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on 16 December 2013
I bought this last year for the Movember thing with the intention of growing myself a handlebar moustache. I can't say that this product helped all that much at the time but then I wasn't sure if that's because the 'tache wasn't long enough, because I have a particularly unruly crop of top lip fuzz, or whether this just isn't man enough for the job.

I have now had another crack at the task of growing a handlebar 'tache. It's got to a much greater length and I am finding that the Clubman wax is much more effective with more hair to keep in check. The application can be bit messy in that it's recommended that you squeeze some onto the brush that comes with it, brush it through, and then comb it with the stiff comb on the back of the brush. This works OK and the messiness isn't too much of an issue as the wax washes off fingers very easily so, as long as you don't do anything stupid like touch dark clothing with it, you should be alright. Once applied I generally leave the wax to dry off for a bit before trying to finish off the shaping. The wax has a pleasant lemony / piney sort of smell and isn't a burden to have under your nose all day. The wax comes in a squeeze tube and is a thick cream texture which is easy to work into the moustache with the brush and comb and also good to use as re-shaping agent on the fingertips.

I have seen complaints by other reviewers of flakes within the 'tache with the neutral wax and I can confirm that this can be an issue. I don't think that it's an inherent issue with the wax, I think that it's just that the wax dries fairly quickly and if you are still fiddling with the shape of your moustache when this happens the dried wax forms into little balls / flakes which then get caught in the hairs. If you make sure that you get any wax off your fingers before you style it's much less of a problem. The wax itself can be a bit visible within the hairs but as long as you don't go mad with it it shouldn't be too bad. Unfortunately, I'm still not finding that it's keeping the wayward strands in line. Again, I don't know if that's simply because they're not yet long enough for basic principles of leverage to take hold or the wax itself - I've tried using VO5 hair fibre gum as well and that doesn't fare any better. Given that the VO5 gunge is about the toughest sticking compound short of Araldite I am considering that it might well be, at this stage, like trying to keep piano wires under tension with blu-tack. It's just never going to happen.

The compromise I tend to make is to use the Clubman as a base layer and then use Bounder as a top-up throughout the day. Bounder is handy for this as it comes in a small tin which fits in a trouser pocket easily, isn't too messy, and has a pretty firm hold. The Clubman wax dries off quite a bit shortly after application but stays slightly tacky, so if the fuzz takes a battering in stormy weather it can be pressed back into shape for some hours after the wax has been applied and will stick reasonably well. I do find, though, that it needs some back up, which is where the Bounder comes in.

I have also just purchased a pot of Captain Fawcett's wax and used it for the first time this morning. This may, possibly, take over from Clubman as it has a solid consistency in the jar but turns into a thick and slightly oily paste when scooped out with a thumbnail so may be a nice crossover between the two.

I shall try to persevere with lengthening the lip decor and update this review if it's warranted.
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on 6 May 2015
This stuff isn't really a wax, more of a cream which quickly hardens. It does let you quickly style unruly facial hair but once it's dry you can't easily rework it, unlike wax which will let you reshape on the go. Its quick drying nature can also cause flakes to appear.

It's not too bad, and it's easy to wash out, however, this can be a downside as rain or sweat can cause it to wash out. It does have a fair number of 5 star reviews though so maybe it's just not suitable for me
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on 15 August 2012
As far as I was concerned this was a poor buy. The immediate problem was when I found out I had to squeeze the tube really hard to get the stuff out, even though it was quite a warm day. Is this normal? Did I have old stock? If the consistency of this wax was normal then I would have preferred it in a small tin, rather than a tube. Having said that, this wax did absolutely nothing for my moustache, which I have since trimmed back to a more manageable length and no longer requires anything to keep it under control.
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on 15 March 2014
This is definitely my favourite wax at the moment. I've tried numerous others that all fall into the more oily bracket and I prefer the drier feel of this wax. It's easy to apply with the included comb( which I'm guessing you'd have to have a dreadlock tashe to break, like some reviewers have said) and has a perfectly acceptable odour. I am currently using this to style and then squirting a bit of hairspray on my fingers to get the curl on the tips of my tashe.
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on 5 October 2014
Quite a good product, holds moustache hair firmly . Only down sides are that the comb/brush is a trite flimsy and the tube is a little hard to squeeze the product out of. I found yhat leaving the tube in a sink of hot water for a few seconds alleviates this problem
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on 25 November 2015
Fast delivery so pleased with that, have had my moustache for several months &I have tried a lot of products & studied the art of moustache grooming mostly on YouTube, so far the Clubman win hands down, easy to apply sets & styles my moustache with ease, really impressed so about to order myself another. Many thanks to the seller.
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on 13 June 2015
Love the stuff great value easy to use and not messy ,top up my tache tips with a firmer wax tho for sharpness , great base if you have a shaped Tache,
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on 15 June 2015
This does style your moustache well... only if you get the balance right - too little and it doesnt work, too much and you left with small white particles around your mouth. Getting the balance is easier said than done.
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on 26 January 2017
i found it better for my eyebrows
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on 9 April 2014
Smells nice! Looks nice! No gunk! Clean! Fresh! Does the job! I wish I could eat it lol its smells divine & holds for hours! I use a tooth brush & a little water if need be t get the acquired look ;)
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