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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 22 April 2017
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on 27 April 2017
Action packed chic flick comedy
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on 13 February 2017
It's a DVD. Used but good
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on 29 October 2003
This sequel is perfect cinema viewing- it's a popcorn eating, fluffy, 'girl-power' type of film, which is easy on the eye and doesn't take a lot of concentration. It doesn't try to be anything it isn't or claim to be a deliberately thought out plot that leaves it's audience shocked/thrilled, which counts in both its favour and as a disadvantage, hence why it's only an 'above average film.'
On the plus side it's an action-packed, fun-lovin' sequel that will have you smiling from start to finish. The three angels, Barrymore, Lucy Lui and Diaz reprise their roles and still look good with an innocent, giggling surface with a 'don't mess with me' attitude. All three don't have to put much effort into it to carry them through the film and in general it hardly takes first class acting to pull of their roles, and in places it shows through. But whose complaining about that? The film was never expected to win any Oscars for it's acting nor its plot...which is a good job seeing as it got confusing and utterly bewildering in some places. To be honest there was half plot about a Witness Protection thing, but it got lost in the special effects and by the end the film was more centered on the three girls and their slow-mo kung-fu kicks then anything else.
However there was some genuine funny dialogue (nowhere near as good as the firs though)plus a few guest appearances. Cleese as Lucy Lui's Dad was, as he always is, funny and entertaining. Matt Le Blanc also makes a guest appearance as Lui's boyfriend but unfortunately it's hard to see him as anyone else other than 'Joey' from friends which is a shame as he was, at times, good in the film. Demi Moore still has a body-to-die for and is excellent in the role of a fallen angel, her ex-hubby Bruce Willis gets washed away in the plot and only appears in the film briefly.
Overall the film is about the explosive special effects which dominate the film.Some are brilliant, some are a bit touch-and-go but mainly it's an entertaining film which is well worth a look.
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The first Charlie's Angels film, starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Lui, was a success, therefore it got the inevitable sequel. However, despite much promotion from the studio, it picked up more than its fair share of harsh criticism, turning it into a bit of a `flop.'

Personally, I really enjoyed it. Yes, it's daft. Yes, it's cheesy. And, yes, some scenes look more like they belong in an advert for shampoo. But, at the end of the day, it's pretty harmless fun. Before you watch it, you just have to sit down with the biggest pinch of salt you've ever taken to get the most out of it.

The phrase `in real life' isn't needed when watching Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Nothing here is applicable to real life. Three wafer thin women kick the hell out of numerous muscular men (and Demi Moore) without coming away with a scratch. Stupid. But stupid fun. It never tries to take itself seriously, with its playful use of daft sound effects and numerous sexual innuendos. It's about as true to life as a Roger Moore James Bond film (of which I'm also a huge fan!).

Men will doubtless have the added bonus of watching three Hollywood women in a range of `flattering' and most revealing costumes. Maybe the producers of the film will try to make us believe that this is some sort of `feminist' movie with powerful women beating up men. Hmm, that's one I won't dare to even try to debate!

Ultimately, think of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle as a life-action cartoon, as it's more cartoonish than real. If you think you can do that, you'll probably enjoy it. If you're all for realistic, gritty, dark action, then you're probably better off with something like The Bourne Identity, Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, or Daniel Craig's Bond reboot.

