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on 26 April 2017
Wery nice
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on 16 March 2012
I bought this wanting a smart watch but with 'ABC' digital type features.
The watch is superbly made and is indeed very smart. Being mainly black it is more than OK for work use in an office.

The watch is easy to set up though the instructions look daunting. Once set to your home city the watch - being radio controlled - just gets the correct time every night and is 100% accurate as a result (so long as you are in range of the transmitters). It is solar powered so no need for new batteries either.

It has a compass, barometer and altimeter - though like my other Casio 'ABC' watches I found the altimeter to be rather unreliable ... you are best setting a reference altitude before you walk/climb in order to get decent accuracy.

The temperature reads effectively your wrist temperature when being worn but leave it for 20 minutes and it reads OK.

The compass uses the second hand to point to north and is more than OK.

The lower part of the face has a digital display for the date and day ... or for the date and the barometer graph - which I found very useful as a guide to the weather coming up. This digital display can also be used to show the time in digital format should you wish.

The strap is resin / rubberised + typically Casio and easy to use.

Size wise the watch is large + quite tall and though light in weight it sits up quite a bit more than I thought it would. Nothing too great but not as flat as say a PRW-2000.

Overall a really good watch for anyone wanting the features of a good digital but with hands ! The little digital display really is useful ... but beware it is obscured at times as the hands rotate ...
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on 24 September 2013
I really like this watch. It is comfortable to wear, is easy to read and the additional functions are really usefull. .Just found my way back to the station using the compass. The only thing I would change to give it 5 stars would be able to have English Day/Month instead of being stuck with the American Month/Day
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on 30 October 2013
I've only had this watch a couple of weeks but already I really like it. I spent a fair bit of time researching the purchase as I specifically wanted the three sensor functions - compass, barometer and altimeter. Not that I've really put them to the test yet, but you'll find plenty of reviewers who have. It's my second solar-powered Casio with radio-controlled time (my first, which I wear every day, is a WVA-430TE) and I wanted both features again. The timekeeping is excellent and power source will go on for as long as I need it (I hope). This model also has a tiny LED which illuminates the face - a feature that I've missed on the WVA-430TE - although it's not brilliant and I've not been able to find the button without putting the bedside light on, which rather defeats the purpose. I gather the light will automatically illuminate in the dark when you lift your arm to look at the watch, but I have yet to set up this feature.

I've had several Casio watches and have always been very impressed with them. Many years ago I found my first one working perfectly as it was lying rather battered in a puddle in a lay-by. I figured if it could survive that, it could survive anything. I've still got it - works perfectly, and I've been a fan ever since.

I ended up with a shortlist of two - the PRW-5100-1ER and the PRW-5000-1ER. For me, this watch has the edge in terms of looks - a bit more sober than its silver/orange-faced sibling. Otherwise there was nothing in it. The PRW-5100-1ER is comfortable and functional. It's the largest watch I've owned because in the past I've steered away from the more blingy watches, but this handsome-looking watch has a subdued, controlled appearance.

I intend to use the watch regularly, and particularly out in the countryside as a fun aid when walking. There's no substitute for a proper compass although the watch seems to find north quite reliably, and the barometer and altimeter will add a new dimension to the outdoors.

TIP: many reviewers mention the thickness of the user manual. It is true that it's thick, but that's because it contains almost every language under the sun. My main problem with it is the tiny sized font so I've downloaded and saved the instructions as a pdf document from the Casio website.
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on 16 April 2013
The PRW5100 is rugged and durable - I haven't managed to scratch it yet in the 3 months that I've owned it even though I wear it everywhere. The resin strap makes it comfortable to wear. It's a bulky watch but it's very light and sits comfortably on the wrist.

As a timepiece it's superb. It has large luminous hands, a clear watchface and a light for use in the dark. The combined attributes of solar power and radio control mean that the time is always right and you never need to adjust it. (In fact it was even delivered with the correct time and date settings). The watch synchronises daily at 2 or 3 am if left on a window overnight. It recently automatically adjusted to the summertime switchover.

The barometer and altimeter are essentially one instrument. The watch converts measured barometric pressure into an equivalent altitude. Inevitably, changes in barometric pressure due to weather conditions influence the accuracy of the altimeter. However, the barometer itself appears to be accurate, and for measuring relative altitude, or altitude change, in stable weather conditions it's perfectly adequate over the few hundred metres that I've used it.

The thermometer effectively measures your wrist temperature, as other reviewers have said, and the watch needs to be removed from your person for 20 minutes to get an accurate measurement of the environment temperature, making it as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

The compass is far from accurate. When the compass function is selected, the second hand points to the north. However if you move your wrist the second hand moves in a somewhat erratic manner and doesn't stay true to its original orientation. When compared with a conventional compass it can be inaccurate by several degrees to the east or west.

With regard to looks, I can only say that it's a big black chunky watch.Personally I would like to see more styling and detail with more options for different colours. It's a pity that a number of the alternative styles of this model with resin strap that are available on the Japanese market are not available at a comparable price in Europe.

All in all a very good gents timepiece with some fun additional functions. Good value for money.
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on 25 February 2013
delivery was very quick, my watch was well packaged, this watch I must say is once you have it you'll know that this is a lifetime watch, has all the features I need and more, also a good size to match my wrists, this watch wears well with any outfit, whether I'm out cycling, hiking, or out on the town, going for dinner, it sits well, I won't say I'm not going to but another Casio, but for now, this one is ticking all the boxes so far, to top it all off, I caught this one, just i time, get this, half price!!....LOL!!....and it was worth the search and waiting, patience is truly rewarding.
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on 5 March 2013
This watch keeps excellent time of course and in the uk seems to receive all of the appropriate radio signals. Going to France next week. Will see how it performs there. Like all sophisticated watches, it is quite complex to set up. The compass is easy to use and should be useful for my walking holidays. The watch is very easy to read (even to my poor eyes ) and the light functions well when needed. I have not used the baro function yet, but will try it when we are out walking in the hills. Overall the watch is quite sturdy and the strap is strong and practical.
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Perfect transaction with Amazon.co.uk and the watch is what I expected.
I recommend it to people who like outdoor sports, hiking, trekking etc and for those who want a nice sport gadget on their wrist.
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on 18 August 2015
It's my first ever Casio watch to break down - it's internal mechanism for the analog watch stuck and I had to repair it at the shop - out of warranty, paid for it. A bit disappointing I must say. Another thing is that for such a model you'd expect that you can read your digital time on the screen at the bottom, but it doesn't, you have to move it to another mode, or learn to read only the analog watch. Other than that, solid build by looks.
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on 17 April 2013
The worst thing about this watch is the book, but maybe that's just me not that bright. I have owned protreks for about seven years, one battery job, the other solar,still got them and where them often. I really wanted something kind of tough and rubberised so would not get marked up as they tend to with every day living, but ended up with this one. both my other watches are digital, which for me is great, I don't have to strain to count little dot's which I can hardly see any more. I like analog but usually have trouble reading the
time in the pub.I have no trouble with this one.The compass on this one is better to me, as well. It uses the second to find North and gives a digital read out as well. The fact it has radio timing is a big plus,it does every thing my other watches do. I travel quite a bit
so this type of watch is a real boon wizzing through different time zones. It was a pity I had slip the government a 40 quid bribe so the people in the know (Amazon) could get this watch for me. Just to mention it's great of a night, no buttons to fumble for, magic,and if you do want to fumble there's a light as well. I'm still looking for my rubber watch.
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