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on 17 September 2012
After having no end of trouble with power dvd and blu-ray saying I had changed the region more that 5 times when all i did was upgrade to the next version and they will not tell you how to rectify so I jumped into WinDVD. Works like a dream with Blu-Ray and DVD so good bye power dvd.
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on 4 May 2012
Got to agree with other people, this is better than Power DVD 12.
I have been using Power DVD for some time, but since updating to 12 it has started to play up.
Since buying and using WinDVD I have had no trouble.
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on 24 May 2017
Had this software for 2 years and it's only worked for 6 months of this... They removed support for Windows 10 and then asked for £50 to upgrade... Spent 3 months chasing customer support and they only responded when I tweeted them. 3 weeks later and they're still not willing to fix anything. The whole company is a joke where they're contradicting each other and don't even care about either their product or their customers.

Complete sham
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on 2 January 2013
I bought this software based on the reviews of other people praising this software.
Used various PowerDVD versions in the past without any problems and never had any problems with that software, but went over to WinDVD Pro 11 Pro to check how that software works on my newly purchased laptop.
Installed it on my laptop which has an Intel graphics card and an additional NVidia graphics card which kicks into gear using NVidia Optimus software when heavy graphic applications are started.

To my horror it is NOT possible to play Blu-rays (which is the main reason to buy this software) on my machine, because a requestor appears which mentions I should update the graphic card drivers.
All my drivers are up-to-date which is not the problem, but the real reason why this software will not play Blu-rays is that it NEVER switches to the NVidia card when Blu-rays are being played. It remains using the internal Intel graphics card, which obviously cannot cope playing Blu-rays due to performance restrictions.

Contacted the Customer Support of Corel, but they just keep giving nonsense info (the problem is always my laptop and not the "software" they sell, even though a lot of other people share the same problem I have) and zero support.
I've had it with this product, a waste of money on a product with a very bad Customer Support.
Be warned and try a trial version first (as I should have done but unfortunately didn't).
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on 16 November 2012
Great player for Windows 7 but it is not compatible with Windows 8 with any settings :(
Don't fall for the "run it in compatibility mode" ruse, it wont work.
I know upgrading can mean binning some progs but was kind of hoping Corel would patch it or roll out Windvd 12 by now.
The only chance of getting something useful from this prog in Win8 is to use the CODECS in another player. But even that's not good or easy.
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on 19 January 2014
Having upgraded to Windows 7, my previous version of WinDVD was not compatible, so I thought it was time to upgrade. Expecting it to be as good as, if not better than WinDVD 6, I was disappointed to find that some of the functionality had been removed. Some of the keyboard shortcuts (such as F for Fast Forward, R for Reverse or Ctrl + B for replay the last few seconds) are no longer supported. Also, one of the things I liked about the previous version was the ability to remove the control panel with a click of the mouse. Now, in line with other similar products, the control panel slowly disappears from view after a few seconds of viewing. (NB: A click of the mouse will still work provided you do not move the cursor!)
All in all, this is a stable product. Unlike PowerDVD, however, there is no support for programs on the web. This product is good, but is expensive for what it does.
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on 31 January 2012
I used a trial version of Cyberlink PowerDVD 11 Ultra (PC), and although it had a really nice interface, when playing blu rays on my pc it kept crashing, causing weird interference problems etc.

Then someone mentioned Corel WinDVD 11 Pro, and whereas it doesn't have as nice an interface, it doesn't seem to be creating this problem at all (touch wood), so I downloaded the trial version of that, worked fine, so when it expired I decided to purchase the software package directly from amazon.

The reason for it being 4 stars, is because it is FAR too expensive. If it were only 40, I'd give it 5 easily. I'm guessing it's because it has 3D glasses included (which I don't need at all, to be honest).

So in my opinion, Corel should sell this product at a cheaper price for about £40 and not include the glasses. If people want them, they can always buy them separately.

If you were disappointed with power dvd 11's unreliability, then download the trial version of Corel, and see how you get on with that. But just bear in mind it does have quite an ugly interface and is not as user friendly or fancy (pretty). But what would you rather have, buggy nice looking software, or minimalist software that does the job it's supposed to?

If this one starts to bug out and crash on me as well, I may update my review and let people know in the future (and be quite annoyed that I wasted almost 60 quid).

But so far, more reliable (albeit more expensive) than Cyberlink PowerDVD 11 Ultra (PC)
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on 23 May 2013
Please be aware that this software is no longer properly supported by Corel, and has reportedly not been updated since 2012.

As such, many users are reportedly complaining of black screen and failure to load as the security keys needed to play BluRay discs on a computer are not present and have not been provided as an update by Corel.

The original WinDVD was superb, but this latest version has caused me nothing but problems.

Examples of discs that won't play:

The Hobbit
Django Unchained
Boardwalk Empire Season 1

3 from 3 I tried failed.

Please consider this before you spend enough money on this software to buy a hardware bluray player. Disappointing, Corel.

PS - beyond 90 days of purchase Corel make you pay for support.
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on 11 August 2013
I held up my part of the deal and paid for this expensive sham people should be made a where that this product simply does not work it has all the bells and whistle's then just keeps crashing. I have an power full and driver updated computer. and occasionally enjoy the trills of 3D and blue ray movies this I was promised with this thing. Forget there SUPPORT service you may as well hold a séance no body home. And the update I've tried that dead, dead, dead it would not even start. what's the point of putting an up date out that don't work. utter rubbish I like honest reviews to make people a wear.
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on 15 June 2015
Excellent piece of software that will allow you to play Blu-rays and DVDs just as well - if not even better - than with a regular DVD/Blu-ray player. WinDVD has full menu support for both DVDs and Blu-rays, although Blu-ray menus can only be operated through the keyboard, no Blu-ray mouse support at this time.

WinDVD also comes with a bunch of cool settings you can use to enhance your viewing experience, such as a 3D setting where you can select a specific type of 3D mode to watch your movie in. You can either use the '80s style red and blue anaglyph 3D, or you can use the modern 3D (for Blu-rays). However, the latter (as far as I know) requires a 3DTV/3D monitor and a decent internal graphics card (minimum requirement is either a Nvidia Geforce 500/400/300/200 series or higher, or an AMD Radeon HD 6000 series or newer), as well as a decent processor. WinDVD even comes with a red and blue pair of anaglyph 3D glasses for you to wear when watching old 3D films if you buy a boxed copy of the software :)

However, my favourite feature of WinDVD is the upscaling and aspect ratio settings. WinDVD comes with a video upscaler feature that will enhance the quality of your sub-HD DVDs to make them look good on your HDTV. I haven't tweaked this setting myself, so I couldn't say what the effect of adjusting it would be, but I always left it on its default setting of 50 and DVDs always look great for me. As for the aspect ratio, this is one of my favourite features because I haven't really seen any other DVD software that does this. The aspect ratio feature allows you to switch between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio which is handy for watching old DVDs and video files on your PC, and I find it odd that none of the free media players (as far as I've seen) have an AR feature when even the oldest DVD players do have it.

The only con about WinDVD Pro 11 is the price, which was £51.58 when I purchased it. It's a steep price to pay, but if you watch a lot of DVDs and Blu-rays on your computer like I do, then I'd say it's a worthy investment. If picture/sound quality, 3D settings, DVD menus etc. don't matter all that much to you, or if you don't need to watch Blu-rays on your computer, then you probably won't need this software. If any of that stuff does matter to you, however, then I highly recommend WinDVD Pro 11 to you as it will greatly enhance your film viewing experience on your computer.
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