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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
Cosmic Trigger: Final Secret of the Illuminati: Vol. 1: v. 1
Format: Paperback|Change
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on 21 October 2011
I struggled with this book in many parts and because of this I'm going to give it three stars. It's not so much an encyclopedia as it is a book about Wilson's reflections, experiences of psychedelic substances and encounters with Timothy Leary amongst other radicals. I thought this book was going to be purely and primarily about the Illuminati and their plan to overthrow the planet. However, the Illuminati are overshadowed by Wilson's first person narration and his experience with mind altering substances.

I found the best parts of this book lie in the descriptions of his most personal experiences in which he writes of. I love it when he describes a green alien dancing in his garden and said it's the most divine thing he ever saw! Funny as hell, but he then identifies the alien as a leprechaun called Mescalito - the spirit of peyote whom also appears as Peter Pan. I also had an encounter with this little elf when I was on a journey, but he appeared to me as a moving two dimensional form who kept waving at me whilst he was dancing.

I also found Wilson's account of his daughter Luna who was murdered a rather moving part of this book which even brought my tear ducts to churn. His friendship to Timothy Leary is also brought up on many occasions which has inspired me to read in to Leary's life more than I have. It seems that Leary himself was constantly shadowed by the Illuminati but had the ability to laugh off the fearfulness of it unlike Wilhelm Reich who became a victim of their actions. Talking of him I loved Wilson's mention of both Wilhelm Reich and G.I Gurdjieff whom are two of my biggest inspirations into the occult, the truth, Illuminati conspiracy and the human condition. He also mentions Terrence McKenna which I was glad of as well and how 2012 plays an important role in our evolution. I find it amazing how Wilson had looked into so much and studied these guys back in 1977 when the book was published, it is only now in 2011 that alot of people are hearing about them.

Still, Wilson's book doesn't answer the big questions for me, it doesn't make complete sense of the Illuminati conspiracy or their agenda; but it does touch on some important conspiracy factors in which this secret society are responsible for. Wilson beats around the bush a little too much and doesn't pack the punch to send me into that intellectual level of bliss I love to reach when I'm reading. However, after reading this, it has got me thinking more coherently about Sirius the dog star in which is rumoured to be the Earth's twin or 'dwarf star'. Wilson also explores the idea that our planet, Mother Earth is being watched by over-souls (the Illuminati) who reside on this planet Sirius. When the Earth and the people's consciousness reach the right frequency contact with this planet will begin and the human race will shed all of it's conditioning?? This sounds quite plausible to me, but I am not drawing any vast conclusions. Still, a good read for anybody who is interested in the Illuminati, 2012, the 60s psychedelic movement and the occult.
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on 4 May 2016
Probably s***.
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on 13 January 2014
This has long been in my list of books everyone should read before they die although I suspect that very few would agree with me on that!
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on 5 November 1998
This is a fantastic diatribe into the unknown! I first read this book almost 20 years ago and have gone through it 23 times since. Wilson was an editor at Playboy years back and has lived in Dublin. He is extremely intelligent and witty, but he can scare the bejesus out of you!
Just keep an eye out for how many times you run across the number 23 (it is the most frequent number that comes up in lotteries, for one thing). It will astound you. He is correct about "the web" and how we are never more removed than by a factor of five from all the people in the world. Yeah, it's freaky, but it stimulates the old brain cells. Order it today from Amazon because it is a good value and you will never regret it. Just don't get too freaked out like me and wind up taking Paxil to calm you down!
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on 15 May 1996
"Cosmic Trigger" takes you where no man has been before.
Wilson carries the unsuspecting reader through a
maze of theories and experiences which will leave
you wondering for a long, long time. His engenious
style can scare the living daylights out of you at
one time, and leave you hollering from laughter
shortly after. A definate must-read for everyone
interested in changing their life, and, believe me,
Cosmic Trigger will!
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on 5 June 2000
The first cosmic trigger is in my opinion the finest non text-book on Magick/fortean subjects.I reread it every year and am fascinated every time.If you want an intro into 'occultism' buy this book.
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on 25 July 2007
This guy has absolutely no writing style at all! what is this!! in absolute attempt to make sense of what hes saying, nothing was understood! definitely not a book for the universal - this guy cannot write and obviously doesnt mind if people cannot decode his awful language!!
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on 8 February 1998
Cosmic Trigger Vol 1 is one of the best pieces ive ever read. R.A.W. is pure genius in all of his books, this one covers a billion topics and leaves you stunned. The author has a way of putting into writing everything you never knew you wanted to say.
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on 7 February 2018
robert anton wilson frazzled his brain so you don't have to! the A-Z (or the 5 - 23 via 33 and 666) of mind expansion in the 70s, and where it was supposed to lead to by now! it's not here, not even faintly! but, although raw's predictions are short (by mibbe a century), that takes away none of my appreciation for this book and the processes and explanations put forward for our information. his research was thorough, his conclusions startling, not his fault science didn't take the trajectory he predicted! as well as all that, this is a vastly entertaining read laced with as much humour as there are conspiratorial matters, although i did have to use all eight circuits of my brain to get my head around some of the concepts tackled, which, it has to be said, are beautifully explained!
i've only been a RAW recruit for little over a year, but am enlisting for the long haul! after all, one day the trigger will be pulled!
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on 28 July 1998
Andrew Daneman, does not know what he is talking about or even know what the Illuminati is about. And the remark about "Yes, the world is about to end, but it won't end like this. Try the Bible." The Bible doesn't say in detail what is going to happen but Cosmic Trigger : Final Secret of the Illuminati is a lot closer. Excellent book or you can be like Andrew Daneman. And have CNN spoon feed you on what they think you need to know about the Illuminati: New World Order.
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