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on 20 March 2012

- Incredibly simple. Turning it on automatically tunes the radio, and sets date, time etc
- The controls are intuitive and I didnt have to read the instructions
- If you do need the instruction book, it is well laid out and easy to understand
- The display is clear, easy to read and customisable to show things such as scrolling text, & signal details for DAB or song, album etc for iPod.
- 4 alarms! This is so useful. You can set four separate alarms in advance, each fully customisable.
- Auto light sensor dims display depending on the light in the room so it will go dimmer at night and brighter during the day. This can be set manually too if preferred.
- All buttons, headphone socket, and aux socket are on the front of the radio for easy access, this is particularly useful if you want to use this radio at the bedside.
- iPod / phone dock is very easy to use, even with cases on your device.
- Signal strength is outstanding. I live in the sticks and struggle to get any stations but this picks up every one clearly.
- Great sound quality. Much better than I expected for such a cheap, small device.
- Comes with useful credit card sized remote.


- A lot of users mention a buzz from the adapter but I dont have this on either of my two Chronos II so must be lucky.
- After a years ownership the rubber feet have come off so when I push the buttons the radio moves around. This can be easily rectified though.


I was given this as a gift, and having always had to buy DABs with a retractable aerial to get any hope of a signal, I nearly didnt bother unpacking this radio, but im so glad I did. The four alarms alone have given me hours of extra sleep over the year. I used to have to set my alarm for 6am to take my medication, then reset it a further two times until getting up time, each time the faffing about nearly always woke me up. Now I just preset them all, set them for daily and Bobs your uncle!

I recently had to purchase a Dab radio alarm for my Mum and so nearly got her the Pure Contour 100Di Dock for iPod/iPhone/iPad with DAB Digital/FM Radio because it has the ability to dock an iPad aswell as an iPod/phone. However on the 100Di, all the buttons and sockets are on the rear of the radio, which for a bedside radio is useless. The Pure Chronos II is so simple to use, all the buttons and sockets are easily accessible, and the sound quality is great. I cannot imagine it would be possible to find a DAB radio with a similar specification to this one in this price range that comes anywhere near this in function, useability, or durability. Mine is still going strong after over a year. I recently purchased another for my Mum I loved it so much. If mine broke tomorrow, as much as I love gadgets and toys, and trying new things, I would not hesitate to replace it with another Pure Chronos II. I cant give a product higher recommendation than that!
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on 7 March 2014
So, it's a DAB radio clock and it does indeed work in that basic regard. However if you leave it on standby power it will emit a low frequency buzzing sound - which isn't really noticeable during the day, but by the bedside at night is really annoying.

Perhaps more importantly, the control buttons on this are garbage and will only work when pushed dead centre and hard - which is not what you need when it is dark early in the morning and trying to turn the alarm off!

The menus and buttons are also ill conceived and unnecessarily over complicated. This would have been a 5/5 product with higher quality illuminated buttons, less of them, and power circuitry that cost more than $1, but unfortunately is another fine example of a product designer somewhere cranking out a gadget without actually trying to "live with it" to make sure it is actually decent.

In the end I threw this out and bought a Logitech product.
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on 18 April 2012
Despite the manufacturers claiming this system is compatible with ALL ipod models, it will not recognise my ipod touch. I phoned the support line to find out what was going on, and was told the model was faulty and to return it to Amazon for a replacement. Amazon had the replacement with me within 48 hours! Unfortunately it displayed exactly the same problem - it charges my ipod fine, but will not connect with it to play music. As I bought it specifically to use with my ipod, it is now being returned for a second time. This time I shall be looking at a different product altogether.
I am so disappointed, because I previously owned the CD version of the chronos which I loved.
It seems such a shame that manufacturers can't seem to design fully compatible ipod products.
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on 3 October 2013
I've had the Pure chronos iDock for since December 2011 the radio reception is rubbish. If like me you want to listen to your local radio station, radio 2, and radio 5 live, charge and listen to your i pod now and again, then don't buy this radio, the receiver is weak. I took the unit on holiday in Derbyshire and could'nt listen to the cricket it kept breaking up. In desperation I've fitted an arial socket for better reception a little better but not much the reciever is still too weak. I was hopeful a softwear upgrade would improve things No! You can't upgrade if your running windows 7 64 bit, or mac, no mention of windows 8. I gave it one star I think that's one too many. No problem with Amazon the iDock arrived quickly and ok.
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on 15 December 2012
I needed a new bedside radio/alarm and thought I might as well spend a little extra and get a really nice DAB radio. My wife asked the not altogether unreasonable question 'How MUCH?' I'm not now sure that I can justify spending the extra.

Set-up is a doddle straight out of the box. Who needs a manual? I only ever listen to four stations and it found and stored the DAB versions in seconds flat plus set the time and date all on its own.

Good sound! Can't deny that it sounds great. Not sure its powerful for any other room of the house but great sound in the bedroom.

At night the unit dims itself down leaving a glowing clock that isn't intrusive. The problem is that, in the dark, this is all you can see. All the buttons are somewhere beneath and at the side of this glowing clock and they are all blended seamlessly into the unit so there is no tactile clue where your fingers are when trying to operate the thing. A backlight around the keys would have been good or at least an edge to the stand-by button.

