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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 November 2007
I previously have owned an exercise bike and an air walker but find that the elliptical cross trainer/bike takes up less space and is more versatile as it has a forward and reverse pedal action and you can stand up or sit down on it. Compared with other sports sellers this is about the cheapest one I have found. I am truely satisfied with it and recommend others to buy it. It is easy to move around and very quiet while in use.
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on 22 October 2012
Before I start, my background to help understand my reasoning for the feedback.
1. I live in a top floor apartment- so the machine needs to be quiet.
2. Should be easy to assemble as I am not too comfortable assembling stuff.
3. Should be reasonably priced.
4. I workout max 3 times a week with 40 minutes run at a time.

So how did it feel when I received it ?
--> Delivered within 24 hours though I selected free delivery - so am imprerssed.

--> Assembly took me 40 minutes - so was pleased.
--> First impression..well its not the posh GYM equipment but definitely doesnt look cheap--serves the purpose.
--> It indeed is quiet as my downstairs neighbour still didn't complain - he's complained on various occassions when I play XBOX-Kennect or my kid is jumping from sofa.

--> I am 5" 5 in height - so found the handles slightly far away from the comfort position of my stretched arms. So guess its meant for 6feet people with long arms
--> Paddle trays seem plastiky and if not handled sure they will break.

If you have read till here - then all the best for purchasing and hope you found this feedback helpfull.
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on 30 June 2009
When you get this first pick the main unit up and give it a big shake... if you hear rattling noises keep shaking it until you can get the loose nuts and bolts you need out of the elipse where they have made their way during shipping.

Now read the instructions, then stop and read them again. Then have someone else read them. Then both meet back later, confer briefly before throwing them into the nearest rubbish bin and getting on with it. The instructions lie. They'll tell you you need an adjustable wrench, WD40, a screwdriver and a ruler showing both imperial and metric (I have no idea why you ever would)... you don't.. you need the alan keys and mini wrenches supplied.
It also lists nuts and bolts that are already attached to the various parts of the unit leaving you searching fruitlessly through the box looking for them until you realise.
Just for a heads up, the bolts with the "acorn" nuts are for the front and back parts of the base, the ones with the flat nuts are for the pedals.

Also i found a couple of the nuts to be randomly reverse threaded (no i didn't have them upside down they are not symmetrical), which stalled progress and was minorly frustrating.

The bolt at the front underside of the saddle is so ridiculously placed that you are actually only able to rotate the nut about 3mm at a time, meaning this one tiny part actually takes about 7-10 minutes on it's own.

Finally some of the stickers lie too. On mine the left pedal was clearly marked right and vice-versa (i know they were mislabeled because on first assembly the pedals wouldn't turn all the way around).

Okay, that all said it's actually a pretty good bit of kit, it's study, trustworthy and quite cheap. It also arrived rather rapidly (on the 3rd working day after i ordered it). The assembly was a nightmare the first tme, but knowing what i know now i could do it again in about 10 minutes, so hopefully this will help some people get past the problem... I suffered for you people!!! ;)
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on 26 January 2008
After a slight delay in delivery due to high demand,we received and put together the cross trainer & bike in about 20 mins. It's solid and takes up hardly any room at all (approx. 90cms x 50cms)- fitting neatly under our staircase. I've been on it a few times and, with the tension increased gradually, provides a great workout for both upper and lower body. You can stand using the cross trainer and pedals or sit down, with the handles stationary and cycle - or do a bit of both! I get home late from work and don't always feel like making the journey to the gym, so this is a perfect solution and I can watch my favourite TV progamme at the same time!
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on 7 November 2013
Very very useful. Two in one is working wonders. Brilliant buy. I even feel better for using. Good cardiovascular workout. Love it
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on 13 October 2009
I was looking for a machine that would serve my unusual need's.I should add that I am Terminally ill,and Disabled,having had numerous operation's,and also suffering six stroke's in the last three year's,which knocked my walking confidence somewhat,meaning that I can only walk very slowly with frequent stop's.Being unable to go for a brisk walk,and do more exercise as recommended by my medical team,I decided to try,and find something might help me get a lot fitter in the long run.
I came across the 2 in 1 Cross-Trainer,& Bike and was very encouraged by all the review's,as so many people had found it to be doing them good,I decided to buy one.It took about three day's to come,it took me sometime to put it together,I have to admit I had to ask a neighbour about one of the pedals,as couldn't get the nut off,Oh he said,it's got a left hand thread,he soon sorted it out for me.
Now some two week's later,I am finding the machine quite enjoyable,especially as there is a seat,as I tend to tire easliy,but I can still pedal seating down.I'm not really sure about the monitor,and how it work's,I suppose that's really for those people who take their exercising very seriously,and are worried about their calories etc.
As for me it is starting to give me some of my confidence back,which for me is everything,I'm also finding that my muscles are starting to loosen up,so I can now bend down more easily,which is great when I'm weeding in the garden.
If the 2 in 1 Cross-Trainer,and Bike can help me,think what it could do for you.........!
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on 27 December 2007
I've been using this now for about 2 months. It was really easy to put together and i did it with the minimum of hassle despite being a diy accident waiting to happen.
As the other reviewer has said it's quiet when in use. I live in a block of flats and was was worried about the noise on the downstairs but it's not an issue at all and is much quieter than other equipment i've used. the wheels make it easy to store in a corner also.
With regards to the actual use it's good, does exactly what it says on the tin and so far (touch wood) i've had no break downs or problems with the machine itself.
For the price and effectiveness i have to recommend this.
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on 28 April 2015
The cost of the trainer combined with the next day prime delivery pushed me in the direction of choosing this exercise bike, and I'm very pleased with my choice.

