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on 14 April 2017
I loved the old gen gaming in the past.
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on 3 June 2017
Like New. Comes with 2 discs.
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on 19 September 2017
Great condition and a great game
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VINE VOICEon 3 August 2004
The fact that the Resident Evil franchise has, somewhat unpopularly moved over to Nintendo (for all but the forthcoming Outbreak) has left some distinct problems. It seems that the manufacturer is unwilling to believe that Nintendo gamers have had access to Resi titles on other formats and have, therefore not borne witness to the development of the franchise. Resident Evil on the PS1/PS2 moved from pre-rendered backdrops to pre-rendered backdrops with knobs on to glorious 3D for the series finest hour - Code Veronica X. So it seems that the first two exclusive Gamecube titles Resi Zero and likewise the remake of the original game are already a little mired in the past. Fresh from just playing through Pandora Tomorrow on Xbox and Manhunt on PS2 I was immediately bogged down but the sluggish controls and stodgy menu system of Resi Zero. Despite the, as you would expect, wonderful visuals, gloriously familiar sounds and the initial spellbinding set-piece your characters pivot sluggishly on the spot, lurch forward and generally collide with invisible walls in the scenery. Avoiding your often fast moving and far-reaching opponents is sometimes essentially impossible meaning that combat is reduced to a battle of endurance as you slug it out on the spot.
None the less, its Resi, right? So it has too be good? Well, yes okay. Although Zero is undoubtedly its father's son there are subtle changes to the feel. The same old key, card, lock puzzles are all in place as are the spectacular cut scenes but the whole thing is drawn a little differently. As we proceed from the train to the mansion to the church I felt that the whole thing had a less techno and more gothic feel that it took me a while to get used to. In fact I found myself enjoying the game significantly more when I moved from the totally new locations back into an area taken directly form Resident Evil 2. I think much of my nagging doubt hinged on the fact that the locations are not quite as intricately drawn and imaginative as other games in the series. There is even a suggestion of repetition at times. Disturbing.
I was also extremely disappointed to note that Zero discredits and undermines a piece of the series' lore regarding the inception of the Umbrella Corporation, established in Code Veronica X. Now this might not seem like a big deal, but to hardcore series anoraks that type of thing can really upset you. In this case the plot thread in question only serves to reduce the scope of the story.
While all the key elements are in place to a greater or lesser degree the overall package feels just a little diluted. The opening cut scene and train sequence are truly gripping but beyond that the set pieces are few and far between and the opponents less imaginative than we are used to. New innovations like the character swapping system and the ability to drop objects anywhere you like are nice, and very, very welcome but why haven't they updated the truly woeful movement system. Or better still, presented the game in 3D. Like Code Veronica X that would have been totally jaw-dropping.
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VINE VOICEon 17 December 2002
The Resident Evil series is seven years old now, so you'd think its time was nearly up and that it would only continue for a strict fan-base. This isn't the case. The recent release of the remake of Resident Evil 1 and now a prequel to the series means there is no better time to get into Resident Evil. It is the gaming revolution that caused a sensation and created the Survival Horror genre in 1996. Read below for a breakdown of the game with positive and negative points:
(+)Simply amazing. The sharp, pre-rendered locations are stunning and possibly the best graphics I have ever seen in any computer game. The backgrounds breathe with movement, a technique that has been perfected on the Gamecube, allowing pre-rendered backdrops to look alive and not static as they had in previous entries on the Resident Evil series. The colours work fantastically with the mood of the game and the cut-scenes are directed with amazing skill and are the most amazing I have ever seen in a game, surpassing those of Final Fantasy X in my opinion.
(-) Not a single problem, there is not one visable polygon mistake in this game. The lighting is beautiful. The only problem I would mention is that sometimes the camera is at an angle where not every available route is visable for the player. I often missed whole areas because I simply couldn't see their entrances.
(+) The use of sound effects is very cleverly employed, zombies will quietly shuffle in the distance, as always, and this proves to add to the tension a lot. The sounds created by the monsters are very well done. If I only had a surround sound system!
(-) The repeating footstep sounds can make the game sound a bit unrealistic, in the game "Silent Hill 2" for the playstation, hundreds of individual footsteps were recorded to avoid this, perhaps the game could have employed this technique? When you get used to the three or four different zombie groans, they just aren't scary anymore.
(+) Very good, as usual. The music in the series is wonderful and the games' score is worthy of being a soundtrack to a movie. The music is very moody and slow, setting a perfect undertone for the visuals.
(-) More please! Long areas without music meant for me the atmosphere lacked. The makers perhaps thought silence was scarier and perhaps this is true, but in moderation.
(+) Easy to get into if you're familiar with the series. Nothing has really changed and all the improvements made throughout the series remain.
(-) The new system means you control two characters at once and there are times where this is difficult. I played the game on "Hard Mode" first which was a mistake, I thought I was good enough, but this game proves a new, and very difficult challenge on "Hard Mode" even for those experts of the series! I thought there were moments in the game where it was almost the luck if you survived - the computer controlled character can waste your ammo sometimes when you don't want them to, but you want them to be armed just in case. It's not really a bad point about the game, you just have to be very aware. You can never relax, which is actually quite a good thing in the case of this game.
(+) Lots of extra stuff to do, like in all of the Resident Evil titles. It will keep you coming back and experiencing every inch of the game, which is worth doing!
