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on 9 June 2016
Was gutted I didn't get this from the creative website before Christmas, was about £50! Anyway my bf loves this a lot!
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on 24 August 2013
Style: D5XM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
 From the front, the unit is perfectly symmetrical. I would describe it as small and beautifully formed. Although it's quite smaller than I expected, it's surprisingly heavy.

There is only one REAL button on the unit, and that's the 'on' button, which is situated around the back [see video 🎥]. The rest of the input is all touch sensitive; I found it annoying at first. It takes some getting used to. To change the volume, you gently stroke with your finger. (See video 🎥)

👀It's not at all tactile; you have to be looking at it. (That's a problem with buttons that you can't feel...)

- When you set this up for the first time, you'll need to press the CONNECT "button" (as it's called in the manual). It's NOT a button, it's a touch sensitive area that I find find irritating, as I always manage to press the wrong place.
(TIP: aim for the text 'CONNECT' / 'LINK').

It's annoying mostly because I accidentally press "buttons" as I pick the thing up or hold it. 😤


Why I'm utterly delighted despite these annoyances:

🔊 The clarity sound is very good (even without any upgrades or additional modules). 👌
📡 The wireless Bluetooth works flawlessly, ALL THE TIME. I've NEVER experienced lag, it never stutters and it's never randomly disconnected. It's the first Bluetooth speaker I've used that I have found to be 100% reliable whether I stream audio from my iPhone or from my Mac mini.

💷 This speaker unit isn't cheap (£279 at the time of writing). It initially seemed a little dear; I remember unboxing and thinking "is this it?" However, upon hearing, I'm thrilled with the performance! It's totally worth the asking price.


Even more so when used with the Wireless Subwoofer. At the time of writing it is an ADDITIONAL £160. I highly recommend it because performance is simply divine.

(See my review of the subwoofer: 🔗 http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/RVCO4S57PDV92)

I just watched some Breaking Bad episodes back-to-back and it was enthralling. It felt like I was in a posh cinema - you feel the explosions with your feet as the floor vibrates. (I have the speaker and the subwoofer in roughly opposite corners in my room. The result is really immersive and room filling sound.)

I really can't get over how good the acoustics are. I have to had it to Creative, this system is state-of-the-art. The modules really add up to more than the sum of the parts.

To clarify, you DON'T need to buy extra modules to enjoy the sound.

I'm glad I've finally found a bluetooth system that works as advertised. I've tried Bluetooth speakers from other manufacturers and they've all had issues. I've had previously thought this was due to my old bluetooth hardware (my computer and phone are both over three years old). I can only assume that Creative have got their firmware perfect. And their engineers are geniuses!

UPDATE - 27 OCT 2013

Since I waxed lyrical about these speakers, it seems to have developed a fault. What awful luck(!) I now hear a crackling sound when streaming from my Mac Mini. (It may be a fault with my computer, which is rather old now, so I won't take the rating down until I can confirm the speaker has gone faulty). I'm gutted!

UPDATE - 1 NOV 2013

Because of that annoying crackling problem that has developed with my Mac desktop, I'm using my iPad Mini.
It's working perfectly .
I've just noticed that when I control the volume on my iPad, it changes on the speaker. It's true volume control, not just an attenuator.

UPDATE 14 NOV 2013

Not sure how or why, but that crackling issue has completely gone away!
review image
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on 12 December 2013
Purchased this from Amazon but it would not power on despite there being a connection (the unit lights up for a second when you first plug it in). Broken power button perhaps..who knows.

Pretty poor quality control.
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on 7 September 2013
Style: D5XM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have this speaker with the add on sub woofer and I am extremely impressed with them. Here is my review:

Plus points:
- Very easy to connect to any bluetooth device I have tried - android phone, eee pad, netbook.
- Simple to connect main unit and subwoofer. I like stuff that works first time!
- Excellent sound with or without the subwoofer. With the subwoofer the bass is deep and rich - adds that "rumble" when watching action films. Music sounds superb. I'm using it with Google Play Music and it is brilliant. You can have it super loud if your neighbours can stand it. No distortion at high volumes. Fabulous.
- Stylish, compact design. Looks great sat below my TV. Nicely weighted so it sits firmly and feels quality.
- The Creative Central app works seamlessly with the unit and has a good range of preset sounds, which you can customise as you wish. The smart sound function is very good with a quick adjustment to make the speakers REALLY loud. It is not too complex and fun to play around with. Get the perfect sound for chill out, party music, talky and action films. Love it. Hope they add more to this.

