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on 13 November 2010
When my ip3000 started to show its age, I spent spent months trawling through reviews of printers and came to the conclusion that almost all printers get aboout 20% telling you it's brilliant and about 20% that say buying it was the worst decision of their lives! When I finally made a decision I found that the printer I'd chosen (Canon MP640) had been superceded by the MG6150 so I went for that.

As you'd expect, it arrives in a large box containing the printer itself and a selection of bits that have to be connected to or inserted into it. I've done this sort of thing many times both at home and at work but I still found it necessary to consult the instructions as some of the assembly is far from intuative. Fitting the print head is probably the most demanding (but still quite easy) as you have to be very careful not to damage it as you put it into place. It's worth reading the instructions and studying the diagrams first. It took me about half an hour to get it all done bu the result was a good looking machine which appears to be well made with no flimsy bits that might break off as soon as you start using it.

Loading the software was easy on my PC and my wife's laptop. I wanted to use the printer wirelessly (it's got LAN & USB connection too) so I had to spend a few more minutes setting that up on the printer itself. You'll need to dig out your router's id and password to allow the printer to connect but it still only took a few minutes. The slowest part of this process is entering the password as there is no keyboard as such and you have to select the various letters and numbers using the up, down left and right buttons. It's a little time consuming but you only have to do it once.

The top of the printer has a pop-up screen built into it as well as about a dozen touch sensitive buttons to control it. These all work very well and I've found that you don't even have to actually touch them; just getting a finger very close will do.

Once you have worked through all the setup, printing is as easy as you could expect. Just press the PC's print button and the printer will automatically lower the output tray door ready to receive the printed paper. There are two input trays: a cassette under the printer which slides out at the front and another on top which can be used for envelopes or photo quality paper. The printer will select the appropriate paper if you select it from the print dialogue.

You'll find that the first print of the day (or after an hour or so's break) will take quite some time while printer goes tharogh all the processes it considers necessary. I find this frustrating but I haven't found a way to prevent it happening so frequently. The print quality is excellent. Black and white documents are crisp and colour illustrations come out pretty much as you'll see them on screen. Colour photos also come very well, albeit a little slowly. The colours are crisp with no noticeable bleeding into areas whre they don't belong. The printer is capable of producing borderless prints which are of excellent quality right up to the very edge.

Apart from printing documents are photos from the PC, the MG6150 has three main functions all selectable by using the just one of the buttons: scan, copy and photo.

Copying is simple; just lift the very top of the printer to insert the document to be copied, lower it again and press the Copy button. You can select up to 99 copies, magnify from between 25% and 400%, lighten or darken the output and choose colour or greyscale output as well as which paper to use.

Scanning is just as easy and gives a choice of output file type (JPEG, TIFF or PDF), the size to be scanned (A4, Letter, 15 x 100mm or auto)and the scan resolution as well as several other options. Scanning an A4 document to TIFF at 600 dpi took a total of about 30 seconds to arrive on the PC.

The Photo function allows you to print JPEG files directly from a memory card. The Photo function is selected automatically when you insert the card and by using the buttons and the on-screen display you can select which images to print as well as cropping them, choosing output size, format etc.

Ink consumption seems to be quite high but that goes for almost all inkjet printers. A complete replacement set of six genuine Canon inks will cost you about £50. I don't use compatable inks as their quality is very variable and I've even damaged a printer by using them in the past. It's worth the extra cost to get the genuine article.

Pros: Excellent print quality, easy to set up even if the assembly is a bit fiddly. Apart from the first print of the day it's fast enough for most users. Lots of different functions all of which are easy to use. Wi-fi connectivity makes using it from a laptop so much easier. User interface takes a little getting used to but becomes very easy, very quickly. Prints on both sides of paper without having to turn it over. Prints on CDs. It's quiet enough for me to use late at night at home without fear of waking my wife!

Cons: Very slow to get going when it's first swiched on. Only reads JPEGs from memory card. Wastes ink by cleaning itself so often.
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on 16 December 2010
All round great machine but a positive word of warning. This machine does NOT come with a "USB printer" lead so unless you are connecting by WI-FI order one at the same time. Also ink cartridges supplied have just enough to print a few A4 photos so would suggest you order them as well.
I have been a Epson fan for many years my last being the PX700W which gave what I thought was excellent results until the scanner unit twisted giving me distorted pictures. A lot of searching & comparison tests led me to the Canon 6150. Having used it & comparing it my previous Epson pictures the results are outstanding. Colours & detail are deep & vibrant. Yes there are a few niggles, why do you have to wade through a 30 page manual when it could easily have been condensed into a 2 page "quick start" sheet & intial start up to first print takes a good minute while it seems to have to go through a test & clean process.
Amazon was best price & now the machine has been out a few months original replacement inks can be sourced at a fair price.
Buy, you won't be dissappointed.
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VINE VOICEon 20 December 2010
This has been my first printer from Canon and I've been extremely impressed. After years of Buying Epson, I switched to HP about 6 months ago and, when that broke (within the first month) I tolerated it until my stock of inks ran out before looking around for a replacement.

