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on 12 March 2016
Great looking watch
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on 4 June 2009
High spec mode. Research proves this to be a wise alternative to a pathfinder model. Very chuffed with it-having owned several g-shocks this one is the best yet. The strap is very comfortable, the lip of the end works well, the watch sensor does not stick into your arm should you wear it on your right wrist. Very good looking watch in person. The manual is large explaining everything well with diagrams where neccesary.
The screen shows all the data at once, the countdown timer is 24hr and there are other features that mean this watch has the best of everything.
Further reading on a g-shock forum will show this to be held in the highest regard and hugely poular. Be aware there are the MIRO(orange) and MIIW(white) colour versions, which are harder to get, the white being a Japan only model. Black is the best though!
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on 6 April 2011
After growing up with digital watches and in general having Casio watches, which are in my opinion, the greatest digital watch makers out there by a huge margin, I decided I wanted to get another digital watch. I've had several analogue watches and I just don't like them as much as I do digital watches. Wearing the watch on my right arm I always find that the crown/winder was always the wrong side of the watch which was annoying and it digs into the hand when you flex your wrist. Many digital watches also tend to have some form of alternative to the crown and this watch is no exception, HOWEVER (capitals are required), this watch, although is has a large sensor there it does not dig in and it comfortable to wear. It does not get too hot when wearing either. The watch is not too weighty but you know you're wearing it which as far as I am concerned is great as I do like a bit of weight in the watch.

It is typical of the G-Shock range that the watch is very tough and pretty much indestructible. The display is clear and the time is accurate as it corrects itself several times a day. I hate watches that drift out of time. It should appeal to the geek in many people. The strap is nice and doesn't generate a sweaty line around your wrist. It has a double pin clasp which is good to see as the strap is a little bit wider than the average watch. One thing I like is the concertinaed strap near to the watch face which allows air-flow across the wrist under the strap to remove excess heat. The manual was easy to read and the English in it was actually very good. Normally you get these monster manuals filled with instructions in 50 or so languages which appear to have been translated by someone that has a limited understanding of their own language let alone the one to which it is being translated. I have only one minor criticism (and it is minor) and that is to do with the strap and the strap retainer band that holds the strap down once the watch is on the wrist. When you have put the watch on and slid the retainer band over then end of the strap to hold the excess strap down and out of the way, there is a tiny lip on the end of the strap to prevent the retainer band from sliding off the end. A good idea you may think, and yes I do believe it is a good idea but, when you come to take the watch off, it makes it rather difficult and it does take a little bit of jigging around to undo the strap. Told you is was minor! To sum up; a fantastic watch, feature filled, very tough, great looking, comfortable to wear from one of the greatest (if not, THE greatest) digital watch manufacturer in the world. Casio, I thank you :)
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on 29 January 2011
I originally ordered a Casio Protrek which was great but it just looked too big for my wrist. So then returned it and ordered the Riseman. It such a nice watch! It looks a lot less bulky than the protrek I ordered (mind you, the Protrek had a compass too though, but to be honest I am happy to use a proper compass on the few occassion when I need one) and it sits very nicely on my arm. I am studying desert meteorology for my PhD so I guess I am a bit of a weather geek and this watch fits the bill nicely. I really enjoy being able to check the barometric pressure without even pressing a button as it is always displayed in the timekeeping mode. You really can see a pressure drop and tell if there is a big chance of rain or not. I have not calibrated anything yet but the instrument readings seem there or thereabouts regarding pressure and altitude. for the temperature you really need to take the watch off for 20 minutes or so to get a true reading, but thats expected considering the heat of your arm.
I love the radio controlled update. Its great to know that the time is always dead on. They say that you should put it on the window sill at night to radio-connect with the transmitter but it seems to do it also away from the window too. The solar is great too and after a month with the watch (in a dark winter) the power guage is still reading full. The snooze alarm is great and nice and loud too. It must be if it wakes me up!
Overall the watch looks great, chunky and bulletproof, just what you expect from G Shock. The only thing I miss is being able to record pressure readings for an extended period. The graphic display shows the pressure for the last 12 hrs or so but it would be nice to record the numerical data for a period(as you can do for the altitude). Actually I guess this watch is really designed for mountaineering, hiking or climbing so in this case the altitude is more important I guess.
The manual is well written and does the job quite clearly.