- There is a room calibration feature in the Creative Central app - I have tried it several times and really cannot tell what difference it makes. Maybe you need a real audiophile's ear to appreciate it. From what I can make out this feature is what really makes this the premium product in the range (for cheaper versions see the D3 and Zii Sound models).

- The Creative Central app only gives limited controls over the volume of the speaker. It doesn't operate the main volume control - this seems to be manual only. You can control volume easily enough via the device being used (i.e. turn the main unit up high then control the device volume). This is fine if you are streaming wirelessly from your armchair, however I have my TV connected by a wired connection and have to actually get out of my chair to change the volume on the unit - I know!!! Actually I think I might need to play around more with connections. Might well be different with a newer TV - my LCD big screen is a few years old and not "smart"
- Instructions provided - these are along the lines of "plug in, connect, play music - voila!!". It took me absolutely ages to work out how to turn the volume up on the unit - there is no dial or buttons - just some stylish lights on the top side that you touch slide up and down to control. Felt like a right dufus sat there listening to a lovely sounding but very quiet unit until I worked out it was capable of blowing the roof off!!!
- A remote control would be good. As stated above the app doesn't control the volume on the unit, only of the sound ("night mode", "loud", etc.)

Overall I am extremely pleased with this. It is expensive though so check out the other options first before going for this top of the range model.
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on 12 September 2013
Style: D5XM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is Creative's Premium, top end speaker series. It would be unfair to compare it with low end products. It's competitors are the Bose speaker range. (in terms of styling and beautiful sound)

You know the price. This can be added (that's the modular aspect) to the subwoofer and then you have a piece of kit that i can only describe as AWESOME. (apologies for the capitols, but it deserves it)

It's impressive. The sound is rich. (I want to say awesome again but will refrain.)
It has a resonance and depth that will: Blow. You. Away.

They are like Torville and Dean, peaches and cream, Travolta and Newton-John. They perfectly compliment each other.

According to the blurb the D5xm is the first wireless soundbar speaker to offer "room calibration."
I have read that this is usually on top end hi-fi and home cinema system.
It is supposed to calibrate the output of the speakers according to the size of room.
Did this work? I'm not sure. The sound was powerful. Not too weak or too strong. So it may have. But I did play about with it when I downloaded the free app..

I did download the free Creative Central app. Set up in seconds.
This is when I got to play around with "Room Calibration" mode.
The soundbar sent out a series of tones that were picked up by the iPhone's mic. That did appear to adjust the output. Noticeably.

No. The look of the machine. The feel of of it. The sound of it. Will almost make you want to marry it.
It's lovely. It's sexy (in a speaker sort of way) and is nothing short of.... AWESOME!

(and an exclamation.. it must be good)

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 30 August 2013
Style: D5XM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There's little to say about this that hasn't been said. In short, it's a great bit of kit. Expensive certainly - but the reproduction of sound ; voice, digital, live or electronic, - is faithful, warm, and accurate. Connecting via Bluetooth is shockingly easy. The Bluetooth response is instant, so there is no lag between visuals on TV / PC / Tablet and the sound you hear. The reproduction is detailed ; background noise is clear and well placed.