ON paper, the MG6150 ticked all the right boxes, separate ink tanks for economical replacement, all-in-one functionality, built in WiFi. And at a reasonable price too.

It arrived exceptionally well packaged and with clear setup instructions. It was up and running on 2 PCs at home within 30 minutes, with configuration being simplicity itself. The light-guided setup with a really clear screen on the device made configuring the wireless and every other aspect extremely straightofrward, The INstallation CD (one for PC and a separate one for Macs) auto-ran when I put it in and selecting the default installation options had everything working in very short order.

The quality of photo output is outstanding, easily the best I've seen. It also seems pretty economical with the inks considering the quality of printing. It's extremely quite in operation and doesn't make the table wobble either. With it's piano-black finish it looks the part and the build quality is very good as well.

Paper storage is neat too, regular paper gets tucked away in a drawer under the printer body so takes up minimal additional desk space. Photo paper is fed in from a loader at the rear. You can even print direct to CDs using the caddy supplied. The real bonus is that it does double-sided printing - a feature often missing from home printers... it saves on effort and it also saves on paper and it works really well.

All the main memory card formats are supported, COmpact Flash, Memory Stick, and SD, ith the slot being discretely located behind a panel on the front.

The scanner is also quick and quiet in use, and the copy function is a treat to use compared to my old HP device.

It's a fantastic printer for the money and, while ink cartridges are around £8 each, so nearly £50 for a full set, the fact that you only replace the ones that need replacing means that it won't usually be an "all at once" cost. I'm extremely glad that I bought it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.
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on 1 August 2011
It is amazing how these machines develop over the years; this is my 4th all in one and the second from Canon as I have found them to be the most consistent and cheapest to run. The MG6150 looks sleek and professional taking up less space than any of its predecessors; shiny black finish does catch dust but is easily cleaned with an anti static cloth. Setting up took minutes and was completely fool proof, all computers in the house both Macs and PCs hooked in without complaint. New software is simple to use and to date has demonstrated no glitches, especially like the new Canon solutions system that has all you need to run the machine in one area of your computer. Scan quality is very good and a faster than I have used before but of course it is a Wi-Fi connection so you will be a bit slower than wired. Printing is outstanding quality and at a speed suitable for home/office work. Running costs have not been tested as yet but Canon inks have always been reasonable in my experience especially if sourced on-line. In summary this is a good looking, easy to set up and use machine which produces excellent scans and printed documents with the added assurance of one of the biggest names in the business.
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on 14 April 2011
I bought the Canon Pixma MG6150 recently, when my lovely Epson R1290 started playing up. I was using up a lot of ink repetitively cleaning the heads. Not bad innings for a printer of six years and as the problem was hit and miss I decided I would keep the Epson as it prints up to A3. The Canon took about an hour to set up with a cuppa in between. I thought it was going to take longer than that because the manual looked complicated with the wireless set-up but I decided to have a USB connection initially as I will be relocating my home office space.

Straightaway, I printed some colour photographs as photography is what I'm mainly interested in and I was not disappointed. The quality is superb! Definitely to lab standards. It is much quicker and quieter than the Epson. I tried the scanner next and scanned some colour photo's of my niece's baby that had been sent to me. I was not particularly impressed. The resolution was just about acceptable but inferior, even at the best setting, to the results I get from my Epson Perfection 3170 scanner. The copying facility was impressively quick using the same photo's but the images were a bit washed out. It's probably unfair to compare the scanning capabilities of a multifunction machine to a dedicated scanner but I am now having second thoughts about getting rid of my old scanner. So that's two pieces of equipment I was hoping to replace staying with me.

All in all, I do think it's a great machine. The screen is very clear and intuitive. The good looking glossy exterior attracts dust like a magnet though, so when I've finished printing for the day I cover it with an old pillowcase. The front tray sits neatly hidden away and the rear tray doesn't take up as much room as the Epson's rear feeding tray. I haven't tried many of the functions and as yet I am still using the original inks. It may be expensive to replace the inks but I am willing to pay for the superb photographic results.
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on 17 March 2016
I do not print a lot and it seems every time I want to use this machine it has other ideas. The six different colour cartridges seem to be constantly warning me they are about to run out even though they are used very little.

