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on 14 August 2017
bought this item around 4 years ago. In the past four years, this camera was used for many important moments. The photo quality is good. This camera is small in size and therefore handy.
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The S series camera is a premium, all metal body compact offering from Canon. The S110, like its predecessors does not offer a large zoom or some fancy features found on other cheaper cameras, yet the ones it does work great and it does not skimp on quality.

- Great image quality. Photos are crisp and pin sharp with great colour accuracy. Auto mode works great

- Fast startup and fast focus lock. (Ideal for street photography)

- Intuitive button layout. Canon dSLR users in particular will feel at home with this camera thanks to the similar menu interface and control layout

- WiFi implementation works seamlessly. Transferring pics to a phone or WiFi enabled devices is fast and easy

- The dedicated battery charger is another plus. Certain cameras nowadays have to be charged through a wall-wart connected to the camera itself

- S series cameras tend to hold their price relatively well

- Up until now I am hard pressed to find any cons, yet some might rightfully argue that the power ON/OFF switch is oddly placed. The power button sits flush on the top of the camera and is relatively tiny.

- By the time you buy the S110, an S120 is on the market .... Yet this is the norm in this day and age.


Short review:

On picking up the camera for the first time I was quite surprised at it's weight. Not that this camera is heavy (around 200 grams), yet the metal body and solid construction make it heavier than the cheaper pocket cameras. The finish is top notch and the picture quality follows suit. After all, the primary objective in buying this particular camera is to have great image quality in a "pocketable" package. Yet I'd never dream of slipping this camera in a jeans pocket as many reviews seem to indicate, yet it will fit perfectly in a jacket.

A great plus for this camera is the fast focus, meaning that it can be used for parties and kids thanks to its' bright f2 aperture at widest focal length. As already mentioned, this is also key for street photography where fast focus and discrete body are a must. Many tend to feel intimidated and shy away whilst others "strike a pose" on seeing some bulky dSlR pointed at them.

The tactile finish on the body makes the camera easy to hold without fearing that the camera might slip. Yet it also means that cleaning the camera could leaves strands of cloth attached to the camera body. A suitable cleaning cloth should be used, preferably the type used for spectacles.

The dedicated case Canon DCC-1450 Soft Case for PowerShot S110, S100 or S95 seems expensive, yet it has saved my camera after a 4 foot drop, so I consider that it has paid for itself tenfold. As Martin (in the comments section) pointed out this case will protect the camera when not in use. If you want even better protection a screw on cover would save your camera from accidental drops during use. Canon DCC-1900 BLACK CASE FOR PS S110

Needless to say, I highly recommend this camera if you prefer quality over a long zoom. A definite keeper!

Happy snapping :)
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on 1 August 2015
Excellent. And can't believe how fast it arrived!
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on 27 May 2013
I bought this camera as an upgrade to an older/cheaper Canon Powershot to use when I don't want to take my SLR with me.

The interface is more sophisticated than the one on my previous Powershot and less sophisticated than the on one my SLR - much as you would expect. If you are use to Canon GUI layout then you will be all at home as they work very much the same way across all cameras.

It doesn't have the longest zoom range but I knew that when I bought it, but it's plenty good enough for landscape snaps and most of the pictures I take. I wouldn't be much use if you need a long zoom but that's isn't it's forte.

The touch screen is okay but not that exciting and it does mean that you can accidentally move the focus point when holding the camera in an odd way too get an awkward shot.

You can save your pictures in JPEG and RAW mode but you can't select small JPEG and large RAW as I do on my SLR.

Unlike it's predecessor it doesn't have GPS instead it has WiFi - which I can't see a use for. It also has about a million silly processing modes but they are there is you want them.

PRO: Small and compact. Metal body that seems very well screwed together. Optically good for a small camera. Quick in use with plenty of manual override if you need it.

CON: Eats batteries like there is no tomorrow - get a spare. Manual on DVD is a pain to read. Ergonomically not as good as an SLR. Cannon CR2 raw format is only supported in latest dcraw/ufraw, no chdk support yet.

Overall: I'm very happy and I think it's a good little camera.

EDIT: I've now "exercised" the batteries a bit more with several charge discharge cycles and they are lasting a bit better now. However I have found that the camera says that the battery is full up to the moment it says it's empty and flashes red at me. I still strongly suggest getting a spare and carrying it with you.
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on 23 October 2013
Firstly, I must say that I am not a 'Camera Expert' or 'Photographer'. I will carry a camera round with me on holidays, days out etc and take lot's of photographs in auto mode.

2 years ago I purchased an Olympus Compact System Camera which produces excellent photographs. The step up from a standard point and shoot to a DSLR or compact system camera is massive in terms of the quality of pictures.

The problem however arises when In addition to carrying baby's/children's bags and other various holdalls I also have to carry a bag containing the camera and lenses.