Note: added kudos for the film-makers for getting Bruce Willis assassinated by his ex wife - made me chuckle anyway!
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on 13 June 2004
In my opinion, this is a great movie. I went to see the second, barely able to remember the first, having seen it so long ago. I came out grinning from ear to ear. The song, 'Any Way You Want It' from the out-takes still doesn't fail to make me smile. The girls turn out better acting performances than needed for the film, which is also a pleasant surprise.
A few pieces of trivia:
Bruce Willis did the cameo in the film in exchange for the girls doing a plug for his children's charity.
Guns aren't used in the films by the good guys, because Drew Barrymore didn't want to promote the use of guns.
In one of the scenes with the Angels and Bosley, Liu's character 'Alex' is not supposed to laugh, however, Lucy Liu found Bernie Mac's line so funny, she couldn't surpress a giggle, and McG thought it was so cute, he left it in.
BTW, to the person who reviewed asking why did Bruce Willis lower himself, there's your answer.
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on 28 July 2004
Let's get one thing straight before we go on: Charlie's Angels is a Popcorn Movie. It's a sweet dose of saccharine-rich eye-candy with a side order of custardy clichés. It's fun. There are no efforts being made to achieve success at the Oscars, no desire to make it big at Cannes. It's not trying make big political points or wave its opinions in your face. It's not presenting the audience with a philosophical poser. Like its previous iteration it's simply about high-quality low-concept thrills, and on this premise Full Throttle totally, brilliantly, delivers.
From the word go we are well and truly in what Director McG refers to as 'AngelWorld', the make-believe land where three sexy young femmes are an unstoppable force against all-those-who-seek-to-do-wrong. This time they face ex-Angel Madison Lee (Moore) who is trying her hardest to build her own evil empire, stealing the two witness protection scheme rings and enlisting the help of several bands of wrong do-ers to aid her. Okay, so the plot is as silly as they come, but that in itself is a joy and to be honest it doesn't matter at all. The film leaps effortlessly from action sequence to action sequence (claims that McG is a ex-MTV madman are unfounded), with well timed and edited intervals in between. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with the plot, but its impossible not to be swept up in the frenetic pace of it all.
It's also hard not to keep summing up Full Throttle in glib-hyphenated-soundbites, such is the enthusiasm with which it's been created and the feeling it leaves you with. One sequence sees Natalie (Diaz) performing an impromptu dance routine whilst out on a date with boyfriend Pete (Luke Wilson), strutting her stuff with the crowd around her and giving a knowing half-wink to the camera. Naturally enough the piece ends with her falling into his arms.
The soundtrack aids the riotous action on-screen, with no less than three tracks by The Prodigy (Breathe, Firestarter and the superbly ept Smack Your Bitch Up) and even the appearance of Electric Six's Danger! High Voltage! There are of course a large selection of disco choons- cringe-worthy "classics" that raise a laugh when they come on. These aren't just laid on like party pieces, though, they are knowingly placed by a skilled director. And say what you want about his career jump, he certainly knows how to make a brilliant looking picture.
Upon its release, people were quick to criticise this film on the grounds that it's unrealistic. Of course it is. But since when did that matter? Just as Neo is in The Matrix, the Angels are in Angelworld, a conceit that works perfectly well when you think about it (if you care to). Charlies Angels 2 dares to give the real audience - those who watch the film to be entertained, rather than to gain their 'right-to-reply' - what they want. In this world, it seems, people can't be happy with anything, not least a well-executed summer film.
Still, more fool them eh? Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is everything you could want from a popcorn-munching-bubblegum-escapism-girls-in-pig-tails-summer-blockbuster. Et plus. The DVD features a glorious film print, an excellent commentary from helmer McG and some short featurettes.
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on 21 January 2007
I absolutely love charlie's angels! Both the first movie and even the game, both appealed to me. I was so excited to see the second movie after enjoying the first so much. And it couldn't have been better! You get the rough idea from the first, whether you will like this or not. Again, another mission for the three angels in which are out to baddies yet again. The stunts are amazing, though a little un real in parts. But oh well thats what makes the movie so great!
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on 11 August 2016
This movie is miles better than the 1st movie.!
Full of sexy ladies & great music.
1hr 42 minutes / Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound / about 1hr 45 minutes of extra features.!
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on 4 April 2011
if you're looking for lighthearted comedy, this is for you. hilarious from start to finish with countless cameo appearances to boot.

thank you drew barrymore :)
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