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on 16 December 2011
Reading through Creating the Perfect Lifestyle gives an assurance that it is possible to live the life you desire.

The perfect lifestyle like Oli stated is different for everyone. I liked the fact that he put in plain words the lifestyle he lives, detailing everything that fits into his day to day activity which gives the reader a rule for life assessment, if you desire a similar lifestyle. It's a pick and choose until you find what's right for you.

It is motivating to know that he runs his own business, has time for his family and still able to serve in Charities and Church. For anyone out there who use the word "BUSY" as a reason for not achieving goals, you are able to see that with proper planning and focus you too can have that life you desire.

Reading further, this book goes beyond just telling you that your life style can be yours but gives you ideas on what you can do to help create that life.

Oli mentions, multiple streams of income, not getting carried away by technology, he makes goal setting easy.

Honestly, I do no justice in reviewing this book its best you read it for yourself if you want a change in your circumstance and want to create the perfect lifestyle for yourself and family. Highly recommended
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on 11 November 2011
I did not print out the pages, but I should have. It took me longer to finish because of the format. I truly believe that it is possible to live a more satisfying life. Oli Hille is a man who has been successful at running a teacher recruitment business. He has also worked in real estate. This book is a guide for life. This book is filled with activities and action steps that are designed to help me life a healthier happier life The simplest activities in the book are the most enjoyable to do. One of Oli's action tips is to do three specific things to change the amount of physical activity I do. Hille believes that daily meditation and prayer are important for my spiritual health. He emphasizes the practice of writing down goals and breaking goals down into smaller steps. This is a practice I will try to do on a regular basis.

I don't like to think about my personal failures, but an activity in this book requires me to reflect on them in words and pictures. My failures are not negative experiences any more. They are learning experiences. The key to success is simply to persevere and hang in there. Hille includes examples of famous people and their set backs in life. It is inspiring to read about the failures of people like Walt Disney and John Grisham. These are people I admire very much. I would like to start a home based business. Hille motivates to learn more about how to create a business and not be afraid of failure. Hille reminds me to remember to have fun. I plan to do something I will remember when I am old. I will continue to educate myself by reading. I hope to travel more and find my life partner. Creating The Perfect Lifestyle is an excellent book. Anything is possible if I put in the time and effort. This is the message of this uplifting book.
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VINE VOICEon 11 November 2011
No two of us are alike, but somewhere in Oli Hille's book, you may find an idea that helps you solve a personal problem.

This Kindle book works, for me, as a reference guide. I would not suggest that someone, desperate for solving a huge problem, try to WORK THROUGH this book. Instead, there might be something in here among all the ideas and techniques that can work for you to solve an issue.

Here's an example: chapter 46 is about "self talk." These are the words we use to talk to ourselves in our head. Sometimes we get those words from "tapes" pre-recorded by, let's say for example, a very critical parent. Instead of walking around putting the Loser "L" on your own forehead, you can learn to reprogram your own self talk. It sounds corny, but if you do a lot of self-deprecation (I'm so dumb, I'm such a loser, I'll never, I can't.....) you will end up being what you tell yourself you are. Now, of course, this can spill over into denial (I'm the GREATEST) and then you get clocked by Muhammad Ali so you also need self-honesty. But self-talk is a sneaky way that we defeat ourselves, so this chapter can be helpful if you recognize yourself.

Another great chapter is on sleep--it's estimated that a great number of Americans are chronically sleep deprived. This may be one reason we face an epidemic of obesity, as it contributes to weight gain, and it degrades personal performance. A lot of hints on the importance of good sleep.

And finally I appreciated the chapter on little acts of kindness--doing good thing brings not only a smile to someone else, it brings a smile to yourself.

You can go among the many chapters in this book and craft improvements to your lifestyle. So what I liked best about this book is that it's not a road map but a menu. Pick from the items that appeal to you or speak to you in some way and find ways to improve your life. Great ideas in here for the gathering.
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on 5 November 2011
In deference to my review's title, let me start by saying that I have absolutely nothing against my father's self-help books, whatever they may have been. Like you, I've read hundreds that have come before. You know the ones, don't you? They feature only the best smiling faces. They offer up success story after success story. They promise to help you unlock the vault of personal fulfillment or to shower you with your weight in gold. Now, I've done my best to understand their messages, and I've worked my "darndest" to embed their wisdom into my life. While I haven't quite reaped the lion's share of benefits, the best I can still afford to do is "guess" that I'm on the road to ultimate reward. The destination still seems pretty far ahead, if you ask me.

