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on 28 June 2014
I Took a chance with this tablet.. I actually have 2 of them now. The reasons for 2..
It's fast, both in normal use and with its graphics in games.
Lots of features like HDMI out, micro sd slot, g sensor and ability to be charged from its normal port or the usb slot (need a 2amp usb charger though).
The WiFi on it is fast and the Bluetooth works well.
I have plugged into this tablet a 4 port USB hub and then ran both a full size keyboard and an optical mouse from the hub with no problems. A mouse cursor appears on the tablet screen, it's just like using a computer!
I have also plugged into it a USB stick and watched media from it. Also streamed movies from Netflix over the WiFi and from tethered WiFi mobiles with no problems.
The battery life while on Netflix on WiFi was over 4.5 hours. I still had about 25% battery life but not the time to sit for another movie to see if the last 25% drops fast like on some phones.

What's in the box....
UK 3 pin plug power charger for connection to the non USB power point on the tablet.
Micro USB adaptor so you can plug in standard USB devices (keyboard or mouse etc.)
USB cable ( micro USB at one end and standard connector at other) this is so you can connect the tablet to your PC to download or upload data / media.
Very basic setup book and the Tablet.

If I could improve anything with this fun, easy to use tablet it is the not very loud speakers on it.
If you are in a room that is not quite you may have trouble hearing it even on full volume. Add a case that covers the back and its even worse. Luckily the tablet has a headphone socket and Bluetooth so you can use those to connect in an external powered portable speaker and that problem is solved.

Problem 2 is the screen. If you look at the screen in portrait mode, the side viewing angle is not great. This is not that much of an issue as most of the time you will be using it in landscape. Which I find has no problems. The screen is OK. It's not Samsung or Apple quality but then again this is less that a quarter of the price. it is NOT made from gorilla glass or those high strength materials either. So invest in a proper screen protector else it WILL get scratched.

Problem 3 is that everything you install from Google play goes on the tablet storage and you have to go into the storage App list and tell it to move them to your SD card else you will run out of space fast.

I would happily buy this product for family or friends as a gift.. as I have done with the second one I bought.

I can't comment on the customer service of the company as I have not had to deal with them.
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on 18 April 2014
I wanted this as a second cheap tablet that I could take with me on my trips away and chuck around a bit without worrying too much about breaking or losing it . (My wife has a high-end dell XPS 10 Windows RT Tablet, which is very good and much underrated!, so I will understandably compare it to that). Firstly, I did not have the "wouldn't charge without cutting away a bit of plastic issue" reported elsewhere here, it worked straight out of the box. I already had a Google account, so signed into that straight away, no issues. At first I couldn't get into the "Play Store", until I realised that if you have set up your google account with something other than a Google mail log-in, (mine was hotmail address) you can't access the store. I upgraded my google account by adding a googlemail address, and hey presto, no problems. (I am not experienced with Android, so this shouldn't be a problem to regular users!). The display is 1200 X 600, which is adequate for everyday browsing. Sound quality is very good, especially through ear phones, I would say as good as the Dell. Display is not as good as the Dell, but surprisingly good for the price. Build Quality and performance is also surprisingly good for the price and given some of the reports I have read on these Chinese Tablets, the battery lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. Downloaded all the usual Apps straight away, and all worked fine, receives wireless signal very well, no issues. Did I mention the performance! IT'S VERY GOOD!. You can't really compare this to a "High End" Tablet, but whilst there is a very big price difference, there's not a lot of difference in quality and performance. It does everything I need it to, at a fraction of the cost! I'm very happy.
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on 15 February 2016
I bought the Polatab primarily as a “kitchen” tablet – I wanted a cheap and cheerful tablet to be used with a Bluetooth speaker mainly for playing music and iPlayer radio ( 4 and 4 ex), but also for TV, You Tube while cooking or Googling for info/recipes etc.
I mounted it on the kitchen wall, permanently plugged in and Bluetooth connected. I got it all configured up just as I wanted it...Excellent, it worked fine... good sound, good display, good connectivity, easy to use. I thought I’d bagged a real bargain !!

