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on 29 June 2012
There's not much I can say that the other reviews haven't already said, although I will say that if there is one main reason to buy this game it's called a 'Spectre'.

Simply put - stick it on multiplayer with one of your friends, build 5 or 6 Spectres and watch him crumble in a heap on the floor crying like a little girl.

Even if you don't feel like the rest of the game is amazing (which, let's face it, if you're looking at this you're already interested in C&C and the Tiberium Wars games are the last great C&C games of our time) then at least just buy it for the Spectres :)
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on 10 June 2012
Very good old school Command and Conquer, my wife love's the game enablinga bit of peace and quiet for me!
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on 13 November 2010
Command & conquer 3 series is the last of the really good C&C games (4 is rubbish). I highly recommend trying to get a copy of Uprising, which was a downloadable additional game, it is no longer supported by EA directly, but you can find it by googling. It's actually better than the main game!!
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on 12 February 2013
To clarify; the order went through smoothly, it arrived in good time and in great condition, no problems there.

The score comes from the expansion itself, which as a big fan of C&C3 I found to be underwhelming. While I love the reintroduction of the Titan and Wolverine to the GDI's arsenal, most of the changes and new additions felt wrong. In fact, when I play C&C3 nowadays, I play the base game, not the expansion. Of course, that's just me, you never know, you may love it. If you're a fan of C&C3 and are looking for some new content, Kane's Wrath is worth a look.
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on 14 June 2009
I generally do not like expansions. They used to be additions only very successful games got to have. Nowadays they are mostly the...other half of the game the publisher withheld when selling us half the original for $50! C&C:KANE's WRATH is a rare exception that brings new dimensions to an already great game!

Story-wise, although an expansion, this is somewhat of a prequel to C&C3-TIBERIUM WARS, as it is set on the history of NOD, starting off just after the 2nd Tiberium War and continuing well past the 3rd.
There is a big campaign comprising of 13 single player missions, new units and upgrades and a new (a la RISE OF NATIONS) Global Conquest mode, that can turn C&C3 into a Turn-Based game! What make this REALLY interesting are the six subfactions, each with its special units, strengths and weaknesses. Not to worry, all GDI, NOD and Scrin get their own off-shooting factions.
On the opposite ends of the spectrum, there is Reaper-17 (a Scrin sub-faction): with hard-hitting and powerful offensive options; and then there is Traveler-59 (also a Scrin offshoot): a much more devious faction that relies on mind control of humans (remember how much fun Yuri's Revenge? was). In between, GDI's (retro) Steel Talons and (futuristic) ZoCom and NOD's (mind-benders) Black Hand and (cyborgs galore) Mark of Kane.

Production of the new epic-units can tip the battlefield scales dramatically. Most are not only devastating but are pretty hard to take down too. GDI gets the MARV [Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle], a souped-up triple-barreled tank; NOD gets the Redeemer, an augmented killer avatar; whereas, Scrin get the Eradicator Hexapod, a impressive six-legged mech.
Revamped units, such as the Shard Walker or the Reaper Tripod, or back-to-the-drawing-board units, such as the Prodigy or the Ravager all add to a renewed experience. Moreover, as a long-time C&C fan, I particularly enjoyed the reappearance of good-ol' units such as Titans and Wolverines on the side of GDI!

The graphics are beautiful, the physics detailed and the explosions and beam-weapons spectacular! Don't forget to turn on the volume on those speakers, because this is a total immersion experience.

As with the original: it misses the 5th star for fun because one cannot hold a battle formation while moving. As most units move at different paces (and although the AI has improved they keep bumping on each other), this results in the more agile, yet vulnerable, units having to face the enemy first - a short-lived sight... May be the next C&C (say, RED ALERT 3) could have some TOTAL WAR infused into it, with battle formations options.

If you are boycotting SecuROM you should know that it is the copy-protection used (nevertheless, it is the usual version used in the original C&C3-TW as well, coming nowhere near the BIOSHOCK RootKit madness!). I usually withhold at least one rating star because of such security inconveniences. However, I enjoyed the game so much that I was willing to overlook it. On the other hand, since it is important for a great number of Amazon customers, I have to mention it for the sake of a well informed decision.

Finally, be advised that this is an expansion and, yes, you do need the original C&C3: TIBERIUM WARS to play it. If you do not have it, take note that there is a pack available, including both original game and expansion (the prices fluctuate so make sure to get the best deal).

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on 2 January 2012
Kanes wrath's Story is all about linking the previous games together, from the end of the 2nd Tiberium war to sometime after the 3rd tiberium war (Before tiberium twilight). Bringing the best graphics, and both new and old units together to form 3 unique factions with a further 3 sub-factions for each of the main factions.

Graphics aside, the storyline answers many questions left unanswered from the previous games, though admittidly those GDI lovers out there will have to suffer as will the alien Scrin worshippers, as the only missions are Nod Missions. Theres also a new feature of the Conquer the World Campaign, picking any of the 3 factions and working towards achieving their individual goals - more fun than the missions anyway!

And of course last but not least the skirmish & multiplayer options, as per usual the game is defined online, unrivalled experience and despite the odd modder/hacker as with any online game, Its well worth getting just for this alone!

Kane Lives!
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on 1 April 2011
If you Liked C&C 3 Tiberium wars then you'll like this too! It continues where the last one left off.
There is only a NOD campaign to play, but there's a new game called "GLOBAL CONQUEST" to make up for it. Ive not played it yet (only just finished the campaign!)but Ive done the tutorial and to me it looks like a "RISK" type game! should be interesting!
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