(-) After playing the game on "Hard Mode" you will be exhausted and won't want to experience much more for a while, but give it time, you'll want more.
I was shocked at how long this game was and how amazing it looked. There are more kinds of monster in this game than any other in the series, which is refreshing - I didn't expect so much from what I thought was going to be a fairly short and lacking spin-off to the Resident Evil Remake. This is a full blown prequel that is if anything BIGGER than the remake! The introduction of two characters is great fun and the acting is (for once) really very good! The lip-sinc is perfect (as it's not dubbed, it's in English in Japan, just subtitled) and the story is great, explaining quite a lot and leading up to the events in Resident Evil 1. With the oppertunity of a prequel, more could have been explained and the appearance of some of the more mysterious characters of the series would have been nice (though there are a few suprises, I personally would have loved to have seen what Ada Wong of "Resident Evil 2" was doing during this time period). This game is perfect, it moves away from the more "hollywood" orientated road that "Resident Evil: Code Veronica" began to steer down but keeping the horror, action and character development that we've come to respect the series for in total tact. Well done Capcom!
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on 9 November 2014
ok well, im making this review 12 years after the game came out but even now this game still holds up. Seriously iv seen 360 games look worse than this, the detail for a game of its age is incredible. Anyway on to the actual game... this game tells the story of how the t virus was created and gives some pretty interesting back story involving albert wesker and william birkin ( im assuming you know who those guys are but if you dont their both pretty much the most important villians in RE) . The character swapping mechanism is cool, both rebecca and billy have their own strengths and weakness' and billy is a really cool character. However the selling point of this game has to be the atmosphere. It's horrific, the lab areas you encounter later in the game were used to research the t virus and its obvious humans were used as test subjects, so you find torture devices covered in "old dried blood" and morges with feet sticking out of body bags. The sound only adds to it, the music in this game is unrelentingly forboding, it gives a constant sense of dread, its easily some of the best music in the series. This is one of the most ' love it or hate it ' games in the series, and i agree it does some time to get going, but once it grips you it will have you till its end. Awesome stuff
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on 2 January 2005
K well what words can I use to sum up resi evil 0..... well, the graphics are fantastic (as with most NGC games) the character switching thing is pretty good and everything looks really realistic. The faults would have to be that some of the camera angles are a bit dodgy as with the way you control the characters it took me a while to get the hang of it (maybe thats just me) I havent finished the game yet though as i keep being eaten by leech zombies and monkeys. :-P
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on 26 November 2003
I just want to say that every Resident Evil fan should buy this game as it is amazing. The story is wicked (and how they came up with it nobody knows) and you can't beat the graphics. It's similar to other resident evil games in the way of great sound to create the atmosphere and great lighting and you even have effects such as when your on top of the train you get rain flying past you and even on the train curtains flap etc. The game will just keep you coming back for more with it's addictive gameplay and graphical brilliance. The only thing people seem to moan about is the control system but you'll get used to it. Even graphical things such as water flowing and fire has been sorted out! I will conclude by saying that I can't wait for Resident Evil 4 to come out!
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on 10 October 2004
Having played and finished every Resident Evil game since it's PS1 inception in 1996, I was waiting with great anticipation to get my hands on Gamecube's Resident Evil Zero. Although many modern games often don't live up to their hype, that argument could never be levelled against Capcom's Resident Evil franchise.
Resident Evil Zero is an excellent action / puzzle game that will have you enthralled for hours, especially if you have been following the franchise's storyline since the beginning. Zero attempts to fill in the missing parts that the first Resident Evil game never got round to.
Now we get to see just how the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team met their grisly demise at the mansion within the Arcklay Mountains of Racoon City. This plotline unfolds to show us how Rebecca Chambers managed to make it to the mansion - with the help of a military prisoner (Billy).
The graphics are very impressive in this game, and the puzzles are as challenging as always. The cut-scenes are informative and the voice-acting is getting better with each Resident Evil game. The introduction of a player-alternating feature is a nice addition, as it makes you more aware of your positioning - and allows you to get the most out of your weapons and ammo.
Whilst Zero may not be as chilling or scary as other Gamecube versions (Resident Evil, or Resident Evil 3: Nemesis), it is definitely an action-packed thriller that you wouldnt want to miss out on. It complements the other Resident Evil titles well, and is one of the most rewarding games you can play on Gamecube - whether you are a fan of the series or not. Highly recommended!
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on 27 February 2005
I absolutely love this game. It's got a great fear factor, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. When I was playing it, I kept getting to situations where I was scared to go into the next bit, knowing there would be a huge boss, yet wanting to know what was past that. This game keeps you gripped, with its awesome storyline and brilliant graphics. For all resident evil fans, I really recommend this game.
Its got great features that the old versions never had, such as being able to drop your items and them pick them back up. You also have a partner throughout this game, so you can switch between them and pass items if you're close enough. One of the most annoying bits must be that you don't have one of those 'safety box' things that you have in the playstation resident evils, so theres nowhere to deposit your items. But being able to drop and repick up your items later on makes up for this.
I think this game is great, because it kept me hooked for so long that I actually bothered to go right to the end and complete it. Usually a normal adventure or platform game will get boring or there will be a bit you get stuck on and you give up, but this game keeps you going right to the end, and you often spot items you've missed or rooms you haven't gone to using the map.
In my opinion its an awesome game, and a must for any resident evil/silent hill type fan.
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