THEN... next day... the pre-installed malware kicked in. The tablet insisted on downloading an app called “Settings!” (different from “Settings”) and an “Enhanced Sound Recorder” together with 3 naff (but otherwise fairly harmless?) children’s games. Despite uninstalling these apps, disabling automatic app updates in the Google apps store settings, and disabling installs from Unknown Sources, each time I removed them they would be automatically re-downloaded a few minutes later. These apps then ran in the background and threw up unwanted full screen adverts in the middle of whatever else I was playing. They were Trojans. I reset the tablet to factory settings, connected up to wifi, but installed nothing else.... and waited... The same thing happened again. It appears the downloads were triggered by some sort of pre-installed functionality already in the tablet. Installing an anti-virus app (I used AVG) successfully intercepted the “Settings!” and “Sound Recorder” downloads each time identifying them as malware, but resulted in pop-up prompts asking whether to allow/deny installation (deny obviously!) every few minutes....safer, but almost as irritating.

Googling for “android tablet pre-installed Trojans” yields some interesting reading. One link, from “Cheetah Mobile Security Lab”, shows “softwinners” as one of the leading affected brands. When I connected my Polatab to Airdroid, the default name given to the device by the Airdroid app was “Softwinner V11”

The Polatab (a Great British Brand according to the Amazon headline...believe that?) website provides no means of contact other than a web-form email... to which, of course, they don’t reply. Clearly the pre-installed functionality and Trojans are cynical and deliberate, possibly just to get an income stream from the advertisers, possibly for more evil purposes yet to be devised or to become apparent. Who knows what additional crap-ware, spy-ware, viruses etc they could remotely and stealthily install on unsuspecting users’ machines in the future via the back-door they have conveniently left open for themselves?

Very disappointed... I experimented with rooting the tablet and running an app freezer app... or running an ad blocker, but had little success. I’m sure this would be possible with some perseverance, but I’d lost confidence in the thing. I decided to get a refund and spend an additional £60 to buy a more respectable and, hopefully, more honourable brand.

Returned to Amazon for refund with reason “Product not as described” . Manufacturers should be heavily fined for such dishonesty... but they won’t be. Please punish them by spreading the knowledge .... and not buying their product !
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on 21 May 2014
I don't usually write reviews but I feel I need to in this case . if you want my honest opinion . well here goes . if u don't mind not having branded names written on your tablet . then you can't really tell the difference . its quick .has latest KitKat .. Has not one but two charging points . HDMI etc. Sound OK. Great with headphones. The only negative point that I have found is quality of screen is not as good as top of the range stuff . saying that this is a tablet that will do anything you want to do on it at a fraction of the price of top makes .this tablet deserves to have 10 stars for the money as you could buy 3 or 4 of these for the price of a top make and I for one shall always now buy a tablet like this one rather than spend a fortune on one that just gives you better visuals. what this tablet so far has worked flawlessly very impressed . build quality........ Well you just can't tell the difference .it seems well built ,strong, sturdy, all the buttons etc are at bottom of tab (not all around it) good idea I thought. And packaging top marks for that to you would think I ordered a I pad. Again impressed. Delivery admit took a bit longer than hoped but well worth the wait . I cannot rate the vfm on this tablet anymore as it has been the bargain of the year so far for me ,. Again if you don't mind top quality screen you would save a fortune and if it breaks buy another ( still cheaper its fab) this will do me thank you very much ,.,one happy customer ,😁
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on 26 June 2014
This is a replacement for my Motorola Xoom that I have been with out for a year now, and was urgently needing a cheep good 10inch tablet.

So I am not a tech head but in the last 6 days have downloaded two books from UK, and listened to one straight off Hestoid The Life and Times off. Downloading them was quick and easy and the Google app worked well.

One 90 min film off bbci player. Downloaded quickly and app worked well, played back with no hitiches. And when you've been without a TV from two years it made a pleasant change.

And in the last two days I've downloaded and played back 5 music mp3 albums off amazon cloud. At the moment I am just trying to work out how to stick all the music on my Micro SD 32 card.

And not had much time to d/load games but the 4 I have are playing really welln☺

So yes I am really happy with it, I certainly can't fault it and great price.

Some reviews have commented it does not play loud enough. But its fine for me. I am hyperacustic, and last night tried and I could hear my music on it in every room of my flat.

So if you are thinking of buying it, do. You won't be dissapointed
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on 27 June 2014
Crumbs what more could you want. Perhaps a better camera, but I have a camera costing hundreds of pounds to take pictures, and phones and tablets could never come close to the quality of a good lens.Battery life is way better than I expected. This was one area I was expecting poor performance but my use is not great and I get days out of a charge. I have not given it heavy use like watching videos. My use would be about an hour a day max, but for what I need the battery life is good, so I am happy.
Screen is good, nice and clear I can read it and I have the back light on low.
I was looking to buy a top of the range tablet but I was not sure how much I would use it, so my thinking was to get a cheap one and upgrade once I knew what I wanted. To be honest I cannot now see the point in buying a top of the range Tablet as this is fast enough and good enough. for my needs. Apple will not be getting my money now.
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on 23 October 2014
I bought this tablet on the basis of the numerous 5 star reviews it has here and elsewhere. Unfortunately after using it for 4 weeks I have to say it hasn't lived up to those reviews. I should point out here that I eventually had to return the tablet due to a hardware fault as the display kept shutting off and couldn't be awoken until the tablet was restarted as well the device kept resetting itself at random but my review would be poor regardless of these faults.

