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on 27 May 2007
Great watch, does all the basics. My work and play requires me know tidal states so this watch is very handy for reading rough tidal states. I say rough because no matter how much I fine tuned this watch it could be fairly accurate at one point of the lunar cycle then a little adrift at others. However,as a guide to tidal state and at the price it works well. The downside was when the case broke around the point the strap pin fitted rendering it beyond economical repair(after 2 years). In my opinion this fitting will break long before the owner will enjoy 10 years of guaranteed battery life. I'd have given it 5 stars but for this complaint....I hope somebody from CASIO is listening!
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on 28 April 2011
I wanted an inexpensive digital watch for coastal/offshore sailing, with a tidal display. I have a bigger Tidal Watch by Timex, but wanted something that I could wear 24x7 while sailing. This one meets the bill. It is small, but the display is easy to read. The four programming buttons are standard for Casio, and the watch has the usual functions - time/day/date, alarm, stopwatch and countdown. The grey button on the front at the bottom is the illumination button. Pressed once the screen is illuminated for a few seconds - hold it for longer illumination.
The tidal display is at the top. In the illustration, there are two "bars" at the right - it is after High Water. In an hour or two the bars will have "moved to the right to the left hand side of the screen", will be smaller, then will move further to the right and be smaller still; Low Water - above the number "zero" part of 10 in the illustration. They will then continue to move progressively right and become larger until the top of the "curve" above the number 8 in the illustration.
Others have criticised the strap, saying it is flimsy. It is perfectly adequate - if my watch catches on an anchor chain, I'd rather the strap broke than my wrist! I wouldn't dream of wearing my Timex which has a leather strap for anchor work...

EDIT: July 2013
After just over two years use the strap has just broken - I think it just got a bit brittle... It is more plastic that rubber to be honest. If buying a Casio replacement strap, the cost from Amazon is about the same as buying a replacement watch! Other owners have replaced with velcro straps. If you read the reviews, it seems to be a matter of "when" and not "if" the strap breaks!
I've bought this replacement:
Casio W 753 1AVES Digital Resin Strap
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on 14 December 2007
Very good time-keeping. Dual time display. 5 alarms. Hourly time signal. Stopwatch. Tidal state indicator and more. All easy to set up and adjust.

In use I have found the tide state to be accurate to within an hour or so and this is fine if you just need to know if its low or high or if its a flood or an ebb.

The strap is a thin plastic affair and in hot weather it is uncomfortable and, maybe it will not last more than 2 years, but all this for less than the price of a round of drinks ... You can't go wrong!
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on 2 October 2007
I bought this watch for myself and my husband - and the straps on both lasted less than 2 years. Very cheap plastic.
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on 23 July 2010
I have owned a number of watches for dinghy sailing over the years, and this one stands out as the best. All the functions you need, such as countdown timer, settable for any number of minutes (e.g. five), and resettable at a different time (e.g. the 4-minute signal) to synchronise if, for example, the original countdown was started a bit late.

The buttons are also more reliable - less prone to accidental pressing while easy to press deliberately - than with other watches I've used.