The only drawback as such is that every time you switch it on you have to connect the Bluetooth, but that is straightforward and easy. Aside from that, the main issue are the controls - it is not immediately obvious what to press where and how, but mild playing makes this straightforward. App controls need to be downloaded from internet (and thus, a lot of the controls have to come from your phone / tablet / other fancy thing). I'm not sure what else I can, or need to say : it really is a very simple, great sounding device that does exactly what it is meant to with ease and confidence and faithful, warm, expensive sounding reproduction that is the kind of quality I would almost expect to hear in a professional studio.
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VINE VOICEon 29 August 2013
Style: D5XM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I already have a Logitech wireless speaker and this is miles above. It is a reasonable slim size but pretty heavy .
It is very easy to set up, has limited controllers and syncs quickly with any suitable devices. I paired it with my normally difficult ipad in seconds by installing the creative central app.
When you download the company's app to your phone, ipad or netbook and this has an operation feature to adjust the calibration of the speaker to suit the size of your room. There is also the facility to change the sound yourself to party mode or theatre etc. The sound is amazingly clear, rich and adds another dimension to listening to music or watching films . I also experienced no lag or interference with the Bluetooth.
Really its so quick and easy to set up you be playing music in minutes.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 22 August 2013
Style: D5XM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I already have an Aves Bluetooth speaker Aves Sapphire Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with iPod Dock - Black and thought that it might be useful to compare the two, albeit that this one is about three times the price of Aves one.

In terms of functionality, the Aves one has an iPod dock included, this may or may not be of importance to you; likewise the Aves one has a remote control provided (which can also control the iPod). So, on the face of it, the AVes is the winner.

However, this speaker is aimed at, and meeting, a slightly different market. First of all, this is designed to be used as a Bluetooth speaker rather than a high end iPod dock (however a 3.5mm jack input and lead are provided) and the controls are directly from your Bluetooth device. I am mainly using a Samsung tablet and have downloaded the App from the Play Store. This means that I have been able to set up the equaliser (so Creative claim) to the same standard as they have in their lab. I don't know if it is the same standard, but is is certainly very good. The only thing lacking in the App is to be able to control the master volume on the Bluetooth speaker so that means that you do need to set it loud (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it...) and then use the volume control on your Bluetooth device to reduce the volume to the appropriate level.

However, the killer function of this speaker is the ability to pair it with another two speakers plus a subwoofer to make either a speaker system with left-right-centre-woofer configuration, or to place the speakers in different rooms and play the same music through all speaker (aka Party mode).

However, I don't have the money to buy multiple speakers, so haven't been able to test this mode.

One test I have conducted is to compare the sound quality between this and the Aves speaker. Don't get me wrong, the Aves is a very, very good bluetooth speaker, however when comparing the quality of sound from this against the Aves, this sounds so much crisper. That is why you are paying three times as much.

I hope that this have given you some insight into what you will actually get here to help you decide if it is worth the money.

..happy to take comments and answer questions!
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VINE VOICEon 30 August 2013
Style: D5XM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I already owned one of the first generation Creative D5 units, which I bought in last year's Amazon Black Friday sale, and have been mighty impressed with. This however takes things to a whole new level, and whilst it looks almost identical (aside from the thankfully removed proprietary and ugly Apple dock), you would be hard pressed to tell the difference, sonically however it's astounding.

My review is based on using this for music playback, but i'm sure it's equally suited for hooking up to your TV for a great cinema experience.

I'm no audiophile and my ears aren't as young as they used to be, but this does sound great. Easily playing in the big school playground alongside it's more well known (and more expensive) designer peers - Bose and Sonos.

I had no problems linking this up to my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 via Bluetooth, connection stability and range was very good as was the sound quality. I believe that AptX enabled phones offer the best audio quality (many HTC phones have AptX I believe), however even without it sounded great. Either way for the absolute best results line-in is always the best bet, for my testing and my usual listening I use my nexus 7 in it's Nexus dock with the line out feeding the D5xM

One of the neat features is the room calibration, where the speakers will calibrate itself (or themselves, depending on how many you have linked) specifically to your room. This works by using your smartphone to listen to a range of frequencies the speaker throws out when in calibration mode. What the smartphone microphone heard is then sent back to the speaker and your room is effectively profiled, taking into account the acoustic properties of your room, the placement of the speakers and things like soft furnishings that can suck up certain frequencies. The calibration was very quick and definitely made a difference. Don't be put off by the criminally small list of supported phones on here and the creative website, it's out of date, the Android app lists LOTS more, and the reality is, any Android smartphone with a semi-decent microphone should work just fine - just make sure your finger isn't covering the microphone and the room is quiet when calibrating.

