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VINE VOICEon 24 November 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I think I need to start off by saying that my regular headphones are Sennheiser HD 448's. These are impeccable headphones in their own right so I was slightly biased towards those at the beginning. However I kept in mind that these are Earphones, with the main focus being on portability, and for that... they are truly amazing.


The quality of the sound is superb. For acoustic and treble sounds not even my Sennheiser's could match these. However that does tend to be the problem, as when you play a deeper, bassier track they seem to be out of their depth. After a while I did drag some other various "budget" type earphones out of one of my draws and when compared to those even the bass was significantly better. Once again I had to remind myself that these are made with portability in mind and I find that every time I look at them I am in awe that such a realistic sound can be produced by something so miniscule. The lack of bass did not pose much of a problem as you tend to get used to this quickly, but I must say that the sound quality is unmatched in this market.


By far the best feature of the product is the inane comfort you get when wearing them. I wouldn't be exaggerating by telling you that you cannot even tell you have them on. The "drum" or earpiece twists and turns allowing a perfect fit when you have them hooked over your ears. The metal bands are also surprisingly comfortable and add to the weightless feeling of the earphones. I also tried shaking my head around vigorously while at my office the other day and found that they stayed on perfectly, much to the dismay of onlookers. One thing I hadn't noticed (and for good reason) is the lack of noise the wire makes when rubbing against my clothes. This is one of the main features the product boasts about on the back of its box and I have to admit that they aren't making these things up. All of the other earphones and headphones I tested made an annoying coarse sound when they came into contact with my clothing - however the Creative Aurvana's cables were absolutely silent.


The box also includes a handy little leather pouch that the earphones rest nicely in. This is great if you are going on a long haul flight and don't want to risk damage to the earphones. Yet it is somewhat impractical for everyday use. I found that the case was one of those annoying sizes; too big to fit into the average pocket yet too small to warrant taking a bag with me. This sounds like nitpicking but it does get quite frustrating and does dampen the portability of the product.


In summary - the price is what is going to make or break the deal here. They are amazingly good, portable earphones. Yet I just don't know whether they are worth paying over double the price when compared to the next leading brand. My overall estimate would be to buy these if you want great portable headphones as you won't be disappointed. However for the price you may be expecting perfection.
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VINE VOICEon 23 November 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These earphones won a Red Dot Award for product design in 2009. They are a joy to behold, even more so when they're in their packaging. The downside to this is that it can feel like you're in The Krypton Factor when you're trying to get them out for the first time. This can be a bit irritating when you're eager to find out how they sound.

They're definitely not designed for quickly putting on and taking off, but once they're on they're so light and unobtrusive you can forget they're there. The so-called "Flexnium" design makes them incredibly comfortable and resistant to unwanted movement.

They come with a leather carry pouch and cable tidy and two sets of foam ear buds. These buds are quite awkward to attach and delicate; they need to be stretched thoroughly before you try to put them on (I tore two before realising this). I would have liked a volume control where the earphones' wires converge, but this is only a personal preference.

As you'd expect for this price, the clarity is fantastic. Bass is good but not overwhelming. I've tried them with an iPod touch (vast improvement over Apple's phones), an iMac (great), and an HDTV (excellent, especially for when you're lying down and headphones are too cumbersome).

I like these earphones. They're the most comfortable phones I've ever worn. Light as "Air". They sound good. They look good. The aptness of the "Aurvana" moniker is dependent upon what you listen to though!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 26 November 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using the Creative Aurvana Air Earphones every day for a good month or so now. I've already got a pair of Sennheiser CX 980i Earphones, so I'm already well accustomed to an impressive sound quality. I appreciate that because of the price, the quality of sound with the Creative Aurvana Earphones isn't going to stand up too well against the Sennheiser's (hence the considerable price difference). However, what soon became apparent from using the Creative earphones regularly was that they really are a damn good all-rounder for sound quality, usability, comfort, sturdiness and their overall stylish look.

The clever flexible ear-hook design with its moveable hinge construction allows the earphones to be fitted snugly in and around your ear, keeping them held very securely in place. During walking, jogging and cycling, the earphones have stayed firmly in place throughout. They feel comfortable and secure, without rubbing the outer-ear or irritating the any of the ear canal at all.

The sound quality itself is pretty darn good. The sound is still sharp and clean, with plenty of warmth to the deeper bass notes. That said, the earphones do start to struggle just a little bit when reproducing notes once they get right down into the deep-down-and-dirty end of the spectrum. When it gets too low for the earphones, it noticeably becomes a struggle to isolate the bass, with its slightly-squashed sound blurring with the rest of the music (particularly if there's a barrage of speeding bass drums blasting away at the same time!!!). However, this is only still very marginal and only when the bass dives to some unusually low depths.