So much of "success literature" that's been peddled throughout the ages has centered on either strict reliance or blind allegiance to key principles (principles set by others who claim to know better, mind you, and not those already accepted by the individual). Sadly, I've found that, while these principles may very well produce the "success" (however it's defined by the writer or `ghost' writer), the reality of putting them into every day practice lay just out of reach of average folks. Regular `Joes.' Common people. Salt o'the earth types. Yes, I'm talking about you and me. Maybe all of these principles - as they're outlined by others who must know better (they have a book with their face on it, after all) come at too much sacrifice. Maybe they require too significant an investment of time or (dare I say?) money.

Or, could it be that, maybe, just maybe, those principles are not right for you?

Now, let me be perfectly clear. Yes, Oli Hille has written another self-help book. Sure, it's got a catchy title: CREATING THE PERFECT LIFESTYLE. Yes, it's got a hip, happening glossy cover complete with the obligatorily persuasive sales pitch ("must have book of the century!") that always somehow just manages to catch my eye. And, yes, it even has the author's happy mug plastered all over that white backdrop, smiling his successful smile like only a successfully-smiled self-help guru can in today's `price point' era.

But the similarities to Hille's book and so much of what's been written before stops there.

Whereas other authors tend to deal mostly in platitudes and success stories that may not have an awful lot in common with everyday people, Hille's philosophy is one healthily grounded by an exceptional work ethic, a disciplined approach to life's opportunities, and a no-nonsense application of faith (both in one's self AND a higher power) to transform your life. That's refreshing. What he's accomplished here in no short order is to capture a lifetime's worth of really good advice - I'm talking extremely worthwhile insight - and created a functioning workbook that every man, woman, and child can find value in and reap rewards from. His advice isn't so much about being-the-best-you-can-be, not so much as so many other books of this type tend to promise in exchange for the cover price. What Hille promises isn't so much about maximizing the best revenue or capitalizing on the best risks. Rather, it's about teaching individuals how to establish and maintain a personal lifestyle that - with good ol' fashioned elbow grease - can put A-N-Y-O-N-E on the path to fulfilling your dreams.

The largest part of Hille's approach underscores what so few people genuinely understand about life: while success has a traceable beginning, it's essentially without measure. That's because success continues to deliver rewards to those that the truly successful person has touched long after he's gone. Success is one of the only forces in nature that can't be contained in a bottle, though Hille does an admirable job breaking it down into workable components for any reader. Finding that niche in the world and securing your successful lifestyle is as much philosophy as it is philanthropy - as much playing as it is coaching - but it all begins when you build your solid foundation around goals, processes, and individual achievement. I can't imagine how many lives could've been more productive with the benefit of these simple but oft-overlooked (and undervalued) lessons.

Be forewarned, though: success ain't easy. Hille knows that as well as anyone else, and he speaks to these challenges with each chapter, offering up his suggestions for proactive living with the kind of rational common sense all to absent from so much of today's education. To great effect, he shares his own successes and failures with great candor and a sense of humility. Also - only as a warning to those who may be put off by such talk - he draws parallels from all walks of life, especially from the word of God. He understands how faith serves as an inspiration to each of us on the path to realizing our dreams, and he isn't afraid to include a few Bible verses for good measure. Disclaimer: you aren't required to believe in God, even though he demonstrates God's happy to believe in you.)

What others have said in their reviews here is far more insightful than anything I feel I can add. Yes, this is absolutely the kind of book I wish someone had given me forty years ago ... or even thirty years ago ... or twenty years ago ... heck, I would've settled for this five years ago! And, yes, the book could serve as a wonderful primer to either high schoolers or college-aged young'uns by helping to point them in the right direction - perhaps even one of their own choosing, if you can imagine that. I know that I'm emailing a link to all of my friends and family right after I post this review. And, for the record, I'll be happy to pay the price for any in my close circle!)

In the interest of fairness, I'm pleased to share that the author graciously provided me with an advance electronic copy of CREATING THE PERFECT LIFESTYLE in order for me to complete this review ... and I thank him for doing it!
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I enjoyed this book and found it inspiring, concise, helpful and relevant. you definitely need a pad and pen whilst reading it, to plan out your goals, write out quotes to keep for inspiration and make notes for your own life. A very helpful book. The only thing that goes against it for me is that it is slightly more suited for the American market when talking about services/money planning, but it is easy to translate to your UK life.

If you want to get your future plans in order, then this book is a very useful gem to get hold of.

Rachel Dove, The Kindle Book Review
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on 13 November 2011
"This was an easy and useful read. It was enjoyable and helpful. I found it particularly relevant to my situation as I am looking to start my own business and making some property investments. I went through each of the given exercises for goal setting etc which was very helpful. The entire book was practical and useable. It has personal examples from the author's own experience and a touch of humour, which made me smile. What I appreciated most is that it is written in a way the makes you realise you can achieve your dreams, regardless of how little you have to start with, and it's not 'airy fairy' in how you go about it."
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on 4 November 2011
New Zealand author Oli Hille is living his dream life and by writing "Creating the Perfect Lifestyle" he shares all his secrets. Do you want to experience more hope, be healthy mentally, improve your relationship, have more fun or even help to eradicate poverty? This book also has the answers to many of your questions. This book covers everything from goal setting to having a better relationship with your Creator. Oli Hille also offers advice on how to have the perfect day.

