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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
Captive Dreams (Berkley Sensation)
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 4 June 2017
Awesome - two stories in one book. What would happen if an author's created hero was suddenly real. Especially as the author is now going to end the life of their created hero. This is what happens to two sisters. See how they resolve their issues. Highly recommended for all fantasy lovers. (So much better than the "Masters" series.)
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on 7 October 2003
Two sisters are writing fantasy/futuristic novels - unaware of the fact that their respective heroes are forced to live out the tortured plots arising from their twisted imaginations. Finally the heroes catch up with them and it is payback time - with a vengeance! Diane Whiteside takes us to a world of magic and sorcery with a Viking type, who despite being understandably miffed with the heroine very quickly shows his true colours as a thoroughly nice guy...Angela Knight's Jarred however...well, no two ways about it - he is a bad, bad man (or cyborg, whatever!) - in a delicious sense!
This is a sizzling read from two authors not afraid to explore the dark side - but the heroines are feisty, the heroes are to die for but basically decent and the storylines work well. I am a real fan of both authors but have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who likes their romance with a sizzle!
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on 28 October 2004
Captive Dreams contains 2 great stories; Bound By The Dragon by Diane Whiteside and Bound By The Dream by Angela Knight.

Corinne and Celeste are sisters who have both achieved success over the last decade as writers. Whereas Corinne specialises in fantasy and has created the legendary dragonheart Mykhayl, High King of the land of Torhtremer where sorcery exists, Celeste's hero is Jarred,a cyborg with supernatural strength and speed from a sci-fi futuristic universe. Unbeknown to the pair, every nasty scenario they have placed their heroes in and every death they wrote really did happen. The two heroes are regularly drawn from their home realms and trapped in a kind of limbo together everytime a plot line is discussed, yet find themselves unable to communicate with their tormentors. As fury builds against the two women who seem to control their lives, it is not until Celeste starts talking about killing off Jarred that these two supposedly fictional men take action. Calling upon mystical powers, Mykhayl opens a portal between their worlds and the sisters, intent on extracting 10 years worth of revenge. To say these men are extremely peeved is putting it somewhat mildly and they cannot wait to get their hands on the sisters.

Captured by their creations, Corinne and Celeste are seperated from each other and left ignorant to the other's fate. However Mykhayl and Jarred fail to make a very important connection when taking the women to their own realms - after all Corinne and Celeste wrote the worlds they now exist in. What else would Corinne be where magic exists but a powerful Sorceress and Celeste a rare psi-warrior in her own futuristic universe. Revenge doesn't look quite so easy now does it boys!!!!

Both these stories were excellent, however my only complaint is that Mykhayl's tale was nearly twice the length of Jarred's, creating an unevenness in this book. There is definitely more character depth in Bound By The Dragon, along with a more intricate plot line and some fabulous secondary characters.
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VINE VOICEon 27 September 2005
I loved the premise for this book, two action hero type 'fictional'characters, created by author sisters Celeste & Corinne who kidnap their creators as payback for all that they have put them through. The first part of the book, written by Diane Whiteside, who's work I hadn't read before is actually better than the part written by the usually wonderful Angela Knight. Whiteside created a believeable 3 dimentional world, and the story has a sexy alpha male who seems more bent on seduction than revenge. Angela Knight's contribution was sex, sex and more sex, and though she writes well, I don't feel that we have any insight into the male character except that he's none to pleased that she killed off his best friend, the latter part of the book was more than a little disappointing and it was hard to understand why any woman would be in love with someone who used you as a sex toy in order to exact revenge. The story could have used serious development in the latter half. Otherwise it wasn't a really bad read, just disappointing in comparison to Knight's better novels such as 'Jane's Warlord' or 'Master of the Moon'.
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