Great for everyday use too.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 December 2010
We bought a couple of these years ago, intended as his and hers for sailing, but they have both ended up with me - very useful for navigation and watch-keeping - the repeating timer is grand for keeping one honest on watch - doing a regular horizon scan without fail.
The strap on this watch is less than perfect, but then we don't buy watches as jewelery - they are essential tools at sea. We used to buy the much more pricey tide/moon watches from Casio, which eventually wore out or fell overboard, and have used these ever since - nearly 10 nears now, I think. Who would have believed the 10-year battery life was real? Amazing.
Both our straps were replaced with velcro-closure fabric straps that seemingly last forever. One of them is at least 12 years old, used to support an older Casio until it got hit by a hatch once too often. The other strap was replaced more recently when it finally perished - after several years use. The inexpensive velcro fabric strap was a couple of quid from a watch-battery kiosk, should have done it years ago.
The countdown timer is essential for watch-keeping, or at least watch-keeper training (and re-training). After a few weeks ashore I lose the reflex of popping my head up for a couple of 360 scans every so often - the time interval depending on conditions.
Time-keeping is good enough for astro-navigation - one of our watches gains a smidge more than the other, but both keep closely to their tiny deviations when worn on the wrist to keep the temperature nearly constant. Just correct weekly for best results.
The tide guide is good - as fiddly as it can be to set up, it has worked reliably for us in straightforward waters with a single tide. Obviously there is small hope of predicting a double tide (eg Solent) with such a simple algorithm.
Having said that we have used it successfully as a tide-prediction tool in the English Channel, Spain, the Canaries, Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, the Philipines and Australia. No - it does not give depth of tide, but it does do a fair job of predicting the time. Who can say _exactly_ when the tide turns, anyway?
The Casio manual warns against casual navigational use - but so do Admiralty tide tables! A stiff wind from an unexpected direction can always stuff up the best tidal predictions, so take soundings, eh? It still helps to know when the ebb _should_ start, especially when making a landfall.
Dual time zones is good when voyaging - keep one on GMT, change the other and you're sorted.
Our watches have had long and hard use, but both still work fine, although I would not willingly take either down to 100M depth after all these years - but one did survive a ducking last month when an instructor dumped his dinghy in a gust. It was a fun occasion, with rescue boats much in evidence and a free sausage sandwich in the clubhouse after!
If you are happy with the idea of an aftermarket strap, then this watch is highly recommended to those wanting a useful tool at sea. Does what it says on the tin. The price is OK too!
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on 1 October 2013
Good value watch.
I use it mainly for dinghy sailing.
Seems sufficiently waterproof and is light, cheap and compact.
It has a countdown timer for racing and is not as big and expensive as a more specialist sailing watch.
If ever I get as good as Ben Ainslie, then I will buy a better one.
The moon display is quite interesting, but if you are going to sail off (UK) coast, suggest you get more accurate tide information than this. You set location, say, London, how can it give correct tide in, for instance, both Liverpool and Hull? Manual carries a disclaimer about using it for navigation anyway. So it's not really a sea pathfinder after all. It has five alarms. Personally, I would prefer one straight-forward and reliable one, rather than five complicated. But don't let me put you off, it's a nice, cheap watch.
Also the battery has a 10 year life. (I assume that is, providing you don't press the light button every five minutes?)
So buy one, the battery could last longer than you...
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on 22 October 2011
I found this watch very comfortable to wear both when being active such as rambling and dinghy sailing and even relaxing with a book. The watch proved to be fully waterproof for my needs which included dipping my hand overboard briefly into the sea on a regular basis and even swimming for short periods. The strap was comfortable and seemed sufficient for normal wear at least for a year or so. Even when my wrist was wet there was no itch or desire to remove the watch . Still trying to get to grips with the tide graph but thats more me than the watch I think. A good buy.
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on 14 September 2008
I also have a small collecton of casio watches with broken straps...the straps always give out long before the watches; in this case after only 12 months. Frustratingly it's not repairable and the best you can do is make a lanyard and hang the watch around something- not very elegant!
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on 30 March 2009
I bought this watch just over a year ago. I needed a watch that wasn't too bulky, was waterproof and that I could read clearly. The tide gizmo was nice to have but the main thing was decent sized numerals. Unfortunately nearly all digital watches are too fussy and cluttered but this one passed muster. After a spell with the manual I got it all working including the tides. Then six weeks later the case broke at the strap mounting point. After a wrangle with Casio's warranty department they agreed not to charge me £17 for a repair and sent me what was obviously a new watch. In the meantime I'd purchased a replacement for the same price as the prospective "repair", so I now had two watches. The second one lasted a few months before the strap came off (same place) while taking my jacket off! I switched to watch number three. This lasted until last week when I went to check the time only to discover the watch had disappeared. Presumably the strap failed at the same place.
I've given up arguing with Casio and reverted to wearing a much cheaper Casio which I've had for several years. It's smaller and lighter and the buttons have a better action. More importantly the case is still intact, albeit with a different strap after the old one broke.
So, from my experience two years would be a very long time for this watch to last. Three or four months is good. Avoid.
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