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on 1 April 2017
Clear, easy to read, and (once set for LONdon, not PARis as the watch arrived set to) easy to operate. The main chore was getting the battery charged up enough to remain in the HI level; I did this over a weekend by exposing the watch to as much sunlight/daylight as possible, and leaving it on a east-facing window to catch the morning sun before I get up.

The link extraction tool supplied is simple and very effective.

I don't know whether the glass is scratch resistant (a few reviewers think not, so I'm being careful), but no scratches yet.

Time keeping is as you would expect from a radio synchronized watch. Just make sure (in the UK) that the world zone is LON and not GMT as the latter will not move forward/back in March and October.
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on 22 December 2016
There is something very reassuring about the Wave-ceptor concept - synchronised withan atomic clock nightly, you can be confident that it is always right on time. Why would you want a time piece you set yourself that is at risk of being wrong? I had an earlier model Casio waveceptor for around twelve years and when it finally expired I went straight to the current model. It is solar powered now, so no battery failure every couple of years, which is great, and the face is slightly bigger than old models. Most important, the links in the bracelet are a breeze to shorten, another chore to cross off the list. It costs a little less with a ordinary material strap, but I like the simplicity of the metal click in place. The perfect watch, which for something you wear 24 hours a day year in year out, is a reliable friend.
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on 1 June 2017
I really loved this watch. It is extremely stylish and keeps the time well (via radio). It has glow in the dark hands etc and a bright light so is easy to see in the dark.

However I had to reluctantly return it as it scratches way too easily!

Unless you are very careful and not prone to knocking your watch face then this is not a good thing! :(.

Also seemed to not automatically change time when the clocks changed which was a pain. Had to look up the manual to figure out how to get the time to re-sync.

The description on amazon was wrong - it is not scratch resistant at all.

Buy for occasional use maybe but I needed an all day every day watch.
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on 28 August 2014
Very light but also very strong (Titanium, DOH!)
Great contrast on screen, very easy to read.
Very bright illumination from an orange led at push of a button for night time viewing.
Accurate to the second since I got it as it sets itself from the radio time signal clock during the night.
There are 8 links which can be removed for adjustment in bracelet size so this should fit everyone.
Removing / adjusting links is REALLY easy.

1.Push provided plastic tool into hole in the link and the link unlocks.
2. Do the same to the link immediately below and the unjoined link drops out.
3. Hold plastic tool in hole and push unjoined links together, remove tool to lock them in place.

Don't know how effective the solar charging is but mine arrived at 100% and is still showing full, IN SCOTLAND!

Best watch I have bought for a while now and I think it will last. Would happily replace it with same when/if it eventually dies.

Came with a 2 year guarantee which expired 6 months ago. Watch is now dead.
Don't think I will be replacing it with same at this price as I expected it to last longer.
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on 7 June 2017
This watch replaces an earlier Casio solar watch on which the strap failed. This unit is much easier to set up and it was delivered more or less aligned to UK time. (With the previous watch I always had to refer to the handbook to change to BST/GMT because it was so complicated!) The watch is very light and there is a tool supplied for enabling the removal of the stainless steel links of the strap for correct fitting to one's wrist. It picks up the radio time signal well and is accurate to the second. All in all, I am very pleased with it.
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on 1 December 2013
Ever since I heard about radio-controlled watches, I've wanted one. When my old watch packed up, it gave me a reason to start looking for something that wouldn't cost the earth. I think this Casio watch is the best value for the features available. It's a good looking watch that comes in at 95 grams and doesn't weigh a ton on your wrist. There's something great about hearing the BBC time signal on the radio and as the final beep sounds, the second hand hits the 12 o'clock position on the watch. Magic - it really works.
Things to know about this watch:
The dial is grey in most lights - it only looks blue in bright light. Personally, I'm OK with this - it still looks good.
The watch comes with a tool for taking links out of the watch strap - you do not need to buy a separate kit of tools for this.
The body of the watch is grey plastic but you will hardly notice it - the watch dial surround and backing plate are stainless steel. I assume Casio have done this to keep the weight down, so the plastic should be seen as a plus.
The watch has the calendar feature - this means that you do not need to adjust the watch for summer time, ends of month date change, leap years etc. The only occasions when it will need adjustment - ever - is when moving time zone. It has 29 time zones built in and I have not yet travelled overseas to see how easy it is to make adjustments.
When I received the watch and took it out of its tin (yes, it comes in a tin) the hands whizzed round and stopped an hour ahead of the actual time (it was set to summer time). Rather than make manual adjustments, I left it overnight to see if it would pick up the radio signal in the early hours and correct itself. In the morning it was showing the correct time and proved that it could pick up the signal quite happily on the window sill.
If you leave the watch in the dark for several hours the LCD display and secondhand stop working (presumably to save power). If you then switch the light on, you will see the secondhand whizz round to the correct time, and the date/day display comes on.
There is a titanium version of this watch which costs £30 more. Unless you want the grey metal look, don't bother with it - it isn't worth the extra.

May 10 2014
Since writing the above review, I have travelled to Australia and back crossing (I think) 13 time zones. Here's what I learned about adjusting the watch for time zones:
- download the Casio manual pdf file for this watch and put it on your iphone, ipad or whatever. Much easier to consult than the small type, small brick like manual that comes with the watch;
- when you are in a new time zone that does not receive a radio signal, follow the instructions for changing your 'home city code'. (The manual does not really say this loud and clear). So if you are starting in the UK, it will say LON. If you arrive in Sydney, Australia, for example, change the home city code to SYD. However, New South Wales uses daytime saving for their winter months, so you need to do one more adjustment for DST. And so on for any other time zone, but I think I am correct in saying, DST is not used by countries in the tropics.
- it's still a brilliant watch and even more of a bargain from when I bought it last year.
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on 25 March 2017
I bought this watch for work for three main reasons, the metal strap, waterproof and the face is meant to be scratch resistant. My work is manual and outdoors. This is the most I have paid for a watch for work. I have usually bought the cheap Casio with the plastic strap and while the watch was fine, the strap would break within a year and it was very often cheaper to buy another replacement than a new strap, which I began to feel was wasteful. The watch came nicely packaged, the instructions were easy to follow as was shortening the strap with the tool provided. Setting the watch was easy. I use a watch to tell the time and for the date, so will probably never use the other functions, therefore I can't comment on those. Overall I am very happy with the watch and seems robust. While I am still 'aware' I am wearing a new watch the face is still as clear as the first time I put it on. Although it is still early days, which is why I have given four stars and not five.
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on 17 March 2015
I bought this watch so I don't have to think about changing the time every transition from GMT to BST and back, and when travelling abroad. I also don't have to worry if the watch battery is going to die on me when abroad leaving me without a timepiece. The watch strap is one of the best I have come across for removing links and a tool is provided. The only criticism is that the lower body is light grey plastic and is not concealed from view. So it looks odd amongst the shiny metal finish of the upper body and the strap.
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on 2 May 2017
I was a little hesitant to order this after reading some reviews on the difficulty in adjusting the strap but I found it to be the easiest and quickest method I have ever known. I am well pleased with this watch does everything I wanted, with the added benefit of seeing the battery charge indication, which will allow me to avoid running out of juice.
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on 5 June 2017
Better than expected, slightly heavier than the titanium version, but nice to feel it on the wrist. Charges under artificial light as well, got lots of extras that I don't use, very nice night illumination, worth the money, certainly gives the appearance of a much more expensive watch than it is, very happy with the purchase.
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