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on 9 July 2016
I bought this book to compliment a university course that followed the CCNA material.

I personally never had much time to read this book, but in comparison to Cisco's own CCNA material that was provided as part of my course, this is straight to the point and isn't watered down to bulk out a course with nonsense rambling that has no significance in an exam. Unfortunately it was difficult to tie the book's content into my assignments as the order of learning was completely different.

But that said, the initial start of this book is disappointing. While I don't deny what was said is true, but essentially the author stresses about being in a good routine of reading daily and being consistent in keeping it up.

To me, that is a bit of a miss-sell - as if to say nothing special is being taught in the book and it comes down to dedication. This same concept could be applied to any teaching material - spend some considerable time everyday and of course you will be a lot more confident in that subject. To me, when I'm spending money on a book (and one that suggests a short time span needed) I expected a bit more than "dedicate yourself to reading".

Otherwise, the book is well written and I found it a lot more bearable to read than Cisco's "netacad" CCNA content which, in the nicest way possible, is clearly written by someone who has no idea of making such a vast course bearable to read.

Some areas of this book I thought were a bit messy or short, but I'm quite particular in that, once I'm told about something I want to understand it fully right away, not several chapters later as I have already gone over in my head several different possibilities for it by then.

I don't think anyone would be disappointed in buying this book. There are quite a few tables which aren't phone-friendly for reading but I guess this is more of a limitation of Kindle as a mobile application than it is the author.
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on 31 August 2015
Firstly a confession, I have not been using the book as intended. I did not want to commit 2 hours a day to studying, so I am not really following the 'in 60 days' ethos. I have previously passed older CCNA exams twice, so I felt confident in not following the book as designed. That said, I can completely understand why the author recommends the 'in 60 days' method. I have seen many friends start studying for the CCNA but give up before taking the exam.

The book is very easy to read and well structured. There are a few mistakes in the book, but they are quite obvious and do not detract from the learning. The book seems more direct and contain less fluff than a lot of the Cisco books I have read.

Overall, I would definately recommend as a great way to study (and pass!) the CCNA. I have my ICND1 exam booked soon and feel confident that I will pass.
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on 17 June 2014
I have held off writing a review on this book until I got a good way in to ensure that my review was based on experience of the content. Over the past year I have attended a local college and completed the four semesters of Cisco's CCNA Discovery, this was delivered one evening per week for 3 hours, plus access to the curriculum at home. Whilst the CCNA Discovery gave me a better understanding of networking I still felt that I was not confident enough in the CCNA Discovery to take the CCENT or CCNA, Cisco sometimes makes understanding concepts and theories quite hard, especially for someone who is not an academic, like me.

I bought the kindle version of this book in the hope that I would improve my networking knowledge further still, and I'm extremely pleased with the book, it is perfectly written for someone like me, Paul has structured the requirements of the exams into individual daily content, he explains concepts in layman's terms as much as he can, and I must say it does help, the fact that the book is called "CCNA in 60 Days" motivates you, each day he outlines the goal of that particular day, and each day ends with mini exam questions and labs for you to go through to gain experience, for the labs, use either a physical lab or Packet Tracer/GNS3 simulation software. I found the "personal trainer" approach keeps you motivated and on track.

It's a great book, that with your effort could result in you gaining a Cisco certification.
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on 21 June 2016
I have been studying CCENT/CCNA for a while now using the official books and find them really heavy going, too much theory for my liking. At the same time I have been watching CBT nuggets videos and others too and some of it sticks but this book is something else.
Most of the chapters are concise enough that it sticks in your mind, plus the daily exercises really help to enforce the understanding. I am a firm believer that we learn mostly by doing than by reading or listening and this book really makes you do what you have just learnt.
I've really upped my motivation in passing this exam since buying this book and firmly believe that I will get certified and enhance my career.

Update 27th Sept 2016. I passed the CCENT exam in August and 1 month later I passed the CCNA exam. A lot of the credit goes to this book, If I hadn't found and used it I may have given up like a lot of people do when they start reading the Cisco Press books. That's not to say the Cisco books are rubbish, far from it they have everything in them but many people myself included find them hard going as study guides, Pauls book is a lot easier to read and understand. I will say though that there are many ways to learn Cisco such as Youtube, Cisco.com, and so on, all of which I have used and this book compliments that.
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on 15 January 2013
I have been trying to study CCNA for a few years and could never get myself to keep going. I have attended two CCNA courses and one of them was really very good. I did, however not feel confident enought to do the exam afterwards. I have a few CCNA books on my bookshelf but they seem to be more like reference manuals than study manuals.

Paul and Farai presents the info in bite-size lessons. This suits me especially well as I am in full time employment and I have a family. I manage to do a good amount of learning on the train (if I get a seat) and I do my labs when I get home. I have not taken the exam yet but at least I know when I will be taking the exam and I feel confident that I will be prepared if I stick to the program. In my (slightly limited) experience of this book, I would recommend it for easy of use and removing the uncertainty. Paul and Farai answers my questions of
Am I covering everyting?
Am I not wasting time on unnecessary stuff?
Where do I start?

Oh and I now actually understand subnetting and VLSM.....!
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on 24 March 2017
There is no doubt that the material presented is well done so, and that if you are learning from scratch, you will grasp the concepts neatly.
However, this book is no longer good enough to pass the CCENT exam in the first 30 days as it advises, as the exam specification has changed.

In order for this book to be relevant, it would need to be updated for the new specification.
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on 11 January 2016
The book is well written, clear and organised, what I believe it makes the biggest difference between it and all of the other books in commerce is that it follows you day by day, and that does give you confidence about your progresses and gives you the actual level of the progress itself. Basically, you're not wondering in the dark (like I felt before), but you see the light at the end of the tunnel and you can walk straight ahead towards it day by day. I'll update my review if something noteworthy will come up.
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on 21 August 2016
good book detailing what you need to pass however, hold off till his new one is written as this exam will no longer be used from august 2016. You get lots of extras with the book like cram guides an videos. I will be purcashing his new one as soon as it written!
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on 1 August 2016
Cisco CCNA in 60 Days by Paul William Browning does a good job explaining and presenting problems and solutions you might encounter in the magical world of Cisco - but this book is not for everyone, as you need a SOLID understanding of networking before you start reading this book (the book recommends CompTIA Network+ books as an introduction to networking.)
I can recommend this book if you're well versed in the terms, structure and functions of networking.
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on 17 November 2016
I really like this book. The explanations are straight to the point to help you understand the various technologies. The most important for me is the lab and the end of every chapter. Doing the lab is the only way to really learn, and this book has a lab for every CCNA topic. The author also outlines various methodologies for troubleshooting and avoiding common mistakes.
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