I therefore started to research smaller point and shoot cameras which would just slip into the pocket but still produce good quality images in the auto mode.

I purchased the Fuji XF1 initially. Even though the pictures were fairly good for a point and shoot the build quality was not. something rattled inside when it was gently shaken, the 'twist lens to turn on' mechanism was flimsy and a pain to operate and on the third day of use it thankfully developed a fault and was returned to the shop.

More research pointed me in the direction of the Canon S110 and I made the purchase.

Firstly the camera is of very good build quality. It feels like a quality item. The On/Off button is fine as is the layout of the button/controls of the camera.

After charging the battery and turning the thing on I was very impressed with the picture quality in auto mode. The dial around the lens can be operated as a zoom control in addition to the typical zoom control around the capture button.

In all fairness I cannot tell much difference between my Olympus Compact system camera and this Canon when examining the picture quality.

Their are some manual controls for those who wish to have more control over the photographs but the several auto modes work fine. Other features (toy mode, miniature mode etc) work very well and are easy to operate.

The size of the camera allows it to simply fit into the pockets.

I recently went to Malta for a week and took around 500 photographs and several minutes of video footage. Not once did the camera let me down and I only charged the battery twice (which only takes around an hour for a full charge). Towards the end of the holiday the camera even tempted me to using a few of the manual settings. Again these were very easy to find and operate.

The touch screen is also very helpful. If you wish to focus on a certain point in the photographs then just touch the screen and the camera will use that point as the focus point.

The camera's wifi settings are also very useful. This was a setting which I didn't think I would use. After a day out I simply link the camera to my Ipad and back transfer the photos across. From here they can then be uploaded to facebook, emailed etc.

To Conclude, This camera is a quality item. For people who wish to purchase a point and shoot which is simple to operate and produces top quality photographs (similar to DSLR) this ticks all the boxes. My Olympus will now be gathering dust.
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on 25 April 2015
The ever-sensible Ken Rockwell says on his site that this is the "World's Best Digital Pocket Camera" - and it surely is. Our family have now bought 3 thanks to Ken - an s90, an s100 and now an s110. Unless you need a DSLR or something really robust these surely are "all the camera you will ever need" - again as Ken says. The s95 cured the only fault my s90 has - a too-sloppy compensation ring at the back. They are just fantastic and I've had my s90 for about 6 years with never a murmur of trouble. Could you tell the difference in picture quality between this and my Nikon DSLR's with their fancy lenses? If you say you can ... I don't believe you!
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on 18 September 2013
2 members of my family have the earlier model so I knew I'd be happy with this to replace the very disappointing Nikkon I bought last sept. but it's functions and quality have exceeded my expectations in every way. Should have never strayed from the canon brand in the first place.
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on 21 October 2013
I bought the rx100 initially after reading all the rave reviews. It took very nice pictures in low light. However there were four plus points on the s110 that kept me wanting. Firstly wifi, i know some might say whats the point, but if you want to send a snap quickly via smartphone, then it is important. Secondly pictbridge support, i haven't yet tried it but it says it will work which the rx100 didn't. Thirdly, the size, it is smaller than the rx100, at least when you put it in your jeans pocket. Fourthly and perhaps most importantly it is over £150 less than the rx100. Ok so sony has got the bigger sensor but canon wins overall!
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on 20 May 2016
This camera takes great pictures, good colour and quality. Also very good for macro. Camera is good in low light levels. However, after about a year this 'sealed' camera developed a dark spot on every photograph, which I presume is caused by dust on the censor. There seems to be no way to clean this, meaning my relatively new camera is now essentially useless, and as for as I know unrepairable. This is a relatively expensive compact, so the loss to me is significant. I believe cannon will kindly repair the camera for me, all for the meagre charge of £135. Come on Cannon, you can do better than this.
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on 1 December 2013
I bought this as a pocket point and shoot camera to take everywhere. I prefer to use a cheap phone which of course has a cheap camera in it, so I don't bother with that. If I want to take a photo I do want the quality to be reasonable. The quality with this camera is more than reasonable. I expected point and shoot camera quality, but the pictures were better than I expected, a wide dynamic range for a compact and exposure spot on. Low light use is also good.

Unlike some other reviewers I have not found the battery life to be a major problem. I did buy a spare battery but hardly ever need it. Of course the battery does not last as long as my DSLR, but I never expected it too.

I did note that when turned off the lens is protected with two thin metal plates which close over it. So I would not put the camera straight in my pockets where the fluff and dust can eventualy gum up the plates. I bought a Lowepro Napoli 30 case to protect the camera when in my pocket. Perhaps another case might fit a bit more snugly, but it is good enough, and is of a quality that I think will last.

The camera is well made and feels good in the hands. I bought it knowing the replacement S120 is already on sale, but as this camera was less than half the price I got a bargain. Yes the lens maximum aperture is f2 rather than f1.8, but I can live with that.
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