The alarm system is a problem for me too. To set the alarm you have to go through the menu setting on/off, the hour, the minute, the alarm type, the alarm volume, once daily or weekend mode, the day, the month and the year. All these buttons have to be pressed, which is not unreasonable I suppose. BUT.... I set my alarm about once a week, never at the same time of morning, and I usually wake up a minute or two before the alarm sounds anyway. At that point I want to cancel the alarm so as not to wake my wife, who needs all the sleep she can get! Is there a simple 'alarm off' switch? No, there isn't. You have to go into the alarm menu again and through all of those options above to turn it off. The very first option is the alarm on/off toggle but if you set it to off and ignore the rest it is still set to on! And each time you select an option you have to press in the big button in the centre of the unit which gives a very audible 'clunk' on each press, loud enough to wake a sleeping partner all on its own.

It's a good radio but I'm not sure it's a good bedside radio. And given that it isn't really suitable as a lounge radio (who needs one of those these days anyway?) I'm not really sure I can recommend it and can only give it three stars at best.

The problems are not insurmountable though. For version three a simple alarm on/off switch on top next to the very large snooze button would be good and a backlight to the bank of buttons and/or some tactile feel to the buttons would all make this unit so much better and would provide the missing two stars.
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on 24 October 2010
This is a great product. It sounds fantastic, and has great functionality as an alarm system (as well as a general stereo). The connectivity is more than you could ever need. It has DAB, FM, AUX, and iPod/iPhone support - I currently use an iPhone 3GS and will be upgrading to #4 shortly, but there is no supplied dock adapter for the new iPhone. It would be great if Pure made these available separately. A universal dock adapter from Apple is a bit expensive for the iPhone 4, and will be white - against the nice black radio. Not nice.

N.B.- There is some strange behaviour when switching off the Pure radio. Very infrequently the off button will switch the unit off, for it to magically turn on again a few seconds later. That's the only negative though. It's a great radio.


UPDATE: I've now downgraded my review from 4 to 3 stars. The sound and alarm functionality are superb, but there are some minor annoyances which are very irritating. Functionally there are issues with the reliance of it responding to the button pushes. Occasionally you will have to first click Snooze and then switch it on and off as the straight off button will not respond when the alarm is going off.

There is a fundamental design flaw for this product in terms of the actual buttons and their tactile response. As you place the clock radio on the same level as you lie in bed, reaching out to press a button to either stop the alarm, turn on the radio, set the sleep timer, etc., will result in you pushing the entire unit across the bed side table! The buttons are very firm and you need to support your pushing off them by reaching a finger/hand round the back of the unit. This is incredibly frustrating as I believe it could be solved with stickier rubber feet, or softer keys.

Still sounds good though, I've also found the additional USB charger port to be very useful for other items, i.e. Kindle, partner's phone, etc. Annoying that you can't purchase a dock sleeve for the iPhone 4 though - it does hold it though, but the phone is suspended by it's own dock.
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on 14 July 2012
Having bought a charging radio dock previously that allegedly worked with an iPhone 4S and been disappointed to find that it only worked in "airplane" mode, this product has restored my faith in manufacturers' claims. Setup was completed in about a minute after unpacking and plugging in and my iPhone 4S docked perfectly, even when fitted to a protective case. There are two alarms and the sound is excellent, as is the included remote and I am happily exploring all of the features available. At a price about 20% less than most of the high street I am very pleased with my purchase.
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on 16 February 2011
Bought recently. Fantastic sound quality for radio and chill out tunes, its not a stereo but if you want a stereo buy one. Next to my bed, plug in iphone charges overnight several alarms on it with a big sleep button. Brilliant (tiny) remote control. Aux sockets, plug powered (may have batteries too?) DAB and Pure = quality reception on radio. looks great and of high quality. Comes with 6ish interchangable cradles for the iphone/pod/thing u have. Can wake you up to tunes from radio, ipod / aux. Highly recommended. More people should rate this higher? What more do you want?
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on 7 June 2011
I bought this to replace my Chronos I which I liked, but which had various problems, the worst of all being interference with my i-Phone. No such problems here. When this machine works, it's great. The display isn't too bright. It is wonderfully user friendly. Easy to set up. Buttons and functions more intuitive and definitely an improvement on Chronos I. BUT I had to send my original one back after three months because it wouldn't play my i-Phone. Amazon replaced it incredibly quickly - wonderful service. Unfortunately my replacement broke yesterday, a different fault this time. The power button doesn't always work and then the whole thing shut down on me. I will be sending the iDock back for a refund and am now researching alternatives. Buy at your peril!
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on 25 January 2014
I swear by Pure DABs now. I was all Roberts, but one of their DABs packed up completely and another won't pick up signal in one area of the house. These seem to have very strong reception and superb sound. Bough one for each of the kids and I also have the Pure portable dab player which is also excellent. The iPod dock also works excellently. No better radio alarm clock for the price.
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