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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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on 28 October 2009
As a reader of lots of creativity and innovation books I thought I would read Jurgen's book as I had enjoyed his book on Focus, which I read last year. All in all this is good book, it is set out in very easy to read chapters so that you can dip in and out of it as you want. If you want some help to get your creative juices flowing then it is much easier to read than some of the Edward de Bono texts or Creativity which although good can be a difficult read.

Jurgen has distilled some of the best creative ideas and tools and made them accessible. What's more he has divided the book into four sections Dreaming, Originating, Applying and Adapting which take you through the creative process and make it easy for you to understand how your brain works and how to tap into your grey matter more effectively. I think this is an excellent starter book for anyone wanting to know more about creativity and how to generate ideas, then if you want to take it further you could look at Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques which packed full of creative and thinking games.
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on 9 April 2010
One of the best things I got from this book - and there are many - is the idea of the Massive Action Day, a day when you put everything aside and concentrate in a very structured way on one project. This idea landed at the right time, when I was juggling several projects and not making enough progress on any of them and in particular on one very important one. I declared a MAD and worked in focused 45 minute chunks through the day, by the end of which I had taken a giant leap forward on the main project and felt back in control.

Creativity Now is very practical, you can dip into it, or work you way through from beginning to end. It's divided into four sections - Dreaming, Originating, Applying and Adapting - which you can turn to if you need help generating ideas (the first two sections) or applying or using them (the second two). The MAD idea came in the applying section, which also has other gems such a 'Make a not-to-do list', another good one for people like me who gather up tasks and to dos without much filtering. Each of the approaches suggested is described in a easy-to-read, pithy two pages. Many of them summarise recent and relevant research or cite a real example of how the technique or approach is used. There are a hundred great ideas in this book, several I have used already, others I have noted for future use. Many books of this kind promise a lot and deliver little - this book really delivers!
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on 15 September 2012
Well what can I say? This wonderful book has been in my possession for under 2 weeks and has helped me achieve more in that time than I have achieved in 20 years. Jurgen Woolf has a great, conversational style in which his sense of humour shines through. He has created a unique book with tips which can be used for ANY creative project, regardless of whether in the form of writing or something else.

When I got the book I was stagnant - all my opportunities seemed to have dried up and I had no idea which way to go so I was becoming pretty depressed. Reading through his book several ideas caught my eye and I decided I had nothing to lose by trying them ... from nowhere I have 8 opportunities - golden ones at that! In a friendly, warm manner, Jurgen encourages you to face your fears and take a leap of faith - I'm living proof that using his techniques work.

By looking at my situation sideways I got an idea of how to market my book - my website figures have shot through the roof, I have people coming up to me, asking me when the book is out (a while yet, I'm afraid), people asking to be a beta reader, and even publishers asking about a 3 book deal. Jurgen showed me the error of my ways - by taking his ideas on board I am a much happier person.

What I love is that it really can be used by ANYONE with an idea of any sort! This is a must have book for everyone who has a creative bone in their body (most of us have fantastic ideas, right? Buy this book and see how you too can promote your baby and get it out into the marketplace. I highly recommend it. Five well earned stars from me - I'll be buying the rest of his books as soon as possible!
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With a bright green cover, plenty of colours and pictures on every page, is this a book for children or for adults?

It's definitely for adults. But only for a particular type of adult...

Did you used to be more creative? Do you feel like you are a creative person but you have trouble finding that creative spark?

This book might help. The author doesn't make any assumptions about what will help stimulate your creativity, he doesn't give you one surefire way to be creative because as well we all know there is no one way, we all get excited by different experiences and stimuli.

Instead what he does is give you a range of options to help you find your own particular formula for being creative and it is this range of options that makes this book so strong, you can flip open a page, read it and give the suggestion a try. Not every suggestion will work for you but maybe the next one will.

For me there were definitely some ideas that were weird for but there were others that made sense, I think that there's probably something for everyone who wants to be that little bit more creative.
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on 24 March 2010
This book is full of great ways of kickstarting your creativity. I like to use the ideas in a random way and dip in and out. However I would also have liked to have read more detail about the scientific theories of how creativity works. This book is more of an excellent group or individual brainstorming companion.
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on 7 April 2010
I have followed and been inspired by Jurgen's work for over ten years now. This book is incredibly helpful if you have hit a sticky patch or need some tools to help you refine an idea. A great read.
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on 14 December 2009
Always exciting, this book does exactly what I hoped it would do: inspire me to find new ideas and give me the tricks and tools to do so.

The book is divided into chapters for: getting into a creative state of mind and ready to dream up ideas; coming up with a wealth of new ideas; and maybe most importantly: actually making these ideas happen, turning the spark of possibility into hard, palpable reality - after all, for many already creative people, this is the hardest part of it all, but ultimately the only one that leads to creative satisfaction. This division is really clever - after all you never know at which point of the process you are going to get stuck and need that additional creative spark.

The fourth chapter - examples of people who have had a creative idea, saw it through, and were successful - is also very inspiring; it makes you realise that creativity is everywhere, and those that follow through on their creative ideas are going to make a difference and will be successful.

This book is a great help and a great inspiration; and colourful as it is, it gets your synapses firing just by looking at it.

Highly recommended, for creative people as well as for people who want to experience the joy of unlocking some brilliant ideas they know are there somewhere deep in their brain.

So that's why... five stars.
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on 20 July 2010
This is a book that every creative person should have on their shelves. A word of warning though - it's so full of great ideas that it's best not to read it late at night! I've made the mistake of dipping in just before bed and then can't sleep because I'm excited to try out immediately what I've just read. The book is divided into four sections which helps organise the flow of material and is written in Jurgen Wolff's trademark accessible, friendly style. It helps demystify the true nature of creativity, enabling the reader to believe that the next big idea or breakthrough is within their reach. Brilliant stuff.
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on 13 April 2012
The words 'creative' and 'creativity' are often over-used in our language so it's refreshing to come across Jurgen Wolfe's straightforward, optimistic, down to earth book on the subject. Nothing arty-farty or pretentious here; Wolfe is happy to combine tips on eating right and afternoon naps with guides to making mind maps, finding funding or even just creating a brilliantly different type of business card. Wolfe has combined a writing career with training as an NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist. It's an intriguing combination that blows a breath of fresh air through the sedentary and dare I say it, often isolated and bitter world of the solo artist, writer or entrepreneur. He's an American and he brings a breezy, "let's take a new look and solve this problem" approach from his side of the Atlantic. No moaning and groaning or grumbling defeatism here. No matter how you think you are stuck, Jurgen Wolfe probably has a fun way to get you unstuck. So why haven't I given it five stars? Well, I'm English after all and don't want to get too carried away....
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on 7 December 2009
Methods for improving creativity.

A good book for anyone with large projects requiring more creativity than you have in one day. There's simple methods to improve your creative mind, and keep you thinking creatively as you work. Plenty of references to a website built around the book showing examples of certain methods of creativity, so there's no shortage of information when needed.

Written in very short chapters however, in very simple language. This can make the book feel a little stupid, and doesn't convince you that the writer knew what he was talking about. He does, however, just the less intellectual language makes it feel too simple to be scientific.

Not to dryly written though, so you don't get sick of reading it mid-chapter.

Worth the buy, as I have to think creatively all the time.
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