Because the earpieces rest flat against the outer ear canal (as opposed to being inserted directly into the initial inner-ear passage), you will pick up a small amount of outside noise whilst the earphones are in use. Nothing to get hung up about, but it is noticeably there compared with earphones that are inserted into the ear. However, on the positive side, if you switch off your mp3 player (or whatever your using), then it's easy to hear perfectly well without having to remove the earphones. This is incredibly handy for commuting or when you randomly bump into someone you know in the street!

Packing the earphones away into their little protective wallet is a little fiddly to say the least (well, for me and my sausage fingers anyway), but not really something that you'll probably do all that much. To be honest, I use the earphones every day, and I just wrap the leads around my iPod and then stuff them all into my coat pocket. Although on first inspection the thin-metal ear-hooks look incredibly fragile, they are in fact deceptively strong (no doubt mostly due to their purposefully flexible design).

The lead length between plug and earphones is also a good length, allowing the user to have the earphones threaded in-out-and-underneath clothing, with no hassle of the lead tugging on clothing because it's too darn short.

All in all, I've be extremely impressed with the earphones for the duration of time I've been using them so far. They've replaced my Sennheiser's for my day-to-day commuting, due to their comfort and all round versatility. I'd certainly recommend these to anyone who appreciates a good reproduction of sound quality combined with a secure and comfortable fit, whilst being worn on-the-go.
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on 18 April 2012
I am thrilled with my little head phones.. my first pair of in ear plugs too.
The base is slightly lacking as previously mentioned but what can you expect from ear buds? If you want kickin' bass then go for full over ear headphones.

These are so comfortable you really forget you've even got them on.

They look amazing (not that thats why I bought them)

I've got tiny ears and my husband has large (ish) ears. They fit both of us snuggly and comfortably.

My husband hates ear bud headphones but he loves these!

The sound is stunningly detailed and clear and I am truely delighted with them.

Not sure I'd have paid the full price for them but £75 seems reasonable to me.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Singapore's Creative Technology, and their American subsidiary Creative Labs, have produced some innovative audio products for the digital age - the highly regarded Sound Blaster PC card launched 20 years ago, and the Zen MP3 player range being the most famous of these. Standalone sound cards are now fairly rare and the Zen range has lost ground to Apple's iPod and the new Sony MP3 players. So what has Creative got up its sleeve today? Well, still quite a good range of Zen players, speakers and headphones - of which the new Aurvana Air is a very serious competitor to top end products like B & O's A8 and Audio Technica's CM700.

So how does the Aurvana Air shape up? Pretty well actually, they look and feel like a top quality product - as they should do at the price! The packaging reflects this and it takes a little while to actually get the product out; don't be too impatient and read the booklet if you can't work out how to get the phones off their mount - there's a fiddly clip to release. Once out of the box they fit quite easily on your ears and are extremely adjustable. The optional soft covers are quite flimsy and I use my phones without them.

Initially the sound is a little harsh and this model benefits from a period of burning-in - run them overnight, or longer, at a bit more than normal listening level and they will sound much better for it. After that they offer a really impressive sound within their design constraints - they fit on the ear rather than in the ear canal so there is less bass and more sound leakage than with in-ear models. However, they are much more comfortable to wear than either in-ear models or conventional headphones. They offer good volume when used with an iPod and are ideal for use in active pursuits as they are a secure fit and generate very little cable contact noise.

The Aurvana Air's come with a small leather carrying case featuring an internal cable tidy, or they can be stored in the acrylic case they came in if used at home. They are a top end model which will not suit everyone - but if you lead an active life and enjoy high quality music when on the go then these phones could have a lot to offer you. These phones probably sound as good as this design ever can and Creative have not compromised on build quality. A good alternative if you don't get on with in-ear phones and find headphones to bulky.

The Aurvana Air is a high quality product that maintains Creative's reputation for innovation and quality. At the price, however, I will give four stars rather than five.
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on 14 August 2010
Considering I picked these up for £80 (well £79.99 to be precise) I feel that a 5***** rating is fully justified. I am fussy to the extreme and I mean fussy. My problem is I have incredibly sensitive ear canals - I just cannot wear the 'in-ear' / 'ear-plug' type 'phones. Which is a shame because I had some Sennheiser IE8's which, believe me, are THE best value for money earphones around bar none. Alas, after months of trying to persevere I had to give them up because I cannot put anything actually IN my ear. Thus the search for some earphones continued . . . First up I tried the new Sennheiser OMX High -Fidelity metal crafted earphones. Very nice but in my opinion NOT worth the money compared to what I paid for the Creative Aurvanas. Also, surprisingly, I found the Aurvanas gave a much better sound - better base and treble with no distortion. That I feel is because you can get a much fit with the Creative's - and trust me when I say they are SOOOO COMFORTABLE it's unreal. The look and feel amazing. The sound is also incredible for an 'on-ear' 'phone. I should know - I've tried Q-Jays, Klipsch, Sennheiser OMX 980, Ultimate Ears - the IE8's aside, these match or better any of those (very highly rated) ear buds I have tried. The biggest plus with these though has to be the fact that you do not even know you're wearing them, they are design perfection and incredibly light. Like I said before its all comfort, comfort, comfort . . .

