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on 7 March 2013
I wanted to review this book as soon as I laid eyes on it. I didn't know exactly what it was about, but the cover, with its cute characters, hand drawn type, great use of space and unusual title, made me curious.

At its very heart Creative Thursday is like a self-help guide for struggling artists, or those that think they aren't creative, but would like to be. I'm sure you are aware of the kinds of issues that can arise when you try and tap into your creative side: you doubt your talents, feel lost, lose all your inspiration, run out of ideas, and procrastinate in the form of endless tea making. These are the sorts of quibbles that Creative Thursday wants to help you iron out.

Interestingly, if I had known that this book was going to be a bit touchy-feely, and offer me advice on tackling procrastination, self-belief, and making the best of myself, I may well have avoided it. Most of the advice is common sense and nothing that I don't already know, what is important though, is that it's advice that if I tell it to myself, or if anyone else tells me, I usually ignore it. However, it's advice that, somehow, if received through the medium of print, actually begins to sink in.

When a book reminds you of something you should be doing, no judgement is being passed, and you feel no embarrassment when your serial procrastination problem is realised, instead you actually pause, and begin to consider what actions you could take in order to be kinder to yourself, or to be more successful. You can start to face up to challenges proactively in your own time, without the need to feel challenged or to react defensively.

The style of writing in Creative Thursday is feminine, friendly, and informal - rather than being a straight-to-the-point practical guide - and begins with Marisa sharing some of her own story with us. After hearing about her personal struggles, as a reader, you feel less alienated, and the advice, suggestions, techniques and exercises that follow feel approachable, as they are clearly coming from someone that understands what it's like to have inner struggles with their creativity.

We are taken through various chapters, beginning with 'Setting An Intention', which is followed my the big one "Moving Through (And Accepting) Resistance' (or procrastination to you and me). You continue through the book addressing ways to find inspiration when you hit a wall, taking steps needed to really commit to your work, and learning how to get to know yourself, listening to yourself and believing in where you are and what you are doing.

The text is accompanied throughout by Marisa's own artwork, and although not all the images support the text directly, but appear to be more for decoration, they help draw you into another world, that makes the read engaging and enjoyable.

There were many interesting points made that struck a chord with me, including:
"Start With Starting
...Beginning a project is sometimes the toughest hurdle to overcome... In general, as a society, we adopt the notion that accomplishment - specifically, completion of what we start - is the key to success and fulfillment."
I realised that this is very true for me, as I'm sometimes so busy worrying about the final outcome of a piece, that I don't always enjoy creating it, and as a result, don't produce my best work.

Another interesting point was:
"Release the notion that creative time isn't valuable time"
I thought it was interesting to address why something that is considered fun, doesn't seem to be valued as much as something that is considered hard work and less enjoyable. When you think about it, it's a ridiculous notion that implies that we must force ourselves to endure some kind of hardship, in order to feel like we deserve success.

Creative Thursday is about keeping those creative juices flowing, but aside from that it is also about well-being. It questions social assumptions and ways of thinking and living, that are counterintuitive to people achieving their personal best. Marisa places emphasis on little, but important things, like making time for yourself, time for stillness, and time for mindfulness within our busy lifestyles.

The advice is written clearly, but may at times seem a little too simple or repetitive - when a point is being reinforced - and some readers may find it a little twee, but my suggestion would be to keep reading, as there is real, honest, and genuine wisdom in there, and any feeling of twee that I initially experienced was soon replaced by a massive, supportive, hug, that was just what I needed.
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on 5 July 2013
The only problem with this book is that it's so inspiring I am struggling to get through it, as I keep firing off doing creative things, which i suppose is the point :-) It is also beautiful to browse through, and a very pleasingly tactile book, the drawings and doodles are a delight, I would recommend strongly...don't expect the holy grail of advice, this is common sense and exactly what I needed reminding off to get started, it's like your inner voice having an outing and giving you the shove you needed!
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on 30 May 2013
This is a must for all artists, writers and those who not only create as a hobby but as a professional. The book takes you step-by-step through the necessities it takes to create and conjure your own inspiration, how to cope with resistance, and it also has some common-sense wisdom that regardless of your life situation is helpful to anyone, artists, creators and people alike. This really made me smile, as a professional writer myself, this book has been the find of my year so far! Brilliantly done Marisa!
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on 26 January 2013
This book is a perfect companion to people embarking on a creative journey and great encouragement for those already on it. I found it extremely well written and Marisa is just full of common sense advice to nudge you in the right direction when you're feeling doubtful (and when you're not). The book is also full of Marisa's beautiful artwork. Definitely a book worth buying and as soon as I closed it, I turned straight back to page 1!
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on 14 January 2016
I'm current!y reading Big Love by Liz Gilbert and saw this was recommended as a similar title so downloaded it via Kindle Unlimited on a whim.... And then proceeded to read it cover to cover in a single sitting.

Well structured and with practical pointers this is much more a 'guide' than Big Love, and covers a lot of the same ground, perhaps more succinctly, and with plenty of illustrations. Although is book is written by an artist, the content could apply to any creative endeavour at all.

Overall both useful and inspiring. I would recommend this book, and having made loads of notes, know I will come back to it again!
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on 20 August 2016
This book is very inspiring. I am an artist myself and like many artist out there; there are days you feel completely mind block and uninspired, all you need is for someone to feel you what you need to do. This book does that!!
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on 5 October 2014
loved this book.beautiful to look at and great advice for potential creatives.its encourged myself to be more creative in future.its really helped.
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on 8 June 2015
Lovely book which I bought for inspirational reference. Would highly recommend.
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on 20 April 2016
Its planned poorly.
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on 14 March 2015
Sweet little book
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