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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2013
CLOSED HEARTS (YA) by Susan K Quinn

CLOSED HEARTS is the second novel and May 23, 2012 release in Susan K Quinn's Young Adult Mindjack Trilogy.

PREVIOUSLY: In a world where mindreading is the norm (due to decades of contaminated water) those without the ability are known as zeroes, but there are a few who possess a power greater than most, and Kira will learn first hand, just how different is she. Discrimination and stereotyping will force the mindjackers into hiding-fearing for their lives.

Kira Moore is a mindjacker. It has been 8 months since Kira revealed to the world that Agent Kestral and the FBI were performing illegal experiments on changelings. With her family now secluded and hiding under false names, Kira and her father are working for a powerful man thought to be on their side. But waking up in Jackertown amongst strangers wasn't part of her plan. Complicating matters, Clan leader Molloy appears to have aligned himself with other mindjackers in the hopes of finding his brother.

Kira soon meets the other housemates who are hiding in Jackertown. Julien, their leader, is hoping that Kira will help find and rescue his sister, who has been taken prisoner by Agent Kestral to another mindjacker experimental facility. But it is Julien's references to Kira as a keeper that have everyone hoping she is their answer to freedom. As a keeper, Kira has the ability to keep others out of her mind, but even Kira is not strong enough to break through the newly established mindguard security. With the revelation that mindjackers exist, security is tight, and government officials are hoping to round up everyone perceived as a threat.

Kira is introduced to several variations on the mindjacker phenomenon. Julien explains that those with enhanced abilities beyond the normal mindjacking are considered mage-they perform `magic' and are able to control others in varying degrees. It is the mage more than anyone that the FBI fear. If the mindjackers are able to control one's mind, are they able to control the body as well? But it is Sasha that will truly scare Kira-as a scribe, Sasha has a special ability that could easily make him a weapon in the war against the others.

CLOSED HEARTS is a wonderful second instalment in the Mindjack trilogy. The story is fast paced, the characters are real, and the discrimination against those that are different is a definite possibility in the world in which we live. The premise will make you think `what if' and your heart will break for a love now lost. Susan K Quinn writes a thought provoking series that can easily reflect the mindset of many countries, groups and faiths.

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on 10 December 2012
This book leaps straight into the action and barely pauses for breath throughout! Following on from Open Minds this sees how the world has reacted to the existence of Mindjackers - people who can control others in the world of `regular' mind readers. Needless to say most people are paranoid and don't trust others who can jack them and play with their memories. Kira struggles to continue a `normal' life in the aftermath of the revelations she exposed and when Malloy, one of the mindjackers she betrayed in Open Minds returns, she finds herself swept up with revolutionary mindjackers, with abilities as powerful as hers and the government who want to crack down on all jackers.

Kira is in a difficult position - she doesn't trust a lot of jackers, but she doesn't believe the government should experiment on them either. This is not an easy world with right and wrong clearly defined but with plenty of shades of grey which Kira finds herself struggling to balance. Yes, taking rights away from jackers is wrong, but should jackers be allowed to play with others? It's a fine line and one that Kira waivers over throughout the book as she is pushed and pulled between jackers, government and her desire for a normal life with her family and the boy she loves, Raf.

There is plenty of double crossing as loyalties appear to be fluid with the betrayers betrayed and at times you never who to trust. All these events happen over a very short period - a week and the pace never lets up. Kira's father places a bigger role this time round and there are plenty of intriguing new characters introduced - Julian and his sister Anna, particularly leave me wanting to know more about their past and what their plans are.

The writing is smooth and I was fully immersed in Kira's world - one word of warning though, there is little introduction to the world. It is assumed that you know are aware of the events of Open Minds and have some idea of the world Kira lives in. Even the language like mesh, jack certainly gives this futuristic Chicago a different flavour but might confuse you if you aren't aware. It is a fun ride and I gobbled up the pages wanting to know what will happen next! Can't wait for the third book in this trilogy!
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on 20 September 2013
Closed Hearts continues the story of the Mindjack trilogy. However the plot darkens considerable and begins to feel far more dangerous.

This book made me laugh, cry and cheer all in one set of pages. Fast paced, but not without its tender and sometimes heart-wrenching moments, Closed Hearts is everything and more that I could have wished for from the sequel.
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on 6 June 2014
Another episode in this well written and well thought out trilogy. Very plausible characters with a great story line that keeps on giving. I got through all three books in the space of a week. Must mean something.
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on 10 December 2015
“Different isn’t a crime, you know.” (Kindle Locations 7202-7203).

After announcing herself and many others as mindjackers, Kira is hidden to the world no longer. Some of those that can only mind read are wary, scared, and prejudiced against the mindjackers. Some powerful politicians are attempting to take away the mindjackers’ rights as citizens, to lock them up and keep the general populace safe. Kira can’t live in hiding forever, either she will have to help the mindjackers in their political crusade for rights or in their physical war for freedom unless she’s discovered by the government first and they have more than just imprisonment in mind for mindjackers.

As with most trilogies, I liked the first book (Open Minds) better, but Closed Hearts stuck with Kira and the story of jackers versus regular mind readers – with the government interfering in the middle. I like Kira’s story and wanted to watch her grow in her abilities and within her changing world. I wish more had happened with the love story in this second book. I also thought Kira was not as good a role model, leader and protagonist in this book. She became wishy-washy and an emotional mess. What I love about dystopian kick-butt female characters is their ability to rise above the world-in-the-toilet messe and be someone you root for that is amazing. Kira was less amazing in this book as she worked through consequences of her actions in book one and dealing with a world that thinks she and her fellow jackers are to be feared.

This second book also contained Julian, the leader of the rebels and I liked seeing different types of jackers. Kira is certainly not alone in her exceptional abilities. We also get to know more about Kira’s dad and his background working as a jacker.

The story of the mindjackers was still continued and it’s always exciting to watch the good guys versus the bad guys and to wonder how good the good guys really are…
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on 23 March 2014
Such a pity. Story in part one was good but part two was tedious. Mostly more of the same. Hero let the villan struggle repeat s itself.Wont be reading next installment and have deleted from my Kindle
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on 18 July 2016
I much prefered this to the first book. The main character spent much less time bemoaning her lot and was much more realistic in her out look. She still lacks the ability to listen and goes haring of half cocked but this made for some interesting plot twists.

Overall the universe in which the trilogy is set is fleshed out and the character loses her childish attributes and starts to face up to adult responsibility. I have a feeling that book 3 will be even more fast paced and can't wait to read it.
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on 17 March 2013
Continuing on from book 1 in the series, the second book is just as compelling. I loved this book also. The concept on which it is based is fresh and believable. I hope to see this series on the big screen one day. I will certainly be keeping a look out for any future releases by the Author.
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on 20 February 2016
an amazing powerfull book it made me cry. i love the characters and it makes you feal inside the book. i can't wait to read the third. would definitely recommend reading the first book as the second book would not make sense
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on 25 February 2014
It's average until the end where a bad guy actually makes an impact, but i probably won't remember it very well in future, but it is good enough to fill up time.
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