Thinking of buying these? BUY THEM. Creative also give you 30 days to make your mind up.

**In case you were wondering I got my Aurvanas from the Creative UK store website - slow delivery but well worth the wait**
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on 5 January 2012
Ok, so from the very start, you will fall in love with these headphones. The packaging is very nicely done, and definitely matches the feel and quality of the earphones themselves, which are truly fantastic. The build quality is very good, they feel pretty sturdy, and there is very nice attention to details, such as the bit that alters the length of the earphone wires being made of metal, and matching the look of the 3.5mm jack. The sound quality is stunning, very clear, crisp sound. The bass is not great on these, but for earphones is as good as I have heard, but don't expect any 'thumping base' out of them. They also come with a nicely made leather pouch for storing them safely.

They are very comfy to wear, possibly more so than my sennheiser headphones.

Overall I think these are fantastic earphones and would highly recommend them.
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on 11 November 2009
I spent a lot of time reading reviews and trying earphones, and I think these are just about the best value for money around. I've compared them to the Bose earphones and I think these sound better, and for me have a better design as they stay where you put them if running or out and about. I've not had a listen to the B&O earphones which look very similar, but they are way more expensive!

I've used these earphones for about a month now and they are without doubt the best sounding in ear headphones I've ever used. Previously I had owned a pair of apple earphones (that came with the iPod and were awful), and also a pair of Creative EP630s. I really like the EP630s, the bass and noise isolation are excellent, but they lack detail and crispness.

The Aurvana Air earphones do lack a little bass, but I simply up the bass with my iPod when using them which seems to work fine. The detail in the music is soo much better, to the point that I'm starting to think that I need a better audio player! You really can hear more detail, particularly in things like symbol clashes or the strumming of an acoustic guitar.

The design works really well for me too, they are very light and fit well around the ears. They seem to keep themselves in place very well. One thing in particular which I really like is the lack of noise the cable makes when it rubs against your clothes. All of the earphones I've used before make a real racket when they even lightly brush against your clothes, with these I never notice.

So in short if noise isolation is important, these are not for you, but if you want great sound I highly recommend them.
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VINE VOICEon 25 November 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The excitement I felt at the prospect of reviewing a pair of phones valued at £170 exceeded the reality. What these phones do well is two things: first, they look amazing; sleek, minimalist, unobtrusive, and they come presented in a very flash display box that has a pleasing weight to it; second, they are hugely comfortable to wear, in fact you hardly notice they are in your ears, and there is no rustle when the cable scrapes over your clothes. Where these phones are a let down is the sound, and that's a pretty fundamental flaw, particularly at this price. The treble is slightly over-done to my ear, meaning you end up feeling like your eardrums are being sandpapered; mid-tones are excellent and it's here that you really appreciate the clarity and the fidelity of the sound reproduction - make no mistake, these headphones are quality gear - in fact, music I've been listening to for years almost sounds like new music as you pick up lots of details you might have missed in the past; sadly the bass is very muted, so you would need to whack up the bass setting on your iPod if you are an addict (like me).

What drives me insane about the Aurvana is the horrific sound leakage. The phones sit against your ear, rather than in it, so everyone within a small radius will be able to sing along with whatever you've got playing at any given moment, even at relatively low volume. If you're walking round the house then you might not mind, but I'm very anal about this and really don't like people around me on the tube or on the bus knowing what floats my boat musically (there are some shockers on my iPod by the way!)

Whichever way you look at these headphones, they are beautiful, looking the bees' knees and, incidentally, coming in a real leather hard case. Nevertheless at this price I would expect nothing short of total aural perfection from a pair of cans - and that means full rich sound including the bass, and a zero tolerance policy to sound leaks. Get this fixed, and Creative would definitely be onto a winner.
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on 12 August 2014
Not great earphones, the over the ear part was just far too big and even once adjusted as much as was possible still did not fit comfortably or snuggly on the ears so had lots of movement if you tried to move using them!
The sound quality was also not as good as expected but this may partly have also been down to the bad fit
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