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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Format: Paperback|Change
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on 23 September 2013
If you want an honest, no frills answer to your worries and concerns then this is the deck for you. I've only had it a week but boy, does this deck give it to you straight! In a good way though. I've actually been quite shocked to how accurate they have been. I mean, some of what i read was not what i 'wanted' to hear but i'm glad i DID read them because they warned me about a total -beep- storm that was heading my way. And it's come (and hopefully gone now) so I only suggest you get this deck if you want the 100% truth. The deck itself is beautiful, very dreamy and emotive with the pictures. I couldn't praise this deck higher. If you feel drawn to it, you will not regret buying them at all!
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on 16 August 2017
Informative book. Bought to go with a new set of cards.
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on 25 April 2013
Not normally the style of deck I would go for but thought I would have a change and not disappointed there great really accurate easy to read as lots going on visually so you can pick a lot of finer details out that you otherwise might miss.
And there unique style has encouraged me to explore many outher decks too that I probably wouldent have I find this has given me the ability to se even more in the general symbolism of tarot.
If you normally stick to the traditional style deck give these a go you won't be disappointed also buy the accompaying book it give some graet insight into these cards
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on 31 May 2004
This is a gorgeous deck. I have owned it for seven years and it still remains my favourite. The illustrations are absolutely stunning and really help with the interpretations of the readings. With their vivid colours and almost self explanatory symbols and pictures these cards are a great first time deck.
But they do require a reader who is able to see outside the literal.
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on 16 November 2006
The Cosmic Tarot deck cards are portrayed by a traditional series of seventy-eight softly coloured cards in seemingly dark outline, the only major variation being that the Pages and Knights are titled Princess and Prince. The pictures and images are mulit-cultural and are drawn in a refreshingly creative style. Users may feel that some of the images bring memories to mind of movie stars of yesteryear but this may be pure speculation and not at all consciously intended by the artist.

The traditional images lodged in our memories of the Rider-Waite or Coleman-Waite tarot seep through in places but the traditional meanings we have come to understand are recognisable, even thought they are represented with a modern-day take.

Its suit pictorial themes can not be considered as at all flowing as they seem to jump about using varying imagery, not only from suit to suit but even within suits. The Prince of Cups is quite a romantic image of a young man gazing wistfully into space, he wears a jacket, which could be velvet, with a monogram on the breast pocket. This conveys wealth, status, elegrance and luxury. By comparison the Ten of Swords reveals a bald-headed male, head and shoulders only, who seems to be thrusting himself forward in agony or angst. Swords appear to fly from his mouth as he screams with frustration. In contrast it is quite abstract but conveys the meaning and its rank and place within the deck well. For those who like images to stir and stimulate then this deck will encourage you to break free from stereotypical thinking.

The face of the High Priestess dominates the card and has the Yin-Yang symbol at the Third-eye, whilst the two traditional pillars of Jachin and Boaz are missing. A book lays open with the Alpha and Omega symbols upon its pages and a crescent moon lay at her chin. Her face floats over watery images of waves upon the sea and these merge through her image making her seem ethereal and part of the very cosmic ocean itself. It becomes apparent how this image of the High Priestess manages to convey the same as a traditional image but it somehow makes her meaning more obvious. Secrecy, mystery, intuition and the consciousness of the Divine Feminine are easily found amongst its depths.

For those who care to play with imagery there is a lot more going on with this deck than there may first appear. It has a richness about it that may get overlooked by those who fail to give it the time it deserves. The deck grows upon you as you begin to study its artistry and mind merge with its imagery. You will discover just how clever and inspired the artist has been.
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on 9 April 2014
I noticed there are several editions of this deck so i state that i'm reviewing the AGM (tarot world - urania) Edition printed in Spain.

This deck is strange.
One of my friends received this a gift. She didn't like it, so she gave it to me.
I must say the major arcana are not bad and i really loved a few cards, though not all. The magician, the high-priestess, the pope, justice, the hermit and the wheel of fortune are lovely. They are all spiritual cards and they have that ethereal spiritual feeling to them, that makes it work. The other cards are alright.
What gets to me in this deck is the duality of work, or should i say imagery. In the major arcana, that is not evident, although one look at the empress and it's clear that it looks like a kept woman with her eyes filled with ambition and snobbery. I do not like to see her represented in that manner.
When i think cosmic and new age (this deck is commercialised as a new age deck), i think of new conscience, altered state of mind, chakras, crystals, wisdom, power, revealing of secrets, loosing yourself in oneness, prophetic dreams, nirvana, the force of life, tao, i-ching, tai-chi, healing, but most of all i think of spiritual life to guide one's path in order to develop one's mind and elevate one's soul. This deck should reflect that, but it doesn't. The spiritual side and the wisdom is not painted in all the cards.
There is a mishmash of images that don't go with the name Cosmic. The theme is kept only for a few cards, and it's a shame, because this deck could have had so much potential.
The big disappointment comes with the minor arcana. These are all illustrated, but they are so different that sometimes wonder if they belong to the same deck. There is a mixture images that really don't give the cohesion necessary to think this as themed deck: There are people in suits looking rather grim and sociopath like (three of swords), a character that seems to have come from "Jane Eyre" (five of cups) and the the world's next contortionism champion (eight of wands). There are people in normal clothing but also people in traditional hindu costumes (or so it seems), ballet dancers, medieval costumes, jeans, etc. It just doesn't add up. The ethereal feeling is lost. And on top of that, the court cards (along with a few others) have hollywood faces: the king of wands is Sean Connery, the queen of wands is Elizabeth Taylor, etc, as if the rest wasn't bad enough.
Don't get me wrong: there are beautiful cards in the deck, even in the minor arcana (for example the three of wands or the ten of cups), but the bad far outweigh the good ones and there is no sense of direction in them. I find some cards difficult to read, because the scene depicted does not match the traditional meaning of the card. Some cards are very well intuitive, but others are not at all.

The cards are 12 cm high and 7 cm wide. They are glossy, well laminated and thick. The back is a beautiful pattern featuring a five point star. They are really good quality.
The booklet (little white book) is average.
I find impossible to read with this deck, so I gave it to a friend recently. Since he is young (under twenty), maybe the hollywood faces won't get to him. He's not old enough to remember many of them and he's not really interested in the film industry. He thinks these are funny looking cards. He found them altogether nice at first sight. Lets see if he can read with them. If he likes them, he probably can.
Even if one likes the deck, it is not for beginners.
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on 30 March 2013
A good book to go with the cosmic tarot as although the deck follows the rider Waite system this book helps you go that bit deeper into it
Iam still studying this deck and still have a lot to learn from it but you can pick out a lot more detail with the help of this author.
Its easy to follow and I would say you could do pretty good readings within a few flicks of the pages. A good book to add to any tarot enthusiasts collection or if this is your only book and deck its a great place to start you on your tarot journey
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on 28 September 2012
These were for a gift to someone who loved my set... they are great for identifying people in your readings...
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on 21 January 2016
It took me a long time to think about buying these cards, I'm glad I bought them, some of the reasons I bought them was the name of the deck, the picture on the back of the cards, and the pictures themselves, only one criticism is the cards could have been a little much thicker, I hate it when cards are too thin , so I was a little disappointed with them. Maybe should have given them 4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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on 20 June 1998
Would your idea of good fortune encompass things like a full voicemail box, or ending up as a dentist who actually pays off those student loans? A Waite-type deck, only even easier to interpret, with lots of additional material from a talented counselor. The descriptions of card combinations can launch you past fortunetelling by rote into new territory ...
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