Ink runs out way too fast (I suspect more evaporates than what it prints) and it can take an age sometimes to get ready to use. It sits there popping and whirring while you drum your fingers muttering "come on, come on". The ink use in printing photos seems to empty cartridges 'while you wait'.

When it works the print quality is fine. The print heads always seem to need cleaning though

I would not recommend it and would not buy another
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on 21 December 2011
This printer has brought me nothing but frustration, tears, and hours upon hours of wasted time. Canon refuses to support the newest Apple operating system (even though that operating system was released within MONTHS of this printer's release, so Canon obviously would have known it was coming since Apple gives developers tons of advance notice).

So, for Mac users, this printer became obsolete within months of its release. What a waste of money. Plus it took me literally a day (and hours of expensive phone calls to tech support) to even figure out that the problem was an unsupported operating system!!

I purchased this printer specifically to print labels onto printable CDs and DVDs. That is the ONLY reason I bought it. For the few weeks that it worked, it did this job very well. But I'd still give it one star (or less!!) for the utterly atrocious label software (which it forces you to use, so you cannot print from Photoshop or other programmes). The only way I can now use this printer is to plug it into an old computer, running an old operating system, and re-install the original (old) printer software because -- genius move Canon -- the newest printer software doesn't work for CD printing.

I desperately wish I had not bought this useless machine. What a shame it doesn't work, because the design is quite appealing -- it's modern and sleek, but way too pricey for a paperweight.
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VINE VOICEon 8 July 2011
Have had this printer now for a couple of months to replace my Multifunctional Printer Canon Pixma MP780. This is a massively positive first impression for me, what a nice printer and what a step up from my old one. I decided on this printer, because of my good experience with Canon printers and the top 3 results in the Which printer test.

After 5 years it was high time for a replacement / upgrade. Out of the box it was all quite straightforward, bit of concentration putting the printer head and cartridges in but with the easy manual it was a straightforward task. Within 30 minutes of opening the box the printer was installed and ready to print.

I cannot give you a full rounded review, because I have only used a few features so far
- Printing documents (double-sided, wireless)
- Printing photos
- Scanning
- Copying

Those tasks where easy to perform and apart from setting up the wireless I didnt need to look at the manual. It was all quite effortless and provided good results. The quality of the printing is very good and for a home printer it is well above average on all departments. Thought it was also fast and pretty quiet.

This printer costs more than many other home printer, but if you are buying a printer for more than just printing and you consider it is for a few years ... this is well worth a few pounds extra. It is compact, does it all, does it well and I know it is going to meet my needs for the next few years.
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on 18 January 2011
I bought this product to replace a Lexmark 4850 WiFi printer and because I'm an amateur photographer using a Canon 500D camera etc...
The build quality of this printer is excellent...the functionality is very good also.. the control buttons are good the screen and user interface excellent. The trays are also easy to use... the rear photo tray is granted a little flimsy so a little care is needed there perhaps. The printing is fast also. Initially the printer needs to warm up but thereafter printing is fast.
I have so far printed documents and photo's and I am impressed by the quality. If any one is disappointed by this machine I suggest a trip to the GP.
You do not need a USB cable if setting up over Wi-Fi network (wireless router etc...)Note USB cable is not included.
I also noted that on my home network (Windows 7 pro) that it appeared that you could install the printer driver once the printer was registered on the network without the installation disc. However I used the installation disc on each network PC in the end and did not check further on that - Lexmark printer was terrible on Wi-Fi connection to network.
On the Windows 7 desktop the software installs an easy set of user icons for different printer operations etc...
All-in-all a great product which I recommend to anyone with a wireless home network - and budding photographers...
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on 24 May 2011
Nice printer but annoying installation process for drivers

Connecting the printer to my wireless router was no problem since I used WPS.

If you then do "control panel" > "printers" > "add printer", Windows 7 may or may not find it on your wireless network. In my case Windows found it intitially and then decided that it was no longer there a few days later.

I was able to fix this by manually entering the IP address etc. but that should not be necessary for retail printer.

Best you download the drivers from Canon directly since they include a utility which ensures Windows finds the printer on your network.

Also scanning DOES NOT WORK unless you download the Navigator software from Canon.
This is actually great scanning software, but basic scanning should be possible without it via Windows standard functionality.

Other than the dodgy drivers, it is a very nice printer over all.
Quiet, reasonably fast, great print quality.
Much better than HP and it looks very slick too.
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