At first glance at the instrucitons make it seem much more complicated to assemble than it actually is. For one the bolts are already assembled with their nuts and washings, and it's only really the feet and the parts that link the pedals to the wheel that need assembled. The bike was very well packed in the box and all in it took me about 30 mins to build it, and that was taking my time.

When in use the bike is not silent, but it's no more noisy than any other bike with a chain would be. The bike is sturdy and does what it says on the tin, I can find no fault with it at all, which is amazing if you take into account it's low price.
review image
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on 6 January 2009
Felt quite flimsy but with the dial wound all the way up to the highest intensity it's just about enough to give me an aerobic workout (Im in my mid-thirtees).

I wasn't pleased with it but for the reduced price I decided it was okay, since it just about met my needs and that's all I really wanted.

But then, after a couple of weeks the very complicated centre of the mechanism started to squeak and creak so loudly that I'm no longer able to use it.

The cross-trainer arives partially built with an extremely complicated diagram showing it exploded into it's componant parts presumably so that the manufacturers can maintain that you have everything you need to maintain the machine yourself.

If I'd realised at the time that I'd end up having to break the whole machine down into it's component parts and oil it just to be able to use it, and without the guarantee that that would even work (it doesn't state anywhere in the advertising or the literature that that's expected of the customer, it's just implied by the diagram that's included in the box) I would have just sent it straight back.

I've not looked into returning it since it just doesn't seem worth the time and stress, but if you are considering buying one of these don't assume you'll necessarily be dealing with Amazon when it comes to returning it. It's stocked, shipped etc. by a third party (as can be seen at the top of the listing).

Ultimately this item seems to have built-in redundency that kicks in just around the time for sending it back expires. This feels like a really cynical shill to me and so I'm feeling really ripped off.

If you insist on buying one of these I'd suggest you make sure you figure out who's responsible for accepting the return and how much it'll cost to return it, for when you need to send it back (assuming you don't have the kind of engineering qualifications or experience that would allow you to break it down and put it back together again to make it functional in practical terms).

Altogether I'm prettymuch totally unsatisfied with this purchase. So much so that it's made me cautios of buying other items from Amazon. It's truly a case of caveat emptor. It makes me believe that these reviews are probably the only quality control that Amazon implements.

In short, if you're serious about exercise and you need something that'll work properly, and last for more than a week or so, I'd suggest not buying this item.
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on 28 September 2011
I read all the negative comments about this product and decided to take a chance and it was definitely the right choice. The item arrived within two days. Brilliantly packaged and trouble free. Yes the instructions were a little bit complex but hey, we're buying an exercise machine, we're not opening an envelope. So I took my time, read through the instructions, followed them to the t and yes in two hours I was up and running. Most of my time was spent making sure I tightened all the nuts and bold really tightly. I'm a girl so a bit of strength was required.
The machine is a lot sturdier than I thought. It gives you a great workout and I am very pleased with my purchase. It doesn't take up much room and the wheels are great, I wheel it in and out every day. It's been a good choice and for the price a great piece of exercise equipment. I wouldn't be put off by the negative comments. Take your time putting it together and you're ready to go.
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