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on 5 September 2016
Been a student of this process since 2012 Recently bought kindle version for my travels. This system has worked really well for me but a BIG word of warning if you don't apply the techniques or re-read as instructed then you won't get the best out of this amazing book.
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on 4 February 2015
I came across a link to Andy Shaw's work in one of those personal development newsletters you get without ever quite remembering signing up for them. For some reason I followed the link, and I'm glad I did, to the point of eventually buying this book.
What you get out of it depends to a large degree on what you already know and what you have read. If you are familiar with the ideas of Buddhism, or with the more secular Mindfulness movement, then not a lot of it will be actually new. On the other hand, it's all expressed in a very blunt, no-nonsense style with some simple exercises and procedures which do, in fact, work very well. There's no pretense of intellectual or spiritual depth, and, if that bloke Buddha and that other bloke Aristotle get a fair number of mentions, then it's likely because of the quotations from them he's found on the Internet. And yet, it is obviously a book based on lived experience and working it out for yourself, and his basic observation (that the millions of self-help books sold, often with great ideas, haven't done most people any good) is hard to argue with. The idea of "debugging" your mind by shutting up the chatter of the Ego is found in many traditions, but the link with the creation of reality, and the desired life, is well argued and convincing.
The book's virtues are also its weaknesses. It's a self-published book, and it acts as a kind of object lesson in why authors need editors (and I say that as an author). It's too long and diffuse, repetitive beyond the point of usefulness, and also self-indulgent in its celebration of the author's own success and personal happiness. An editor would have taken 50 pages out and made a better book. It's also awkwardly written in places, and has errors of grammar and even spelling, and factual errors which should have been corrected. . Likewise, the tone sometimes resembles that interesting but rather insensitive bloke down the pub who won't let you get away until he's told you about his latest brilliant idea.
In the end, though, the content is worthwhile, and you are prepared to forgive the author a certain amount. if you haven't met these ideas before you will probably be overwhelmed. If you have, it's a handy and easily-assimilated guide to a lot of useful techniques.
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on 28 March 2013
This is not the cheapest book on the shelves but my oh my it's brilliant. Everyone should read this book as it would be of such great use in our every day life. Worth every penny. You've got to get it. Many thanks.
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on 7 December 2012
Every chapter is worth reading. Off course, the hard part, like always, is applying it. But I'm succeeding
I also love the author's teasing style.
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on 17 May 2017
This guy is a con man. There is no smoke without fire, read his past. He also fleece me of 500 pounds he was charging for a day seminar. When we got there he had crammed over 50 people in a tiny room so couldn't give any personal attention and answer specific questions as he had promised. He arrived and couldn't even make the projector work so we had to wait for that too. Also him and his friend could do with loosing weight. All the ideas in the book are nothing new, it's simply about visualization but as a great con man he puts them across nicely and you'll pay 50 quid for the privilege. Also even his second edition book was riddled with spelling mistakes, practically at every page. For the price he's charging can't he get someone to proof read it? No of course, that's not what con men do.
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on 26 January 2013
After reading countless books, websites and emails, this book (and the second in the series), finally gave me the 'insight' I was after as to why none of the others had worked!

Written from a personal perspective and with a no nonsense, un-american style, this was as refreshing as it was impactful. If you are ready to have your life change for the better but had wondered why you never seemed to succeed where others were, this is the book for you.
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on 28 April 2016
I have personally read this book 3 times-and after the third read you get an insight of a combination of different teachings all rolled into one, not just from the old teachers but even mixed with contemporary works in self improvement too. I have studied a wealth of authors in this industry and what Andy Shaw does is bring it all together with his own spin on it too. As with all books i read in this sphere i do not agree with every single piece of content in them, but having said that, like all books there is a success formula in it that you the reader can individually choose for yourself, regarding what actually works for you.
However what you the reader need to realize from the outset is Andy Shaw is a professional entrepreneur and because he takes big big risks, that doesn't mean you can. Now if you have no experience in running your own business this book is no substitute for research and doing your homework about costs and certain skill sets you will need to enable you to run a business in a way you are passionate about.Having said that it is still a very helpful book that can give you a big insight into what you would desire to achieve in your life. I would still recommend buying the book and studying it and extract whatever benefits you personally from it.
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on 7 January 2015
So many of the reviews here seem sycophantic and knowledgeably presented that they make me suspicious as to their source. Normal reviewers don't CAPITALISE key words, etc.....sales pitch reviewing I think. Also, on the website there are lots of nice people commenting on the books. Almost all of them do not speak of the millions you can make or the dream life coming to fruition....some say they are less worried, others are calmer, etc, etc......but where's all the money and house that Andy has......well, he's got them because he's good at selling 'us' this type of hopeful material at a bloody high price for paper back books. All the usual sales techniques are there. They funnel you in to the purchase page with all the hype and promises, increasing the supposed value by starting at a ridiculous price and bringing it down to something less ridiculous, they also add value...you can get a 'membership' to a forum normally xxx value...really, forums are usually free, then they add they clincher, the time trap, you know, you will never see this bargain price again etc ..........youtube has lots for free and if you want a book to help you become entered or calmer or more optimistic, buy The Power of Now............
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on 31 December 2014
I'm about two thirds through the Audio version and just a few chapters through the book but I wanted to jump on and write a review, as it has already had an impact on me.

I'd say I'm a very level-headed and happy person anyway, but the book shines a light on areas we can all improve. For me, it is helping me 'think' better through usually stressful situations and also acknowledge my inner-magpie. I read a lot of business books, and think I understand them, but Andy shows you the difference between intellectually knowing something and really knowing, absorbing, and taking action.

I love Andy's tone of voice and no-nonsense style. It's not wishy-washy in the least. Very much recommended!
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on 20 October 2012
I downloaded the first 5 chapters about a week ago for FREE as recommended by a family member and have been listening to them daily since. I am definitely ordering the paid version today. Personal development is a passion of mine and I have read a lot of books on the subject. They have all helped me to some degree but none have made such a positive impact so quickly. I'll write a further review when I've bought and studied the full book and audio series.
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