Anyway, if you are thinking to buy this watch, I fully recommend it.
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on 17 December 2011
Really This is the best watch I've ever had!,very light not 2 big and with many usefull options such as Radio controlled and Solar touch, thermometer and alti meter and barometer that you can predict future weather:) so pleased with.
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on 11 April 2013
I previously ordered and returned a Casio Pro-Trek (much too cumbersome & heavy and really did not sit comfortably on my wrist). Riseman is surpringly compact (for a G-shock), fits really well as the case is nearly 6mm smaller top to bottom and is 25% lighter than the Pro-Trek. Double prong buckle on strap better too. The sensor bulge on the left side of the case is much less pronounced in reality than the pictures seem to indicate. I was already aware that the thermometer and altimeter were not much cop - temperature read out totally hopeless when worn on wrist whilst altimeter (dependent on atmospheric pressure) needs regular recalibrating to be accurate. However, the barometer which I was particluarly keen to have works well (and quite accurately once calibrated) and the "red eye" 24h graph gives a useful guide to changing atmopheric pressure and changing weather. Radio controlled time keeping and solar power both function well as do all the other regular features on these Casio watches, all of which I have enjoyed on previous older Casio watches. If only Casio could build a G-Shock "Trekman" to the same compact size/weight as a Riseman/Gulfman with all the features of the Pro-Trek PRW 1500 or 2500 for about £200, then I think they would be on to a winner. Until then, only 4 out of 5, so get to it you Casio chaps!
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on 2 February 2012
I bought this watch at the start of Dec but left it till now before reviewing it to see how it faired.

This is my second waveceptor watch from Casio (the other is a MTG-930DU-8VER) and I must say they GW9200 is a nicer watch in terms of it's overall size along with the weight on the wrist. At the point of placing the order I did have a slight concern regarding the sensor element when looking at the various pictures of the watch but honestly it doesn't protrude as much as the pictures seem to indicate.

This particular watch was bought primarily as I wanted a resin strapped waterproof watch and having had previous Casios was happy to buy another.

The beauty of this is clearly the waveceptor accuracy, the altimeter, barometer, thermometer, world times, several alarms, solar powered etc etc etc.

My only gripe with this watch, and the reason I've marked it as 4 stars is simply the fact that the solar cell isn't holding the charge as long as my other solar waveceptor watch. Ie a fully charged watch at the start of the day will be down to mid power by the end of the day.

I may well be overly critical here but I would expect it to follow a similar pattern as the other watch given the fact that my watch wearing & using pattern hasn't changed from watch to watch.
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on 11 February 2013
I am using this awesome watch when we are hiking on the mountains. I've learned to use it for micronavigation with compass and topo map. Once I understood how to calibrate altimeter at attack points with known elevation, it worked like a breeze. Map, compass and altimeter proved to be a powerful combination. The trend of barometric pressure proved to be accurate in predicting sudden change of weather, also.
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on 11 January 2012
this watch was exactly what i expected and wanted great watch, worth the price too. would highly recommend. very happy.
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on 4 November 2015
I bought this watch when I lived up a mountain next to a ski resort. The idea was I could monitor my altitude when I went snowboarding. It worked very well and did that admirably. I'm not sure how accurate it was, but it seemed to be consistent and kept track of my descensions and held a small record of activity in the tiny red circular monitor.

I've had the watch 4 years now, and still haven't changed the battery, the battery gauge at this moment says high battery too, so believe me the solar panel works! It has gone low before, but leaving it on a window seal for a day or 2 will fully charge it up again, as long as it's not completely dead this thing will just go on and on.

In terms of functionality, besides the altitude meter it's much the same as any other Casio digital watch. Easy to read, usual timing functions, and the dual time zone is handy for when I travel abroad. My only criticism here is I can't change the format of the date to the UK standard DD/MM/YY, it's just YY/MM/DD, no choice.

In terms of durability, well as I said, I've had it 4 years now and it's still running fine. The actual face plastic has no scratches on it so readability is as good as new. The plastic casing has picked up a fair amount of scratches all over the place, but it hasn't discoloured so still looks OK from a glance. But I guess that is what G-shocks are for, the case takes the brunt of any damage to ensure you can keep on reading the time from it. I notice because of the angular design in virtually every part of the watch it picks up dirt fairly easily. I usual go over it with a dental pick monthly to clean it up and looking fresh, that includes the strap.

The strap is rubber (or maybe a soft plastic, I'm not sure) and still going strong, however it is looking a bit dated in my eyes now, so I might put a nato strap on it later to freshen it up.

In conclusion I would highly recommend this watch and the Casio G-shock range as long as you are happy with the style it will last as long as you want really.
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