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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 November 2016
This edition (or at least MY edition) has several errors: numbers and symbols in place of letters etc. In some cases you can guess what the author has typed (eg one letter in a particular word is missing or replaced wit something ridiculous), but in several places whole words are missing, leaving the sentence or paragraph unreadable. Reported this to Kindle and recieved no reply. The first time I've had anything less than first class customer service from amazon/kindle. Buy a hard copy, don't get this on Kindle.
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on 14 January 2001
I first read Robert E Howard 25 years ago, and was enthralled by Conan, El Borak, Kull, and other fanatsy figures from his tortured imagination.
Conan stands (literally?) head & shoulders above Howard's other creations, and personifies almost every facet of hero and anti-hero readers are likely to want to encounter. The theme was continued after Howard's death by other fantasy writers, and the differences in style were noticeable; perhaps those who regard Howard as one the the best fanatsy writers are hard to please when it comes to other material. I certainly am.
This brings me to Jordan's venture into Conan's world. Having read Jordan's Wheel of Time series (which although I enjoyed it I have to confess I found tedious and rambling at times) I was a little apprehensive about his treatment of Conan. I was pleasantly surprised. There was none of the slow pace found in some of the WoT books, but fast paced action and convoluted storylines, both key features of Howard. The detail is good, and Jordan has done his homework on Conan's past adventures, bringing in subtle flashbacks to remind those of us who've read Howard's Conan stories of the excitment of earlier adventures, and whetting the appetite of those who haven't.
One minor criticism is that Jordan's Conan is a little too cultured and civilised compared to Howard's.
Overall a very good and reasonably faithful (to the original Conan books) addition to the Cimmerian barbarian's string of exciting adventures. Are there more treats like this to come from Jordan? - I hope so!!
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on 7 February 2015
These are some great stories of Conan, who is one of the greatest creations ever. I first read these when I was young and I'm loving them again. Robert Jordan writes almost as well as Robert E Howard, but not quite. Just like Boris is almost as good as Frazetta, but not quite! My only gripe? Typos! Lots and lots of typos! Seriously! LOTS! Starts off, just one here. Another there. Then like bacteria they multiply, and before you know it they're everywhere. And it does detract from the reading experience. Still, £6 for three brilliant stories. Definitely worth it! Would've been five stars without the typos. (Worth pointing out I've only read the first book but I'm expecting typos in the other two as well!) Will be pleasantly surprised if there aren't any.
Crom! Erlik take those blasted typos!
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on 6 February 2010
I have to agree with you, the books are fast paced and are relatively tightly bound to the original series, this is somewhat a surprise from Jordan, his usual pages and pages of descriptive rubbish are gone to be replaced by the fast paced action that we all love from the original series. In my opinion Robert Jordan has really done the series justice and I dare to say it remarkably improved upon the original! (not that the original wasn't excellent).
Sadly Robert Jordan died in 2008 so no more Conan books to be written.
As an avid Fantasy/sci-fi reader I will say that the books can be a little monotonous and two dimensional at times but its pretty much pure hack and slash page turning all the same!
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on 18 May 2010
I'm assuming if you want to read a Conan book you're not looking for political correctness or a non violent solution to lifes problems. Good. This is sexist caveman fantasy at its best, set in a world where every female is scantily clad and voloptuous, be they an assassin, a princess or a serving girl, every tavern is dangerous, full of violent men, sexy women and bartenders willing to part with gossip for a coin or two (or a punch in the face from Conan) and every city has en evil sorceror intent on harnessing the power of an old God in order to take over the world (insert evil laugh here).

The best thing about this world is how atmospheric and descriptive it is. The constant references to opulance and wealth, silks and gems, traders and nobles leave you wanting to wrap yoourself in silk and lay down on gold cushions for the afternoon, while the poverty of the street children and the beggars who grovel in the dirt of the poor districts leave you feeling dirty and cheap. The book gives just the right amount of detail without ever becoming boring. Dont worry, there is never long to wait before the next fight. Conan gets into fights a LOT.

Speaking of wealth, this is where Conan our Cimmerian barbarian thief truly shines, not in having his own wealth, but acquiring that of others. Most of his adventures start with a 'simple theft' that goes horribly wrong, usually forcing the poor soul to sleep with gorgeous women after rescuing them (sometimes before too) from all sorts of evil villains and monsters.

This is fantasy escapism at its best. Light, easy to read, fun and exciting, highly recommended.
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on 26 January 2014
I love these stories. I would love to read them on my kindle paperwhite. Why, oh why, am I taunted by amazon.co.uk in this way? Four stars for the stories. Zero stars for amazon's foolishness. That equals two stars. -Very unhappy in the States
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on 27 December 2014
nearly as good as the first
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