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on 18 November 2016
The first time I saw this in the cinema the sound was awful and the number of people all around eating popcorn and crisps talking and slurping all through the film completely ruined it for me. What a mistake on my part.

But then I saw it on TV in the peace of home, and knew I had to buy the DVD, and fortunately in 2003 this was long enough after the initial release to be able to buy this two disc Collectors Edition with almost all the cut/restored/edited scenes somewhere in the package if not in the film itself, and here the film has the correct ending.

The surround sound is excellent (especially when turned up loud) and the imagery in the superb photography is captivating. The acting is excellent supporting the story brilliantly.

If I did not already own this DVD I would be buying the Blu-Ray version now, because that offers even more in the way of extras and restored scenes with a genuine improvement in the picture quality.
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on 5 September 2017
40 years on, still one of Spielberg's best. A sci-fi classic.

I first saw it in the cinema as a child, a few months after the first Star Wars movie. To me (and my entire family) there was no comparison: Close Encounters kick-started my serious sci-fi habit because it's a seriously good movie/story. It also seems oddly optimistic today – would we really be directing melodies towards UFOs rather than missiles? (As for Star Wars – meh. Whatever. Mildly diverting battles in space, mostly two-dimensional if amusing characters and a few cod-Freudian father issues. Though Rogue One a cut above.)

Watch this if you enjoy thought-provoking human-centred sci-fi from a director at the top of his game and a star, Richard Dreyfuss, who embodies Everyman in an inimitable, endearing way. Also interesting to see Spielberg playing with ideas that would become ET.

Don't watch this if you're after battles in space – go for Guardians of the Galaxy or, of course, any of the Star Wars episodes. (But preferably Rogue One.)
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on 19 February 2016
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Theatrical Edition) 1977
30th Anniversary Ultimate Bluray Edition

I first saw this many years ago, when I was far too young to appreciate the beautiful, majestic nature of this amazing film. It's something I had never got around to rewatching in my more advanced years (possibly because the ending and musical communication element has been parodied so much), and my word, what a cinematic treat I've been missing.
It really is terrific, and I can't believe it's been sitting on my shelf unopened for so long.
The story, revolving around numerous visitations by extraterrestrials, and the people who witness them, is well known, but it doesn't make it any the less compelling.
The fantastic slow build nature of the film is superbly handled, and it contains many amazing scenes. The plane discovery in the sandstorm, the police chase ,the mashed potato dinner, Barry's visitation, the nerve gas evacuation, the level crossing encounter. I could go on, but there are too many too mention here. By the time the (eye popping)ending rolled around, I was utterly fixated, and couldn't get over what I had just seen - quite simply one the best sci-fi films ever made.
Richard Dreyfuss has never been better, delivering a towering performance that often seems to tread a fine line between sanity and madness. He gets some of the best scenes, not to mention injecting some fine comedic moments. Garden renovation anyone?;) Interestingly, Steve McQueen was Spielberg's first choice for the role, but I can't imagine him giving the range of emotions required here.
Carey Guffey makes a huge impression here as the glassy eyed looking child, entering into the film's main plot in a major way. As with Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore in E.T, Spielberg seems to have that Midas touch when getting the absolute best performance from child actors.
It has a wonderful score, by the master John Williams, who has a lot of fun with it, making it quite playful in key moments.
Then there's Steven Spielberg. I still think Jaws is his best movie, but this could be a close second. I was that impressed. He still churns out some great films, but his golden age was definitely the 70's/80's.
As a 1977 production, and of the sci-fi genre, it's barely dated at all. The effects hold up extremely well, and the film's quality script/acting /direction mean that this will continue to be something to be relished for movie goers in many years to come.

Film 9.5/10

PQ 7.5/10 The overall quality is pretty impressive throughout, but there's a few scenes that are grain heavy. It's not a big criticism, as this is a 1977 film we are dealing with.

AQ 8.5/10 There's that score obviously, which sounds tremendous when channelled through a decent bit of kit, and the sci-fi content, especially the ufos arrival, that will put your subwoofer through it's paces.

Extras - I haven't watched any yet, other than checking out the extended ending on the Special Edition. There are all three versions of the film here, but after being blown away by the theatrical version so much, I'm a little loathe to potentially tarnish it by watching a lesser version.[/QUOTE]
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on 13 October 2017
Haven`t watched this film for years, we had gotten rid of it, but saw a trailer and decided to buy another copy. Just as good as the first time I saw it, a real thriiller all the way through. Slightly better with the new bits that had been left out of the original film considering it is a collectors edition. Very very enjoyable. Can thoroughly recommend this slightly longer deition.
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on 30 May 2014
A movie worth having in your library the suspense is killing, waiting for the movie to disclose the plot, but it doesn't until near the ( I'm not telling you ) the story is brilliant, the cast doing a marvellous job acting that you will be held up in the air by curiosity waiting and seeing nothing, and yet, the thoughts are there all around just waiting to fall into place, the time, the eerie sounds that have us all connected. Completely different to all other shows so here is a little bit to get you going. All about a man that has strange feelings and a desire to follow his feeling and discover what is waiting for him at the end. He is not alone either. There is things happening all the time so you won't get bored, now you better hurry down to get the popcorn and movie put your feet up, try to relax for a night in with a great old classic that will have you thinking from beginning to end. I know you wont be disappointed and now for first class entertainment from yesterday. Enjoy!
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on 10 February 2017
I saw this film many years ago when I was young and have always remembered the amazement I felt, watching it again some many years later, I have to say I was blown away again. I only wish I had been old enough to see this at the cinema when it was first out. As a precursor to so many films and tv shows its right up there as an amazing Classic in its own right. Unfortunately, my husband, who is younger than me,was looking for More plot and story, in his words "what was the point?" I did not get where he was coming from but perhaps this film was quite literally of its time that younger people today can not imagine the world before e.t. The X files etc etc and so can not enjoy the simple and delightful pleasure of this classic.
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on 25 March 2018
For us its a Christmas classic which comes out yearly. Produced a long time ago it has not aged. It combines so many elemental aspects of a good story - fear along with comedy, mental disturbance with marital and family problems and with a hint of romance and government conspiracy. Dreyfuss is brilliant.
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on 24 October 2013
One of my favourite films. The story of alien first contact, implanted images and obsession is still as enjoyable as it ever was. What is truly fantastic is the presentation of this Blu-Ray disk. Everything is crystal clear, the sound is good, but what makes it special for me is that the effects have been re-colour graded and now look 'real'! In past versions and to some extent, in the cinema, some scenes always looked 'staged'. They were, of course, but they should have looked as they were meant to and not like a special effect. At last they really look convincing! That alone would be worth the price, but as the rest of the film has stood the test of time pretty well, it's a great deal! A real classic of sci-fi.
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on 15 August 2017
I saw the film in the cinema when it came out, back in 77. It is even better than I remembered BUT, one thing that totally jarred with me, Dharamsala is not a desert, cacti filled part of India. It is in the foothills of the Himalayas. That boo boo let the whole film down. The location researcher really put his or her foot in it there.
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on 24 April 2015
I prefer the special edition, where we see inside the mothership. However, with all due respect to the legendary composer John Williams and legendary director Steven Spielberg - the music should've been much more uplifting and filled with wonder during the contact scenes. Yes, the initial impression was to instill within the viewer the on screen character's fear with jarring scary tones, but more wonder should've been used and not fear. We Are Not Alone <3.
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