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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Confessions of a Demon
Format: Mass Market Paperback|Change

on 11 March 2014
Allay accidently takes the life force from a dying demon and becomes a hybrid, hiding in her bar and 'drinking' the emotions of her customers to ease their pain and feed herself. But now the demons have become aware of her existance and are attacking her and the bar and Allay doesn't know who to trust.

I liked the idea of her having the bar so she can absorb the excess emotions of the customers. Doing this feeds her and also can help the customers to feel a bit better so she is providing a service of sorts. The new twist was that existing demons can overdose on emotions and it causes them to give birth to new demons, leaving both vulnerable to attack and bringing trouble to the bar, which was quite clever. Each demon can feed off all emotions but usually have a favourite 'flavour' ie bliss, shock etc, a bit like humans and ice cream! The concept was interesting but the delivery however, could have been better for me.

Allay was a cold character who keeps most people at a distance and while I understood doing this for plot purposes, it does not help you to bond with her or like her. I didn't really bother that much about her one way or the other which never bodes well for me enjoying a book. None of the other characters really appealed too much to me either. I'm not a fan of this 'hello, nice to meet you, I love you loads' thing that keeps spoiling a lot of urban fantasy books. I expect this kind of thing in my YA books but don't like it much in UF unless it is well delivered. In this case I found no chemistry in the relationship.

The book also got off to a slow start which is something else that I don't enjoy in a book. I like to get straight into the story instead of drifting along for a while. I also found the way the demon attacks were written to be a bit repetitive. IT felt a bit like here we go again every time the demons came back.

This book had potential but I just didn't feel as if it grabbed me enough to want to keep reading it.

I rate this book 2 out of 5 on my star rating which is different to this site.

1-didn't like
4-really liked
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on 27 August 2010
Set in New York, Allay is a rare half demon hybrid who accidently in her rebellious teens took into herself the essence (life force) of a weakened demon. She does not eat, drink or sleep but has to feed herself by taking in emotions, her preferred elixar being relief, she is classed as a guardian demon because she helps others whilst feeding.

She despises her demon side & has not fully come to terms with her life. Every 200 years or so demons have to take another demons essence, basically killing them to ensure their own survival.

Ally has kept herself to herself for years & kept away from the majority of demons in fear because her half hybrid status makes her very desirable in taste & kudos. She finds herself regulary hunted by rogue demons even though she is under 'protection' by Vex who runs a powerful church.
Her simple living comes under attack when she is forced to get involved in Demon politics & fight for the life of one of her closest friends, much to her consternation she finds her situation about to change radically & a plan to use her in a most public manner, a pawn to hoodwink humans & gain untold power.

When she is attacked a mortal named Theo saves her life & offers to be her bodyguard, Allay is attracted to Theo in the most basic way but does not know whether his caring intense attitude is for herself or the power of her demon.

I enjoyed this novel, the premise is clever, especially how the demons procreate. SLW spends a lot of time laying the ground work of the demons, politics & way of life I hope there is another book after this one, I actually want to know what happens next.

The only thing that niggled was the silly names of demons throughout, & there's alot. I understand why but it kind of came over silly. That is why I have only given it four stars instead of five.

I can still recommend the book though & I am looking forward hopefully to the next installment. I would say this is a true urban fantasy, with a thread of romance.
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on 25 October 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I loved the plot lines and the characters. I'd have no hesitation in picking up more from this new author, just hope that action and plot continue. There were a few editors gripes [mentioned in the other review] and it did make a sentence seem 'odd' now and then, mentally corrected and moved on.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 21 November 2010
Allay had been born human. But ten years ago, as a teenager, she stumbled across a dying demon and ended up absorbing its essence. Since then, Allay has been the only living hybrid. She resides in New York City, working as a bartender on the Lower East Side, where she draws energy from her patrons' pain. Drawing the energy not only comforts her customers, but also feeds Allay. Allay is not the first hybrid, but few survive long due to their tendencies to go insane. The essence of a hybrid is extremely sweet and lures demons from all over. To survive, Allay has the protection of Vex, one of the most powerful demons in the world. To earn Vex's protection, Allay passes off payments from the Fellowship of Truth to various individuals, who in turn deliver them to many of the city's high-powered businessmen. The Fellowship of Truth had been founded by Vex long ago, as churches are often above even the law.

Shock was Allay's first demon friend. She is still the only demon Allay full trusts. Like Allay, Shock feeds from her clients. However, Shock is an EMT, easing the pains of her patients as she feeds. Allay is worried when Shock arrives radiating fear and pain. In Allay's apartment above the bar, Shock "splits", creating a new demon. Shock wants Allay to absorb (a.k.a. kill) it. This would renew Allay for two centuries - and Allay is in dire need of replenishing. But Allay refuses to commit murder, even to save her own life. Thus Shock's offspring, Petrify, disappears into the night.

The birth of a new and vulnerable demon quickly lures other demons to the bar. The demon Pique looks like a harmless geek, but he openly attacks Allay in front of many humans. Allay lives only because a human, Theo Ram, manages to break Pique's hold. Allay now has Ram and Shock recovering in her apartment as she begins trying to contact Vex. (Pique is one of Vex's line.)

Throughout history there have been unexplained disappearances of demons. Long ago one demon briefly survived to tell of a demon with the unheard-of ability to conceal his signature essence. Since no demon could possibly mask his signature from others, the entity became a bogeyman among the demons. Few believe the stealth-demon is real; however, after Allay twice saves Shock from an assassin with no signature, she decides to leave Shock in a secure place while she goes to see Vex in person. Dread, Vex's second-in-command at the Prophet's Center, gives Allay a luxury suite as she waits for Vex to return within the next day or so.

Meanwhile, Theo Ram has decided that Allay needs a bodyguard and has taken the position whether Allay likes it or not. The attraction between Allay and Ram sizzles, but Allay refuses to be responsible for placing Ram, a fragile human, in danger. Yet upon Vex's return, Allay learns why Vex has always protected her and keeps her close. Allay and Ram find themselves in the middle of a brewing war between Vex and Glory, who rules Harlem.

***** FIVE STARS! A fascinating and thrilling look into a hidden demon population. The author shows that, just as with humans, there are both good and bad demons. The power structures and demon hierarchy are simple to comprehend, making it easy for me to understand what is going on in Allay's world. Suspense, lies, and betrayals run amuck while unexpected twists and turns kept me reading far too long into the night. Downright captivating! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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