The first issue I have is with the screen. As others pointed out you have to be looking at it at the exact right angle to be able to see things properly and you'll find yourself constantly tilted it trying to get it right. The resolution is also very poor, small text looks jagged and images are pixelated. Even high quality video like Netflix looks awful. Further to this the speaker on the back is whisper quiet so even watching things in bed requires headphones.

The other issue I had with this tablet is that is arrives rooted at a factory level which isn't mentioned in the specs. This means that apps such as Sky Player and Blinkbox won't work due to rooted devices being too easily used to illegally obtain movies. This can't be resolved. I also believe the rooting issue is why Chromecast functionality is very patchy and unreliable. It works fine with YouTube but Netflix, BubbleuPnP and BBC iPlayer all had problems.

Other problems I had with the tablet:
- Playing videos from the external SD card is choppy, unreliable and doesn't work with the provided video player app (I had to use VLC instead)
- External SD card became corrupted and had to be formatted (this could be the card itself though)
- Battery life noticeably weakened over the 4 weeks I had it
- The cameras aren't just poor, they're completely unusable. On a par with the first camera phones.

Obviously some of these issues you might expect for the low price and I would say that the tablet does have some strengths; the processor power is as good as the high end tablets and the HDMI output works well but ultimately these don't cover up the numerous faults I found with this device.
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on 14 August 2014
Great price. Easy to use. I haven't bothered with all the things it can do. This is my first tablet and just wanted to get access to the internet instead of always having to sit at my computer. I did quite a bit of research on tablets and the differences in price were quite staggering. I am glad I bought this one.
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on 17 April 2014
I though I would write a review of the tablet as it is very much worthy of an honest review
firstly when I received the parcel with the tablet inside, it said it was a 4.2 table on the box, but after checking the system it runs on it is indeed running soon a android 4.4.2 which I've been informed is indeed a KitKat'
The system runs on an a31s processed which is very much top of the range and well handle easy peesy 1080p or indeed 4k videos etc and gaming'

Tablet has mini HDMI slot otg slot and everything else you could wish for,mine came with a screen protective sheet which fitted perfectly and also cables needed, unlike other feedbacks I had no problems with fitting charger as it fitted in slot perfectley, I would say the charging cable was a little short maybe around 2feet not much of an issue'

The screen resolution isn't great and Iittle speckled and the screen felt weir to touch but with screen protector it is fine, to be honest I did not like the tablet to begin with I thought it was cheapley made,UNTIL I piped the HDMI cable into slot and onto my super HD TV and then its OMG the clarity that come through this device onto the screen is utterly amazing and indeed it does 4k on output on HDMI from this device 1080p HD is utterly amazing the picture coming through this divide is better than digital TV on the same TV if you understand me, YouTube is great outstanding price of kit.

This device is made by all winner they have cut costs with the screen on tablet it is not hd glass screen so please don't be put off by that, what they have done is put the very best chips and processors in this device not many devices can handle4k this can, I've used the best iPads on the market and the inners of this device beats them hands down and yes I know conners have been cut with screen which is possible then becomes phenomenal when connected with HDMI, to say I was having problems before with my Samsung HD phablet which was slow and broke up a lot whilst watching YouTube etc, this device streets very well.

You can also use printer with this device, for the money which is staggeringly low price and works brilliantly you would be paying 400 to 500 0lus pounds if it was Samsung etc with the processors etc and what its capable of doing, they have cut corners like I said with outer bits but no way have they cut corners with the capacity and capabilities of the device.
It is intended to be affordable to mass market in Asia and rest of world with low wage but it is in no way has cheap internal capabilities and is of the very highest standards,and can also be used for business and pleasure no problems'

So yes I would say buy this tablet it it more than awsom, PS please throw away your PC and laptop as this can do it all and much more,,,

I'm a very happy camper with this device,

Hope this feedback for potential owners, thank you
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on 15 May 2014
Great item for the price,everything I need and easy to set up and use. Item arrived quickly and with no problems.
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