lot better. Poor acting, especially by the stiff-upper-lip Brit and his cheeky working-class underling. Mundane dialogue, littered with anachronisms. Lifeless directing doing nothing to boost what was essentially a very dull story.
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on 5 October 2012
Rupert Grint has proven that some child actors get better as they age. In this war time tale of male bonding, courage and friendship he again demonstrates his versatility with accents and depth of expression. I would be surprised if there wasn't an OSCAR waiting in this young man's future.
This is a film about relationships and human resilience, don't expect thrilling chases or big special effects. Not all the dialogue is in English, it is not an English film, but there are clear subtitles.
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on 3 September 2014
Average film, mainly inside a log cabin about a German bomber crew who had crash landed, then along comes an English bomber crew who had done the same, the authority changes around the crews from prisoner to captor & back again, but the harsh conditions & their chance of surviving the winter has to bond them together to work at getting food & fuel to keep warm, enemies become friends, until they are traced by the allies & a tragic concusion towards the end.
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