Some of the book focuses on how to organize your life and explains how goal setting should be a priority. There is also a great chapter on how to have a better life by not watching TV. I can say from personal experience that the author is correct about this. I don't miss the stress of watching the news! I get my news online and can pick and choose what I want to know.

While Olie Hille has some good financial advice he also has some great advice about finding the right partner for life. He also includes a chapter on raising kids. Some of the other things he covers includes saving for retirement and how to overcome fear and combat stress. He also explains the power of positive affirmations.

Olie Hille is a success because he plans his life. There is much to learn from this book and if you take the advice seriously you could really improve your situation in life.

~The Rebecca Review
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on 7 November 2011
Oli Hille's book, "Creating the Perfect Lifestyle" comes from an authentically lived life and lessons learned "in the trenches". The tone is conversational, as if you were sharing a wonderful retreat with an open, vibrant spirit. I say retreat because even though the writing is conversational, it has work boots on. You will be asked to fully engage yourself, and Oli makes it easy for you to do just that.

I'm a passionate, visionary person. I think often about my aspirations. The first two paragraphs of this book had me thinking about questions I may have never thought about. Or at least in the same context that makes so much sense in creating your perfect lifestyle. And, that was just the beginning!

With everything that is included in this book, Oli still offers some amazing free resources. I won't spoil any surprises by stating what they are, but I was quite impressed with the quality and value they added to the entire experience of this book.

As you read through the book, you realize that there is going to be no stone unturned. There are many topics in creating the perfect lifestyle and this book has given due consideration to each one of them. The perspective is amazing and how Oli pulls from the wisdom of others, while sharing his own personal perspectives is done like a fine symphony.

I have been calling "Creating the Perfect Lifestyle" a book, but it's so much more. It is a reference that you are going to want to keep handy and refer to again and again. The only drawback is that it wasn't released years ago. "Creating the Perfect Lifestyle" has helped me immensely. I can't help but think how nice it would have been to learn all of this when I was twenty!
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on 10 November 2011
I've read quite a few self-improvement books, some good and some bad, but Creating the Perfect Lifestyle stands out from the crowd as being well-written, organized and practical in its approach. It is easy to read and engaging, but not preachy. Oli is smart enough to realize that The Perfect Lifestyle is a highly personal concept, yet he has crafted a step by step approach that can be customized to fit each person's true purpose. I hate to use the word "Workbook," because of its negative connotations, but Creating the Perfect Lifestyle is, in fact, a workbook with carefully crafted objectives that will put you on the road to success, whatever your definition might be. I have three wonderful children ages 18, 17 and 14. The highest praise that I can give this book is that I am making it required reading for each of them, which is something that I do less than once a year.
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on 3 November 2011
Oli Hille must be one of those people we seek out for companionship, for honest communication, for inspiration, and for learning how to follow guidelines from a friend on creating the manner of living that will make us happy and in turn make all of those around us happy - associates, friends, family, colleagues, and the people with whom we come into contact. Though there are many self-help self-improvement books on the market, few engender the kind of warmth that Hille's book does. Trying to figure out why that is the case may just be the purpose of reviewing it.

First of all, Oli Hille is an ordinary man - a very impressive, very personally successful ordinary man - and because he does not fill the pages of his book with platitudes and track records of how many speaking engagements he has made and how many 'converts' he has to his way of thinking have been created, he is an ordinary man. He shares. And that is the best way to phrase what he does. He gives us enough personal information to see why he has arrived at the changes he has made and that simple fact offers proof that we can emulate his ideas and make them our own.

Hille's premise is that we CAN create the lifestyle we want if we set goals, make lists of these goals and how we plan to achieve them, follow the lists with a diary and grow into the lifestyle we desire. He is not so goody two shoes to indicate that there will be sacrifices on our journey to having what we want, and it is this sort of honesty that keeps us by his side. He suggests we create goals addressing ten aspects of living that when combined offer the fully realized lifestyle we desire: Income, Health/Exercise, Relationships, Career, Personal Interests, Creative, Spiritual, Investment, Educational, and Contributing/Giving.

The rest of the book is a series of chapters as outlined by the intro to this book, but the manner in which the author takes us through these chapters is more a workbook than a text. Everything is practical and he requires work on the part of the reader in order to set the mind toward success in achieving all of the goals and associated steps he offers. Instead of a work session this book is like a long stroll through the landscape of living we have always wanted but never really believed was approachable. Oili Hille makes a fine friend, a respected tutor, and a guy you'd like to spend time with - because your life is in order and moving the way that pleases you. Grady Harp, November 11
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