Whilst the unit by itself can pump out some very decent bass, it really comes into it's own when it's linked (wirelessly of course) to the Creative DSxm Wireless Subwoofer, the system serves up truly jaw-dropping performances. The modular aspect of this is very appealing to me, as you can take the base unit and add the sub-woofer later when the wallet allows or you feel you need to. Pairing up the sub was simple, press and hold the button on the sub until the light on the front flashes, and then do the same with the connect button on the D5xM.

The other key feature (one I unfortunately haven't been able to test as I only have the single speaker currently) is the multi-room functionality, which allows linking of multiple units - upto 3 - and allows for even more expansion. The expansion can be either 3.1 sound (left, right and centre channels with optional sub) in a single room or can offer a multi-room setup playing the same stereo output sync'd in all the rooms.

My only gripes are:

1/ The Android app (currently v1.03.17), it definitely needs some attention, has some very poor user interface design choices that make it unfriendly and hard to use. For example, the graphic equaliser settings are all horizontal sliders, and to move between pages you slide left and right. Often you get your perfect setting only to ruin it trying to slide to the save page. The app as a whole looks rough around the edges and has backwards logic, where often used functions are buried deep down. I expected ALOT more from Creative to be honest. However don't let the app put you off an otherwise fine hardware product, the app does at least work, it's just a clumsy to use eye-sore in the aesthetics department, hopefully Creative will improve it over time.

2/ No NFC Pairing. On a high end item like this, this is expected. One problem I find is that if I leave Bluetooth enabled on another device in the house that I use this speaker with, nothing else will pair to it in the meantime. This is a shame, as the NFC pairing I have seen on other Creative speakers solves this, as the NFC tap disconnects other devices, and pairs the tapped device.

Even with these gripes, still a very fine speaker, easilly a 5 star product, it's competition is more expensive and sounds no better, the Creative kit is not only great sounding, it's affordable and modular. What's not to love?
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Style: D5XM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have to start my review of Creative's D5xm with a reflection on the price - it is very expensive for what you actually get; for comparison Amazon currently sells this model for under two hundred quid in the States and even then it is reviewed as overpriced!

Having got that out of the way the speaker itself is superb! Creative has kept the design simple and connectivity to a bare minimum - Bluetooth and a 3.5mm aux-in jack and that's it! Although it looks like a small soundbar it has none of a soundbar's features. It comes with a power adaptor similar to those used by laptops - the power block halfway along with a detachable section connecting to the mains, two mains leads are provided - one for the UK and one for Europe.

The back panel has an input for the mains adaptor, the 3.5mm aux-in jack and the power button. Volume control and Bluetooth connection are achieved via the touch-sensitive strip that runs around the middle of the speaker - everything else has to be done via the free app as no remote control is provided. Creative obviously expect you to have a smart device as you are using a Bluetooth speaker - makes sense I suppose - I have tried the iOS app and it is rather basic for just a single speaker setup, I would have preferred more traditional tone controls to what is actually provided.

The sound is excellent for a unit of this size - if you close your eyes and listen with the speaker in front of you it creates a wide stereo image and a much bigger speaker impression. When you open your eyes again you can't believe what you see! The technical details don't quote a power output, or much else, but I would guess there are a couple of decent class D amps and some high quality speakers tucked away inside this stylish and well made cabinet. There is a bass-reflex port at the rear to enhance the bass output, and the unit doesn't rattle even at high volumes.

I have only been able to try the D5xm as a single unit but it can be enhanced by the addition of the DSxm subwoofer, and extended to a 2.1 or a 3.1 system by adding more D5xms or the smaller D3xm. At current prices this would be a very expensive way to build a multi-speaker system! However, I have to give the D5xm five stars as it is by far the best Bluetooth speaker I have ever heard! The price is a significant issue but I would guess it will eventually have to drop to around £180 and at that point I would recommend it.
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