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on 11 November 2012
I have to say i love this book. It was awesome. It surpasses all my expectations and then more. It was a perfect blend of fantasy, action, thriller, romance and intrigue. I gorged myself on it and enjoyed every last minute of it. It was so exciting, i mean by the end of the book, i was so buzzed up and excited, i'm pretty sure every cell in the body simultaneously vibrated.

On to the story, now i don't want to give an spoilers, so i will write generic sentences. Ok, first, Hans! What an original, interesting, vibrant character. To put it simply, he rocked! He was a totally identifiable hero, not some amazing, unrealistic man that never did anything wrong or never made mistakes; he made mistakes but he took responsibility for them and did his best to correct them. In the first book, he was finding his feet in the world, in the second he was still trying to fit in and fit his place, whilst in the third book, he struggled with finding himself, but in this book, he knew himself, and he found his way and he stopped trying to fit in, he did what he wanted.He wanted something. and he went and got it, and to be honest, he eradicated anyone or anything that stood in his way. How awesome! He blew my mind, and he was just truly awesome.

Now, Raisa. If i loved Hans, i adore Raisa, she is a bit more stereotypical but weirdly at the same time new. To explain that better, i would say that she was was like every heroine, strong, beautiful, clever, but at the same time honest, defiant, clever (i know i already said that but some heroines now days are plain stupid)and rebellious. She is completely and utterly wild. In this book, she had a series of decisions to make, and whilst i may have not agreed with all of them, i accept and more important can understand them. She was brave, she needed to be because this book had a lot of challenges put in the way for her. Shw was at her best in this book.

The story is a colorful, vibrant maze with spins and twists and with random yet magnificent characters popping up everywhere. So Raisa had been crowned queen and Hans is her bodyguard, and so the story continues. The Bayars; who got what they deserved at the end; are desperately trying to either kill Hans, or kill Riasa, and crown Mellony, or get rid of both sisters, or marry Raisa, all in the hope of gaining power. The Demoniai (i know it's spelled wrong) are hiding a powerful secret, and the Wizard council is finally introduced, they are a fun bunch (that's sarcastic).

One of the things i love most about this book is that all the characters, and i mean all are NOT one-dimensional useless characters, like several books, they all are complex, and nothing is as it seems, that makes the book delightful because you never know what to expect, you can't predict the characters decisions. It makes the book exciting, and i find myself, whilst treading this book, going, "ahh!" and "oohh!", and various other noises, partly in anticipation and partly in amazement. This book is everything i described and more. If wondering whether to buy it, i will most definitely recommend you do or borrow it, just get a copy and read it! It is spectacular, and whilst most of me is overjoyed that it ended so brilliantly, a part of me can't help but be sad because it's over, and i will most definitely miss the characters that are so real-life and vibrant, they becomes heroes.
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Fourth and final volume in the Seven Realms series of fantasy novels.

This appeared at first as if it was going to be a trilogy. But then ended up being longer. However I can report that this book brings the story to a complete close.

It runs for five hundred and ninety eight pages. It's divided into fifty nine chapters plus an epilogue.

There's no maps, cast of characters, or any recap on what has gone before. The latter might not be too much of a problem for those who have followed the series. New readers to it should start with part one The Demon King (The Seven Realms Series, Book 1).

Regular readers, read on.

At the end of book, Raisa was now Queen. Which prevented her and Han from being together.

Both have to contend with the demands of both of their new roles. And the fact that they desperately want to be a couple. Plus those who would seek power for themselves.

Their only hope might be something lost and forgotten. Until now..

Although this is almost six hundred pages in long, the fact that it's a solidly character based story does make it a pretty pacy read. And the pages turn very rapidly as a result. The story has two very strong main characters, and it's driven by their actions. You can really feel for them because they are very sympathetic.

The narrative is mostly split between them as viewpoint characters. Although some others will occasionally get a look in.

Multiple narrative strands are juggled very nicely. Even characters who aren't necessarily good guys have very believable motivations. Micha in particular is strongly depicted, given that he's torn between quite a few different things.

Despite the risk of certain things feeling cliché, they never do because of the quality of the writing. And as mentioned, the whole series is brought to a satisfactory and total conclusion at the end.

Although it wouldn't prevent futher stories in this setting from being told.

A good end to a good series.
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on 3 April 2013
the crimson crown is a fantastic ending to the four book series with a great storyboard and amazing ending b
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on 11 February 2013
An excellent ending to a well though out story. Strong characters, good storyline, and great twist.

This is one of those books that you don't put down until you've finished it.
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on 11 June 2014
thank you great item
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