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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 April 2015
A bit disappointing on a couple of fronts - the solar cell part of of the watch face appeared to be dark blue, rather than just more black. Which was why I bought this particular version of the Tough Solar Casio. When it appeared, it was... black. Minor issue maybe - but that's not what I'd hoped to see. The second was that within days the face had picked up a scratch. No idea how it had happened... only wore it to work / around the house. Described as Mineral Crystal Glass Protective Window Lens, which you'd think (along with the "Tough" tag) would mean that it wouldn't pick up marks in the crucial viewing area quite so easily. The strap it not always comfortable, but as my 3rd budget-level Casio I was prepared for that one. Apart from that, it's got all the functions I need - and it's solar, which is what I was after. Last one I had was a gift, and when the 2 batteries died (one for the analogue hand, one for the digital face) the idea of replacing them at c.£10 each made it an easy decision to go back to a solar model.
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on 25 August 2013
I wanted a good everyday digital watch, and looking at the spec. of this watch vs price seemed perfect for me.
On first receiving the watch you need to go through an initial set-up process. This includes the basics of time and date, but also includes entering a city code, and options for "daylight saving time", button tone, illumination duration and finally power saving.
What I like about the watch is that it uses two buttons to alter the settings, one for up and one for down, making it quicker to set-up.

I'll start first on the power saving option. If the option is on, the watch will turn the display OFF at night if it doesn't detect enough light, to save battery power. So if you come to put the watch on in the morning and the screen if blank, just move the watch to a well light area or press a button to wake the watch.
The stopwatch results with lap splits are saved into the watches memory, so you can re-use the stopwatch and review all your results anytime later.
The countdown timer, is split between 2 timers. You can use one timer or both. Using both means the watch will countdown the first timer, and when this reaches zero, will automatically start the second timer. when this reaches zero the alarm will sound. It can also be set up to repeat the timers in a sort of loop, up to ten times.
The Alarm features include 4 alarms, a snooze alarm which when activates, will repeat every 5 minutes for upto 7 times. And finally an hourly time signal.
World time gives the times in various cities around the world.
And finally the illumination. Nice button under the face of the watch activates the LED light in the lower left corner of the display. I've seen better illumination methods from CASIO, but in poor light I'm able to read the watch display perfectly well, and can be set to illuminate the display for 1.5 or 3 seconds.
Overall a very nice watch, but you need to study the manual a bit to achieve it's full potential.

Edit: Have been using the watch for a couple of months now, and still very happy with the watch. The display is nice and large and I can use it as a bedside table clock and tell the time from any distance in the room. In terms of the accuracy of the watch, I'm finding that it's gaining about a second per week, which I'm more than satisfied with.
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on 13 January 2015
Great watch, feels comfy and isn't too thick like the G-Shocks. It's relatively wide compared to a standard analogue watch but I like it. Has all the functionality of a G-Shock in a smaller package :) Also the fact it's solar powered is really nice and mine hasn't dropped below 'H' (High) in the 8 months I've had it!
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on 20 February 2016
Almost 5 stars - see the negative points.

I bought this as I wanted something with solar plus a clear display and easy to use stopwatch that I could wear for casual plus exercise. In the end I wear it most days to work as well as I can't be bothered to change watches to one of my smarter ones.

Plus Points: Loads cheaper than a g-shock! Screen is VERY clear, nice big time and day of the week display. Year, day and date at the bottom of the screen small but clear. Great easy to use stopwatch which I use all the time for running. Should never need a battery changing due to the solar charger - great! Charge has never been off "high" since I bought it so solar seems to charge in daily use. Exercise and shower with this on and never had steaming up problems. Oh and it has dual time if that is useful for you (e.g. if you travel to Europe regularly). Strap has lasted well and shows no signs of wear at all!

Negative points: Had this a couple of years I think now and its a bit bashed around after wearing every day and for exercise too - some scratches on the screen (maybe an equivalent G-shock would have toughened glass?) and the "Tough Solar" is half rubbed off. This doesn't bother me though - I bought it as I knew it was going to get abused. Light is a bit weedy but I don't use that much. Probably the worst negative is that it gains time a bit so I do need to reset the time every week or two - does mean I find myself a couple of minutes early for things if I forget to check it for a month - better than losing time I guess!
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on 22 April 2015
Great affordable watch and still using it. Only weakness is the strap looks a bit weak.

Better than any iDiot(TM) branded watch as battery lasts upto one year and is fully solar recharable.
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on 14 December 2012
We use this watch to keep check on our rugby players fitness by doing repetitions in circuit training..
Easy to use and very rewarding with instant visual display to the players.
Price good as well .
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on 18 September 2013
I bought this watch because it is solar powered, cheap (£24),and not bad looking. After using it I found it to be one of the most comfortable watches to wear that I have ever owned, despite it being fairly chunky, and I've got smallish wrists. It has all the functions I need and they are easy to access. I didn't give it 5 stars because the light is not quite bright enough, even though it gets the job done, and the strap is bit thin, so I'm not sure how long it will last before it cracks. Very very pleased with it. Fantastic value for money. A rare case where you get more than you pay for.
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on 13 September 2015
Have had it for 10 days and it's fantastic. Easy to read and handle, comfortable, waterproof (100m), has all I need, accurate, charging indicator already went to "High" from "Medium" and stays there steadily. Great watch for the value.
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are you sure this has a mineral glass screen? when I tap it on my front tooth it don't feel or sound like glass also I have looked on the casio site and they say its resin. that's a shame as that and it being waterproof are the two main things I need in a work watch. im a gardener and have my hands under the soil a lot of the time so if its resin it will scratch to buggery in no time.
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on 27 March 2016
I've had it for a few years and I'm generally pleased with it. Good watch at a fine price.
One thing that has bothered me is that the battery is somewhat unstable. Mine seems to have problem actually charging properly. The indicator has almost never dropped below "high", but still the watch has reset itself a number of times.
Other times it will go into some sort of "power save mode" where it turns off the sound. This happens regularly when I use the stop watch many times in quick succession.
But as I said, I am generally pleased with it, 4 stars.
Hopefully I will be trading up for a G-shock soon though :)
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