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on 5 February 2017
Received my book today and I absolutely love it! My photo of my cat with the book perfectly sums up my opinion of it as well as giving a rough idea of the size of the book. Firstly, the leather is sturdy and soft embossed with gold and silver which really is beautiful. I also love the inside cover which features a print inspired by important objects from the stories such as a revolver and pocket watch. The gold edging to the paper is lovely too. Will definitely be a show piece on my bookshelf! Now, onto the stories themselves. I was slightly concerned when reading the reviews but I can confirm that there are not any Americanisms in the hardback copy. The test is small but neat and easily read. Have already read A Study in Scarlet and I cannot bring myself to put it down. You truly do get what you pay for and I totally recommend the leather copy of this book! Ordered my copy late evening around 8pm and it arrived 9am the next day! Very efficient service!
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on 5 February 2017
This leather bound edition is a really beautiful book. Lots of the reviews here are misleading, so to clarify..... It is traditionally bound (strung pages) so it will not fall apart as some have suggested. The quality of paper is also really good with gold leaf edges and the print is clear and not too small. There are NO illustrations is this copy and NO Americanisms. Words such as "Centre" are spelt as is, NOT "center" as the Americans spell it. The phrase "Ham and eggs" which is used in the early part of the book is correct with the original edition and not an Americanism. I have the red hardback "Wordsworth" edition also and this has all the original illustrations from the Strand magazines but the quality is not so good. I cannot recommend this leather bound version highly enough, it is truly beautiful and would grace any bookshelf.

Dave Sheppard
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 4 July 2016
This is a very large book - and the font size is very tiny - because there's a lot in it! It presents the "complete Sherlock Holmes" adventures, written by Arthur Conan Doyle. Given that you can purchase this book - in hardback - for under £1 (secondhand) I have to highly recommend it! I paid £7 for a new copy, and was pleased with the quality.

It's not quite 'complete' (as a new short story has been discovered since this volume was published). And it's certainly not a 'deluxe' edition ... if you're after something more aesthetically attractive, I would recommend Sherlock Holmes 6-Book Boxed Set: Containing: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, The Hound of the Baskervilles & The ... & The Sign of the Four (Collector's Library).

Notwithstanding the limitations of this volume, it's a good quality book - with all the classic Holmes adventures in it. If you're after a reasonably priced edition, this is a good product.
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on 5 January 2016
I've read Holmes regularly for most of my life.and have always loved him.I just wanted to point out that he is,in my opinion,bi polar,and the best Holmes ever,I think,was Jeremy Brett,also manic depressive.The ennui,the sudden liveliness,all point to this undiagnosed disorder,of course Watson would never have recognised the condition,it was unknown then.And he was no psychiatrist,being a medical(physical) doctor.I read him in this light,and my understanding of him deepens.Brilliant,but flawed,his popularity is due,I think,to his very humanness.The great detective,model for Poirot and Hastings,and countless others,still valid today.It says much about both Doyle and Holmes that their popularity has never waned.May I also add,the Wordsworth edition is a very respectable hard cover,firm boards,nicely finished,and illustrated with the SP Strand originals.For the asking price,a great buy.I bought a centenary edition a while back,and never opened it,it was so nice! This falls between being very nice,and readable.My sight isn't what it once was,but I can read it with or without aid,too.So,a hearty recommendation is elementary!
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on 13 October 2016
In the first story in this collection we find Watson meeting Holmes, and sharing 221b Baker Street - to split rental costs. Here Watson describes Holmes as into drugs, narrow-minded, misogynistic, but brilliant at logical deductions.

Conan Doyle's writing is often strongly evocative of time and place - for example, in the first story describing the arid western American desert and its Mormon society. So, mysteries apart, this book is a good read with weightier content than you might expect. Sometimes the stories are very tense and moving, for example in The Scowrers.

There is a sprinkling of typos - and some Americanisms which worry some people, but they did not worry me. Occasionally Conan Doyle shows a negative view of race - for example with references to 'savages'. Times have changed, so I overlook this. But I also found myself fascinated by snippets, for example: "...But the Times is a paper which is seldom found in any hands but those of the highly educated". Well times certainly have changed! So enjoy this delightful read.
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on 21 June 2017
Ever since college I had become intrigued by Sherlock Holmes and his world; and so I tried my best to get on any and every story involving him.

Considering he is in demand as ever it was never cheap to buy the seperate stories, so I was delighted when I found this collection! It was economical and I felt a sense of history and privilege with the publisher very kindly including one of the earliest illustrations to have appeared.

This is a paperback so re-reading can be hazardous but totally recommended. These works no matter how many times you read them continue to thrill. Which I'm very sure is the nature of the game that is afoot.
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on 24 July 2017
This has been my first foray into Kindle and, as a blind person, I have now installed the NVDA speech which is a free app which allows blind people to have kindle books read for them. You can go straight to the contents page or anywhere in the book, even just read a short story or full-length novel if you wish. So, two days ago, having installed NVDA, I went straight to the beginning of A Study In Scarlet, pressed the insert and down arrow keys on my PC and the book began to read. . As a die hard Sherlockian, I have two complete Sherlock Holmes books in Audio and all of the Derek Jacobi set which is excellent. This certainly won't be my last kindle book and kindle will help me in future to have access to books which are not available in Audible or another library I use. I have the Windows kindle app now on my computer and as soon as I click on the app and find the book I want, NVDA will read it for me. Looking forward to many more kindle books and I must, at some stage, get the Harry Potter and Narnia complete series, even though I've got the audio copies.
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on 27 June 2015
The lettering is to small and the paragraphs are too close to each other, making this book very difficult and tiring to read. The printing quality is also awful and the (few) illustrations very bad definition... not worth the money...
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on 12 January 2014
The book is fine as far as the stories go but the Strand illustrations are reduced to small squares and poorly reproduced at that. I own a large hardback facsimile edtion of the Strand stories by the same publishers and it is first rate, with stunning reproductions . This is terrible to be honest, if you want the lovely illustrations I suggest you look elsewhere. The Kindle editions of 'The Hound of the Baskervilles', 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' and the 'Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes' by Top Five Books publishers are the best out there out of all the Kindle editions, with great reproductions of the illustrations. Just trying to help you .
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on 10 August 2014
I first read the Sherlock Holmes stories as a child, and even 60 years on I re-read them with pleasure. It's good to have the complete collection again, together with additional editorial comments and background. The Kindle edition is not free from places where the original text has been scrambled - e.g. at location 21439, 'too' has come out as 'two' - but these are not enough to spoil one's enjoyment. What did pull me up short was a complete howler at location 21437, where the Editor's Notes refer to 'The Adventure of the Mazarin Bridge', thus confusing two completely different stories, 'The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone' and 'The Problem of Thor Bridge'. Either they were unfamiliar with the Holmesian canon, which would surely disqualify someone from editing it, or their mind just wasn't on the job. And where was the proof reader, to let this one go through?
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